Coláiste Éamann Rís, Blackstaff, Callan, Co. Kilkenny

Broken Future

Children will spend their broken futures
In the sweat and tears of unspent passion
Watching it all disappear
In the latest teenage fashion
The sun shall splits the timeless stones
Through the clear blue sky with broken bones
To gather thoughts of endless night
In the darkness starved of light

Eoin Donnelly


My happy and sad memories are kept
Where my deepest and darkest secrets are stored
Where the dark meets light
Where dreams find flight
And where some men cower and some men fight
The blunt knives are sharpened
Where corpses are kept
Under the rug
The history swept

Mateusz Lizak


Knives are sharpened
Guns are loaded
Artillery fired
Shells exploded
Brothers fight
And brothers die,
Fathers drink
And mothers cry

Conor Denny

Life and Death

The dead live then
And the living die
The young are raised by cold machines
Doctors wired to save lives
By any method, by all means
Wounds healed, disease destroyed
Souls depart and enter the void
They pray for results, they pray for a fix
Life and death in a deadly mix

Liam Cleere

My Mind Boggled

My mind boggles as I worry about my insecurities I’ve always had
I think about how great my life is because of whom I have in my life
I think about the people I care about most because we care for each other
Battlegrounds are made and battles are both lost and won
But friends will never leave
My happiness resides with my friends
I am truly happy
This is where my life is great and also crap at the same time
But that’s just life I guess
I dream about the future
My future with my friends
My family and whoever else cares

Kieran Maher

We Are

We are at our strongest here.
Where the dark night is longest.
Where bonds are shattered and bridges are broken.
Where shade is thrown and words not spoken,
Where memories fade, mistakes last forever.
The broken hearted and the beggars,
We meet to figure out demands.
Regroup and give our last commands,
From this battleship.
No one can get to me,
No one can hurt me.
From these burning decks…
We are kings.

Luke Butler

Real Friends

I realise which friends are my real friends
And which friends are not
Those I should hang on to
And those best left forgot
I found out how strong I am
In my heart and in my mind
My family is the greatest gift
I cannot leave behind
I realise what I am good at
And who I really am
My life will change forever
If I do the best I can.

Fred Odera


I learned how to fight and hurl
Get a bottle, get a girl
With the boys out drinking cans
Where dreams were made
On rainy days
On the ground in foggy haze
Scraps broke out after the match,
A spice box handy down the hatch
Clashing heads and knocking shoulders,
The young reborn tougher, older
The hurl and sliotar, old and beat
Legends of these country streets.

Jamie Joy

My Life

Pulling pints and pulling girls
Breaking heads and breaking hurls
In the hedges left in stitches
Feeding demons, feeding cows
Take a pint and take your vows
I learned to drink and score the points
Work hard, be proud
Play hard and fair until you’re done
Until the coldest day is won
Even when the chips are down
You’ll pick yourself up off the ground.

Shane Comerford


The sheep lambs
The cows calf
The tractors roar
The farmers laugh
The back is broke
The hands are sore
We want for land
And nothing more
The suns rise
The dogs bark
The kettle boils
The world to dark

Kyle O Callaghan

My Life Changed Around

From living someone else’s life to living my own,
I had to walk some paths with friends and some paths alone
I found out who my real friends are and who is not,
And getting rid of the fake friends who u thought were brothers takes a lot
I fought the most tough battles in life on my own,
To get better I had to disappear and turn off the phone
I found my strength not physically but mentally,
Never understand what was happening to me
Never understand what is a family tree
Until I realised what family means to me.

Davy Ryan

The Next Generation

The next generation is broke
Cans all on display.
Where animals all come to graze
Tractors create the silage maze.
My thoughts and dreams are all set free
And life is what it’s meant to be.

Aaron Kirwan