Coláiste De Lacy, Ashbourne, Co. Meath

America, you great unfinished symphony


Yorktowns Battle of 1781,

Stirred a feeling of victory and ambition in the founding fathers and sons.

A dream for the country in which they fought so hard to reclaim,

But it was in fact these same people who inflicted unspeakable pain,

On the lands natives, people of colour and women

It makes you stop and wonder, “can history like this easily be forgiven?”


Some will argue that there is two sides to the coin at hand,

“it’s all in the past “they’d defend, “this is the promised land”

As the Scripture says, “everyone must sit under their own vine

And fig tree and no one shall make you afraid”.

But if you stop and look, it’s sad to see how many people live in constant fear of the country you’ve made

Perhaps now you’ll focus on basic human rights, with your new and improved congress

A black female VP and diverse senate, I guess you are making progress


America, a country of dreams,tragedy and bigotry

America, you great unfinished symphony




No matter how much we fight and scream,

Equality will always be just a dream.

They don’t listen, they don’t change,

We’re all stuck in chains


Of misogyny, homophobia, racism,

Or it’s false leftism or the fetishism,

When does it end?

Will it ever end?


Calories, Guys and Sliced up Thighs


Teen angst, teen whims, teen suffocation

Teen memory, teen mind mutilation

It seems, to anyone else to be

Egregious dumbf**kery

It’s imprinted on us before we can talk

You’ll make it, if you fit the catwalk

I am a number on a scale

I am the weak, the pale, the frail,

I am the space between my thighs

I am the terror in your eyes

When you ask me if I’m at it again.

Vapour trails from nose and mouth

We’re the kids our parents warned us about




Why are you

So far away

Six months its been,

Since that day.


Got in the car

That 3 hour drive,

The last one in

A long, long time.


Its been 6 months

Since i’ve been home.

I live here,

But feel alone.


It was my haven,

My safe space.

Everything goes

At a much slower pace.


My friends, my family

All up there

With me stuck

Stuck down here.


Travel bans

And new restrictions

Last year seemed

The stuff of fiction.


I live in Meath,

Thats pretty clear.

But Donegal is home,

I wish I was there.


Run my Race


Everyday I lace my boots and put on my face,

Thinking about how I have to run my race,

Do I look scared or in a state of fear,

Of what others might say, think or snear.


I stand 6ft tall,

Inside only 3ft tall,

Being so small getting surrounded by theses rising walls,

Thinking if I climb out is it too far to fall.


This is how I feel,

Every minute, every hour, everyday of every week,

Wondering if today a roof will be put on those walls,

Feeling only then I will have to take it all.




I know you think about me and maybe even dream about me,

The beautiful days and long conversations and takeaways we ate together,

Only the good times you remember and the daughter you miss,

Then your bliss dreams turn to nightmares and your remember all the bad memories,

The abuse, the degrading, the constant shaming and yelling you gave her,

And then you realize why when you left she didn’t want you back.




I often feel like I’m falling behind

Looking for a way to keep up with the grind

Constantly looking for that one special grade

But that letter I want is never displayed

Gets you down the longer you stare at it

But I have one thing that helps me escape from it

I go down to the pitch with a ball in hand

Kick points and kick goals whatever I demand

Doing this gives me a sense of freedom

Gives me that peace whenever I need some


Dublin City


Walking through the streets of Dublin

Smell of chips in the air

Looking through the change in my pockets

Getting ready to pay the bus fare


The spire towers over the city

The tourists laugh and chat

Oh what a pity,

That Coronavirus has stopped that


As I’m waiting at the station

I hear a busker play

I turn and listen to his creation

Thinking its been a good day.


Bloodied Sacrifice


There’s nothing quite like Dublin’s own town

From the booming businesses to the bustling crowds

It’s history carved into every building

Of the pasts women, men and children


From each street springs life that is lively and fierce

Through the cobbles of Grafton, O’Connell and Pearse

But that fierce can be dangerous,life-threatening and grey

For the people who live on its streets night and day


Along with the horrors, there’s beauty in its midst

And reminders that those before us did indeed exist

Sometimes if you close your eyes and listen real close

You can hear the bullets ricochet off the General Post


The ghosts of the leaders in 1916

Stand tall and proud outside Kilmainham Gaol

As they take in the once bloodied massacred scene

Content that their sacrifice was not to no a avail


Some Might Say


Some might say I can never be sad

Just because I grew up with the things I wanted

If I was ever unhappy I must be mad


But the people can’t see what goes on inside

The pressure, the anxiety and self hate

Was told to grow up so all these things I still hide


Don’t remember that last time I saw my dad and yes that hurts

But sometimes I think if I was with him I would turn out worse


When Will It End?


Stuck inside these four walls

Always on zoom calls

Staring at the screen

Wondering will it ever end


Nothing feels real

All the days roll into one

Its like I am stuck in a loop

It feels like its going know where


When will it end?


In my Room


When I’m in my room,

Just me and my shoe,

I think about cars that go vroom.

Or maybe the sky that’s kinda blue,

I actually don’t know what I have to do.


When I’m in my room,

I think about moments I could miss,

The falls, the trips or the room’s bliss.

Why am I even up here?

Oh ye I forgot

I threw my key out the window,

And now I’m locked.


I wonder if I scream

So I can get help

But then I remember

I’m in my head by myself

I then wake up

To remember a bit of info

That I still threw my key

Out the window




From the crossroads to North and South,

Baldwinstown, Garristown, my home.

Where we grew up running in the fields,

Jumping ditches and wrecking hedgerows,

Following where the wind blows.

Playing football in the garden,

With lots of room to spare,

This is my happy place,

You wouldn’t know was there.




I play video games to get away

And usually that’s what makes my day


I get lost in the games

Lost of dreams of fame

Its such a shame

That it’s all just fake




The amount of happiness I get from one person is worrying

They make me so happy you wouldn’t believe

There’s always that fear that they will get up and leave

How will I feel happiness then?

If my source of serotonin came from them


The Poem about Dublin


Walking through Temple Bar

And I’m taking it all in

I can hear everything, even the sound of a car

But the downside is, I have a mask that covers my chin


I’ve decided to go get a drink

But all I can smell is fags

Then all of a sudden, I hear the sound ‘clink’

And then see bar men with cleaning rags


I’m loving this spot

It’s the best drink I’ve ever got




Since Covid came to be

We’re all living the same

Why do people have to be so mean

Always finding someone to blame


We need to come together

All unite as one

This won’t last forever

Soon again we’ll have some fun


I Have


I have brains and Braun, I am tough but not strong.

I’m held up to standards that are set from birth,

Told to go back to the kitchen and clean

I like laughing at farts and video games,

Getting muddy out on the playing field

Be good at maths or science I could never do

The standards of a man I’ll never be held up to



Everything I Do


I come from jigsaw world globes

I come from boxing gloves

I come from playing Xbox

I come from being out with mates all day

I come from climbing trees and playing chasing in the fields

I come from building snowmen in the snow

I come from the gym

I come from DJ decks

I come from mountain bikes

I come from working hard

I come from working on Lorries

I come from lifting weights I come from running

I come from everything I do


A Place


I’m from a place full dealers and stealers

I’m the hot head who sticks up for his mates before anyone of the are turned to bait

I’m from a place where doing drugs are more common than hugs

This place is a kip you’ll end up with a busted lip




A virus has been spreading, and it is going fast.

But everyone isn’t listening and are being a dose.

People don’t clean and get infected.

Because there being smart-asses and ignore the warnings.




I play FIFA all the time

But it feels like a crime

The game is so bad

But I still play it, which I don’t understand

I smash my controller with rage

I feel so aged

It makes me suppressed

But I am also obsessed