Colaiste Dun an Ri, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan.

Art by Solas Street Art


Time is bleeding from my hands,
soon I’ll leave these tainted lands.
But did I leave it in a better place,
Or was my life a waste of space

The questions I ask to myself each day,
Are always left to rot and decay.
And fester into demons and cries,
Who tell me that I should curl up and die.

I fell victim to their thoughts and ambitions,
And played along with their treacherous mission.
Standing here on the side of this cliff,
I realise I was a genie who granted their wish.

The Fear.

You see the girl with the panic in her eyes,
Biting her nails and tapping her foot,
You wonder what has made her that way?

The fear of rejection,
The fear of saying something wrong,
The fear of never feeling like you belong,

The fear of judgement,
The fear of him never feeling
The same way about you

The fear of never being loved,
And worst of all the fear of
All of your fears coming true.

Wise Men

Its the day you’ve dreamed of
Since you where able to walk
All of a sudden your thrown
Into a world of failure and judgment

You’ve read the fairy tales
Full of happily ever after
So why is the world not full
Of fairy’s, princes and princesses
But judgment and failure

Where are the Prince Charmings,
Magic frogs and true loves kisses
Boys will be boys then
Where are the wise men
Darling I’m scared

Closing Walls

When i feel all alone,
I’m in the busiest of rooms.
They say it’s my phone,
But that’s so far from the truth.
The crowded halls with closing walls,

I just feel myself fall.
I’m tired, I’m cold,
I’m terrified to grow old.
They tell you to smile,
It only lasts a little while.

But they lie.
They lie because they don’t want to know.
They don’t want to know how you truly feel,
So you have to say, “I’m alright”.
But the few things that hold me steady,
Is the furry face with four paws.

He slobbers and drools,
But gives cuddles so i don’t mind the claws.
What holds me is the open arms to hug me,
When i all i want to do is cry.
Cry because of the pressure, the stress,

The amount of little things that build up.
She holds safe and warm,
Gives me reason to push through it all.
These “best years” are some of the worst,
But to get through them is the best.
I have found help in friends and family,

But the feelings still stay,
I don’t think they ever go away.
But i push through and try not to care,
Because I have arms to hold me
Until I’m no longer scared.


Don’t look to the future,
Don’t cling onto the past,
Just stay in the moment,
But it’s moving too fast.
I don’t know how I got here,
I don’t know where I am,

Who are these people beside me?
I feel like I’m stuck in a jam.
My family aren’t the same,
There not who they used to be,
Why is everything changing,

Or maybe is it me?
I’m 16 now nearly 17,
I’m nearly an adult too,
But yesterday I was four,
Oh how time just flew.

Biggest Sin

As the moon rises she knows its about time
Every chime her phone makes would make her mind race
The light of the phone would illuminate her face
Her mood would deteriorate if it wasn’t him
Her liking him, she knew she was screwed
As the phone would ring

She could hear her heart sing
Liking him is her biggest sin
She just knows he would throw her heart in the bin
School the next day she would smile brightly
But his smile was formed tightly
She doesn’t understand¬† why she’s being ignored
But that’s just that


Sometimes i go home and wonder,
Why am i still here?
When I’m sitting in class and suddenly
Go quite because of something someone said to me,
Why am i still here?

If I’m out and see a girl so much prettier than me,
Why am i still here?
Them times when i feel so low for a reason i cant explain,
Why am i still here?
When i get into a massive fight with my parents or friends,
Why am i still here?

When i feel so numb and worthless ,
Why am i still here?
I then see all the good things in life,
Like every time i see my best friend
After a long time i get so excited
And we give big long hugs,

The way i feel when the sun is shining
So much my eyes do that squinty thing
Or the way i love looking at the sky
Be it moon, stars, sunrise, sunsets

They’re all beautiful in they’re own way like all of us.
This is when I’m happy that’s when i wonder;
Why was i ever thinking on leaving this beautiful life i have
And i remember a bad day isn’t a bad life.


In a world that try’s to put you down,
Make you feel like a failure,
Look like a clown. music makes it seem ok, like
Something’s right, so as you stay awake at night,
Listening to the strokes maybe even Dominic Fike,
Music just seems like that shining light in the dark,

The one that leads the way, changes your day,
It brings people together, aids in revolutions,
Makes the people up top feel their power is useless,
Music is like a voice that can whisper, or scream,
It has the power to cause a scene,

All it takes is a couple of notes, thrown together
To make people fall in love, music is like a medicine
It makes you feel happy, like you have the ability
To stand tall, in a world that always try’s to make you fall


School decides the rest of your life they say.
You have to get an A,
You are a nerd.
You got an F,
you are a failure.
Test after test,
Sleepless nights from studying.

Why are you always so tired?
I know because you are always on your phone.
School is the best days of your life they say.
Bullying, depression, anxiety, stress.
After a couple of years of memorising books,
you have to know what you want to do with your life.
But don’t worry because it is the best years of your life.


Some days are easier than others,
Some are harder than others.
Some days I just want to crawl into a ball and cry,
Other days I just want to laugh.
I have this aching pain in my chest that just won’t go away.
Every time your name gets mentioned,
Every joke that gets made,
Just makes everything come flooding back
Those restless nights are the worst.

Those nights staying up wondering where you went wrong,
Or what you genuinely did to them to deserve
Then randomly it just goes quiet,
All the why’s and cries,
Your head calms down and your heart returns to normal rate.
I can sleep,
I can sleep and I don’t even miss you.

“I Am Football”

I sit and wait in that dreadful class,
Waiting for that relieving bell
To ring and bless my ears,
All I can think about is playing that game,
Kicking that ball and scoring that goal.
I have never really understood
Why I’m so obsessed with this sport,

Some days I think that its the joy’s of the triumph,
But others I think it’s because of the relief that it brings me,
It’s one of the only times when I can
Express everything I feel or have been
Every time they score I scream ,every time they win
I cry and every time they fall , I fall with them,
Playing it is even better though,
Its a feeling that I cannot explain,

The pitch is the only place where I forget about everything
But the best part of football is probably how it unites
Not only my family and friends but the entire world,
Take the world cup as an example,
Football is my home ,
Football is where I get to be me.

The Gym

I go to the gym just so I wont be thin,
I go to the gym because I like the feeling of pushing thru,
Working hard in the gym is just what I like to do
Because its what I’ve always wanted to do.
I am going to the gym to achieve my goals
And I will keep going until I make great progress,

Going to the gym is a lifestyle for me,
going to the gym makes me feel free,
The gym is great, you meet so many people
But god I wish some weren’t so egotistical.
Pushing myself feels so amazing
The pain can really make you feel empowering.

My Dog

There’s a place going home from school,
Where i meet up with a friend.
This friend shows no hatred,
Just happiness to no end.
You may wonder what sort of person,
Doesn’t ever feel down.
It’s a dog i know only as friend,
Who can wipe away my frown.

Blank Sheet

I don’t know if its deep
But our chemistry is as blank as a sheet
Of paper is recyclable
Right now you’re unrecognizable
All this over nothing
Still, more is probably coming

My Honey

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I like her
I hope she likes me too
She’s very small,
Built like a wall,
But she’s funny,
So she’s my honey
I’m tall,
Also built like a wall,
But who cares,
Cause I like flares.


It’s getting warm,
The days are longer,
The clocks are moving back,
It is starting to feel like Summer.
School is nearly over,
Plans with friends are made,
The beach, bike rides and picnics,
I can’t wait for Summer.

 A Poem:

I have to write a poem
To express how I am,
And I have to do so
Just in eight lines.
I can’t express myself
As widely as I am,
Because I have to do so
In a language that’s not mine.


Time to get up and start over
Everyday we are getting older
So much closer
To the days that our parents
Say we’ll be dreading over
I have so many things i would rather do
Instead i sit in the class
Staring out at the morning gloom
They say i must try
And that time will fly
But i disagree
They should try to be me


Loving the adrenaline flying in the air,
Whether its on the highest ride on the fair
Or jumping the highest jump on my horse.
People think I’m crazy but I don’t care.
Been high up in the air flying like my hair.

Young Lady

I am a young lady
Scared of criticising
But at least i try
Them not to affect me