Colaiste Iascaigh, Easkey, Sligo

Final Days

i never realized how bad it had gotten
until the day before his death.
Just a week ago I heard that he was getting better,
that he could go home soon.
I didn’t think much of it at first.
He had cancer for a few years
so by then I thought it would be like all the other times,
that soon he would get better and everything would be normal.
but as soon as I saw him lying on a hospital bed
in the living room those thoughts were mercilessly ripped apart
I realized he wouldn’t be alive for much longer.
the next day I visited and the atmosphere was much darker.
almost immediately we were told to go to the living room
as he had almost no time left and soon after he was gone.
it didn’t look like it, nothing really changed.
one second he was there and the next he wasn’t.
but the nurse in our family knew immediately.
there was nothing left we could do then.
just cry and accept what happened.


The Fight

As i prepare for my fight
my vision is clear
theres no time for fear
as i hear my name called
and i make my way there
the ref signals the start
i can feel my heart
beat fast from the start
i can feel the heat
i’ll not settle for defeat.


Teenage Life

Teenage life is hard,
Your always on guard
Changing your looks to suit “real” beauty.
“Real” beauty is defined by celebrities,
But these are people using surgeries.
Just remember normal people aren’t like them.
Your life may be full of mayhem,
But don’t listen just be yourself,
And never change.

The World Falls Apart

The fridge light washes
the kitchen floor white
we spread the jam
upon the golden toast
we hear the rain against the window
When the news breaks like glass
we sat in sadness on this day of doom
And my whole world falls apart.


Blood Hounds

The claws of blood hounds
racing right at you
the devil screaming
tears of blood
souls howling
The black space
Coagulating In the mud.



no one was out
nobody about.
The silence in the air
strangled the shout.
The boarded up shops
empty and bare
So grey and so bland
this land of dispair
The virus the virus
Like fire
Our future and fate
Down to the wire.


The whistle blew

the battle of the wars ended
helmets thrown in the air
sticks dropped like hailstones
hitting the ground.
swing of hurls
clash of ash
the crowd roared
With excitement.
punches thrown
headbutts landed
Hurleys broke
that’s the way we like to hurl.


Bad memories became worse and everlasting.
And memories that have no remedies are created.
This is the place where children suffer
through tormenting and torture every day.
Waiting for it to end,
waiting for a happy ending
that may never come.


When emotions got the better of me
the Motions which overwhelmed me.
the world collapsing around thee
when Drugs were needed to calm me.
When i believe it’s as good as it’s gonna be.
They Deceive the worlds beloved mockery.
escaping from life automatically,
to Scraping the life entirely.
the place I built to hide. In this case,
they didn’t need to die.


The darkness whispers

Lies,lies you dont want to hear.
Great stories as if from eminem or Shakespeare.
The darkness whispers that break and dishearten.
Who’s tales you must ignore by some slim margin.
The darkness whispers that you are not good enough.
Else you will be trapped in its mental handcuffs.


Easkey Boy

I come from Easkey proud as can be
Colors blue and yellow play by the sea
A crowd of supporters every game
No matter the weather sun wind or rain
We play with pride every night
No matter the team we will give them a fight


When the world lockdown

Boys played games night till dawn .
there eyes pop out like two big bops.
everyone went mad in the head
they were like the un-dead .
the world went dark
the thing that you could hear was the sound of a lark.
the tears of people were like a river of sadness
that flows through each and every town and county.
when the world lockdown even the sun
was to sad to show it decided to run.

I was in bed sleeping

I decided what to do
so I went housekeeping
I collided with a brick while
I was sweeping
I was provided a lolly stick
to stop my weeping
Then I was delighted
because I started reading


This is where I record my country song
I play a chord or tune on the guitar
I think it’s bazaar that I have gotten so far
I do my gigs
people do jigs
This is always far away,
far away in a bar or at a festival
where I love to sing
my clothes go bling.




I went to church
and I tried to pray.
I went school
and got good grades
I became a doctor
before I could say.

I married a man
who threatened me with blades,
I tried to tell you in winter
but then came may,
That is when I said Mom, Dad,
I’m gay.


Easkey Crest

I come from the blue and yellow within the easkey crest ,
the sea the wind the school the church and all the rest
the football season comes each year setting out to be the best ,
the love for football around the place some would call obsessed,
this great tradition around the town of which were very proud
any game in easkey pitch is sure to bring a crowd.


I want to go home
onto my phone
because of school
I feel like im in a pool
drowning in all of the names
that I have been called

The Darkness Explains 

The screams and torture, the cries of fear
I still hear the car going into first gear
The pool of blood so needlessly shed
Next to the space in her mothers empty bed
These walls remember the cries of pain
The children were shouting and screaming
The children were insane
The end of all the unbroken drain
The things the the darkness can’t explain

The Madman

He hit his head back
when he was left for dead.
when it began
Way way back then
For he was the madman. the horror
the monster
The shadow from under
Your bed

A Lovely Spin

Love will bring him for a lively spin up the hills
While some people will be paying bills
Love will hit him with a baseball bat
And end up hitting the neibours cat