Colaiste de Lacy, Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

Art by Rob Stears


The red chairs:
I sit here and ponder
On my red chair

My mind can only sunder
My thoughts cannot flare
I stay afloat

In a glass jar
Nothing comes from my throat
My mind not here, but afar

I am confined
With the comfort of my intellect
The comfort has decayed
I’ve only been left, discontent

What Makes Us Smile

Life, what even is it now
With all the pain and hate around
With all the people that despise their own kind
Just because their life is worse or better,
People argue about gender, power and money
Decide who’s worth living or worth dying

We’re so doomed that we focus on things that make us cry
Rather on the ones that make us smile
People compete to be the best
Everyday wanting to be great
We’re so concerned to prove ourselves to everyone
That we forget who we really are

We think life is unfair and hard
With the problems and feelings that are around
But maybe it’s so hard because we make it that way
As we forget to think about the things
That makes us smile everyday


Every year problems build, can’t solve them so I shoulder it
My friends can’t cope, their losing hope for solutions some shoulder it

I can’t shrug the weight of their issues taking prevalence
When will it end ,when is it my turn

To brake down and rest on someone else to stand
I keep going ,I always will ,I need to

I just wish less people needed me
I love them I do, but I have my problems too

A Lockdown Stroll

During the lockdown
I went on one walk a day
Blue – pink sky fading into the grey
Tarmac melting in the two week heatwave
Had to do something to fill up the time
Tried knitting and chess but it didn’t stick
Played guitar till my fingers felt like they might fall off
School online never really clicked

Cover Up

Cover up,
There are boys around.
Cover up,
The children are too innocent to see this crude outfits.
Cover up,
That’s why they won’t leave you alone.
Cover up,
Always dress your daughter,
Not educate your son.

My Dogs

My dogs are the best,
From knowing when I’m upset
Making me happy again to
Always putting a smile on my face,
And making sure I’m back on pace,
My dogs are the best ,
And they are the reason
I am who I am

Calm Before The Storm

How do i relax when all i can see is what could go wrong
What should not, what would not, but what could
Like the calm before the storm,

I rest my head down on my pillow at night
Then suddenly all at once i feel
Like i’m drowning in the what ifs
Why did i say that, why didnt she do that

How can i escape my own brain
When its the only place i have to reside
Take my mind off things, laugh with friends instead
But what if they leave me alone in the void
Of the thoughts eating away at me

In Time

Each year I’m surrounded by new faces
Many people of different heights and races
It’s rare someone sticks around
But if they do I’m always wondering
When the friendships going down
At this point I expect it
A part of me doesn’t
But I don’t really mind
Cause I’ll find out in time


Fifteen and I have to choose
Decide my whole life
To decide what’s right
To decide what I want to peruse for my time
Fifteen and I have to choose
Who I love and how I’m viewed
Who I want to be or who I want to see
Who’s the right person for me

Fifteen and I have to choose
What to wear to seem like I’m cool
How to talk to not appear rude
What to say so I seem like I know what to do

Fifteen and I have to choose
Choose something I don’t know the right answer to
Base my future on something 15 year old me chose to do
Possibly regretting what 15 year old me had to choose


I’m sitting here unknowing what too write or how to.
So many thoughts so many worries so much stress.
Overthinking the slight thing that then leads
To larger bigger things until eventually everything builds up .
No words too express how to feel, your brain scrambling
Trying to figure out what to think.
Your mind taking control and
Nothing you can do until it crushes your soul.