Coláiste De Lacy, Killegland, Ashbourne, Co. Meath


Whispers in the halls
Make even the strongest of people take falls
As the one stupid comment
Can bring the “poor girl” to her knees
Embarrassed and left alone
When she picks up her phone
And the whispers once said quietly in the halls
Making it feel she has to postpone
Her return to the place that once felt like home
As the people you call “friends”
Well…their loyalties can bend

Land of Bones

I walked across a land of bones
My hearth as heavy as a bag of stones
She wouldn’t talk to me or even look at me
But yet she would talk crap about me

He’s this and that
And yet I’m none of that
All I did was to try and be nice
And all you did was throw it back as a knife

I was there when you needed me
And now you don’t even see me

Beauty and the beast
Nah…. more like ugly and the beast

Stick and stones may break my bones
But words won’t
Well words started war
O wait I forget there’s more

When I stood up and asked the question
I didn’t think you would throw it all back with all your aggression

Now I will say your lovely girl and always will be
But where down the road did you take a turn
A turn that had turned you

When I see you at the dance
It will be more them a glance
Cause all I’ll think is what I miss
And your brain will be clear as mist

Rose’s are red violets are blue
I know this is cheesey
But I still miss you

I’ll go to the car
And go for fresh air
And maybe I’ll see the turn
The turn that I missed
So I can drop the clutch and pull the brake
And go fix are break


In the early years of secondary school
It was like falling into a bottomless pool
I was bullied on the daily
My life was very shady
The thoughts I had were not cool
I didn’t want to go to school
I tried new things to make me forget
And they’re the things I’ll never regret

My Genation

My generation is
The same style,
The same smile.
Don’t be different,
It’s not worth your while.
The same shoes,
The same hair.
‘Don’t be different,
Don’t you dare’
There is no point,
Sorry to disappoint.


Everyday we come to school and we are forced to be somebody new,
We’re not allowed to express ourselves there is no way of breaking through .
No makeup, hair, piercings or anything that makes us who we are,
It’s like we are trapped inside of a broken street car.
We walk in those doors every morning and it’s such a blare,
And for the next two years it’s not gonna be fair

I Am Me

I am insecure and unsure and unaware
I am foolish and gullible and scared
I am weak and terrified and I am bare
I am laughing but I am tearing myself apart
I see my reflection and I want glass to shatter
But I am learning and growing and I am okay
I am stronger and caring and I am me
I am loving myself and accepting me
I am living every day and I am not ashamed
I am happy that I am still alive and I’m here
But I want to be fine and I’m half way there

Social Media

Scapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
All the things that make me bitter
Tan skinny pretty and funny
These are the things that make me feel like a fat dummy
Straight teeth straight hair everyone cares
Feels like all my peers will be giving me stares
Are you okay? I’m fine
But really inside we feel like cryin


Life is hard
We have all been there
We need to get through it
No matter what life throws at us
We need to stick together

We don’t need to worry about the corona virus
We have each other

My Mam

The one who gave me a life
The one who will teach me all I need to know
The one who will be there for me all my life
The one who will protect me with all her life
The one who is my best friend in the world
The one who I will stick by until the end of time
The one who I love dearly
The one who will love me no matter what
I love my mam dearly
She is the best thing I could ever ask for
She is the best mam in the world


Say the word depression,
You’ll get told to cheer up,
And to fix your facial expression,
So you play pretend and cover up,
Because how can you ask the question,
When that involves a confession.


Fourteenth of March 2003
Is a day I kinda remember
Mother and father made in love but things took a turn
Father had left mother was sick but she got me back quick
For a few years she fell flat on back

9 to 5 more like 9 to 9
But still I was her golden child
When I was five, I met a man
He loved my mother and he loved her too
Thought me lifting and drifting
Things I knew
Raised me as his own

Rugby came along and Munster called on me
Had my shot but lost it all
Drifting was there I won here and there
School was hard but was harder
They called dozer
Name I didn’t like
But years I grew into it
Now I’m 17
Life’s getting harder
Lost people along the way
But still I’m here just far away
I’ll finish this off now
As its time go

Same Story

New year, new decade, new me,
Same story, same crime, same kick in the knee
Old news, old twats, old ‘traditions’ you see
Fat heads, fat lies too many ‘would be’s’

Too little, too late, it’s all gone
From tigers to deers to elegant swans
Off to shoot and to kill at first dawn
To them, I say, bring it on

Whales left to choke on your trash
Australia’s animals turning to ash
Pangolins scales sold for petty cash
Bones for creeps with a greasy moustache

Your eyes as black as your heart,
Your greed as large as your darts
The world will soon fall apart
And I’ll be there to restart


Liars, liars, come in all shapes and sizes
Liars, liars, are always full of surprises
Like that time that you were “interested” in my education
But I know the truth, a great sensation.
You took the money meant for me to go to college cause you were broke
When I heard the truth I thought it was a joke

I know the truth now, and I’m older and wiser
I know whats true when you spit crap like a geyser
‘The earth is flat’ ‘the sky isn’t blue’
And yet, I can’t bring myself to hate you.


When I was younger I started GAA for a bit a crack
Then I came out of acorns and started playing match’s
With the green and white on my back and then I whore my
Jersey with pride


I fell for the mask you were wearing
I believed what I could see and the beautiful words you were sharing
Call me young and dumb I know and I know what love is
And whatever you tell me I know it’s not this
With every smile you brought me there is an equal amount of tears
If you knew how easily you can trigger my insecurities, flaws and fears
You don’t mean it
I know you don’t
How could I blame you, I won’t

I just give up


Parents keeping you indoors whenever they get the chance
But complain that you never go out leaving you with a lot of doubt
Parents telling you to never lie but how can you never lie
When the person you are around them is a lie
Parents complaint about the wrongs you do
But never notice all the good things you try your very best to do
Parents question you when you cry
But don’t listen to you when you tell them why
Parents try to protect you from everything bad
But don’t but don’t hear you when you’re sad


Every day, wake up, get the bus, go to school, come home, do homework, go to bed.
7 hours a day, 5 days a week 190 days a year. Every day.
You would think that spending all this time in school would be enjoyable, nope.
You get judged by everyone as they stare and whisper.
When you laugh they stare, they’re unhappy because you’re happy.
The only thing about this place that I like is my friends,
I wouldn’t know where I’d be without them, I thank god for them every day.

I Don’t Care

It’s come to the point where I just don’t care
You walk around only caring about your hair
You storm around like you own this place
The way you treat people is actually a disgrace
You think it’s okay to treat people like nothing
But really the way you are is quite disgusting
Someone should say something to you
But they don’t want to experience your abuse

Dreamy Smile

Smile for a mile
Smile for a while
If dreams were true
We would run right through
To sail a boat
To mail some post
To fail a test
To beat the best
We make a world we love the most
Where we be a King who boasts the most
But now we sit here all alone
Down to earth
Where no one holds us close
Smile for a mile…

From Love to Hate

When I was young, I use to play rugby,
Started at 6 and played till 15,
These were the days where every Sunday I played and it felt great…
But soon enough it began fading
It became a pain to go out all those days and play for a team I use to hate,
But when did I lose that interest for something that I use to find so amazing.
Why did something I enjoy so much become the bane of my life
that dragged after me every training?
It became a chore to go out all those nights that my father was able to dictate.
And through this time, I felt like I didn’t have even one teammate,
It was hard to blend with all those guys who would judge you
if you weren’t able to prevent a try,
Or fit in to their thoughts and what they liked,
Many times, I felt alone on that pitch.
Like my team wasn’t a team at all.
But ore like strangers.
9 years of my life I played,
I just wish I played for a team that accepted,
And my dad would listen and not be so oppressive…


My mother has a heart made of gold
But the bad took hold
Left with no mother only a brother
Left with a path that didn’t last
I took control but there was still a hole
My aunt filled the hole it’s now longer dull
I found one mother after another
I found a place I can call home

Food God

Food is my God
He’s my inspiration
Who’d want anything else
He rules my nation
Dude anything works for me
I love the sensation
Rude if you don’t respect
My great affiliation


Fresh out ty oh how the year has gone by
We didn’t learn a thing
And Sambo became king
In Delphi he was having a laugh
And getting soaked every night like he was havin a bath
We played Krunker every time we got a chance
And for Corrigans wedding we done a dance
I had to get this done quick and right
So I could get back to my 8ball and play till the night

Spice Bag

Spice bag here
Spice bag there
Don’t you dare
Ask me to share

Can’t wait to go home
Stuck writing this poem
It’s slowly starting
To go through my dome

I’ll definitely fill me belly
To the brim with jelly
Nowhere better
Than in front of the telly


I’m fat, I’m round
I weigh a good few pound
Good luck throwing me around
I have a friend that’s fat
But I’m ok with that
I have rolls on my belly
I can’t stay away from the deli


I sometimes get mad,
Lowkey a lil sad.
I rage all the time,
I might commit a crime.
Ohh for heaven’s sake,
He’s giving me a head ache.
When you’re not sweet,
You make me grit my teeth.

The Streets We Come From

From the gates of our flats to farmers and the fields
From the sessions and the fights to the boredom and the lights
Don’t fit in but its fine cause we know where we’re from
We will never be changed from the streets that we come from
Short skirts and the tan you can stare all you want
You’ll catch a swift kick and we’ll make your jaw rock
Nah it’s all jokes were just having banter
But if you mess with our heads there won’t be much laughter

The Addiction

It started off good, no stress, just bags,
Anything I wanted, all clothes, no rags.
Rolling in the riches, life was great,
Until I developed something I now hate.

I was shown this thing, an app, a game,
Was so good, I should’ve gotten fame.
Won so much I got to my brain.

Began waging more, the bank was set,
Pot after pot, Bet after bet.
Up to the millions, I was the man.
But then I messed up, out the door was the plan.

Lost at the big leagues, nothing is left,
Stuck watching vids, may be depressed,
Stuck against low levels, in simple duels,
This is the reason you shouldn’t play pool.


See your girl over there she’s has a stitch
From eating too much food that your mam hand feeds to me
See a pool over there jump in it cause i’m lit
Shut your mouth you’re a fool
You look like you wanna drool


Football there football everywhere
Makes you stress free
Kick a ball here kick a ball there
Get a hat trick that means three
Keeps you fit no need to get lit
Scored so many I won an award