Colaiste De Lacey, Ashbourne, Co. Meath

April Showers

Friends always changing
Loyalties pledged and alliances formed
Mind spinning
Trying to get through the days
I’m lost in a crowd of people
They know where to go
They know what to say
Not enough time to get through it all
Trying to remember all the things I said I’d do
The work of three hours
I have to do in one

I’ve been waiting
The ground is dry and dead
Winter has come and gone
My soul is tired
It has toiled through the cold
And through the winds
Of worry and change
And I feel the first drop on my face
Cool and fresh
And I know the time is here
The April showers have come

I try to keep my head above
A wave of promises and expectations
But my arms are tired
I let my head fall
My eyes close
And drink in the dreamy silence beneath the water
Nothing reaches down here
My muscles ease
And I float gently
Not thinking
Just feeling
They can’t get me down
My April showers have come


Do You?

Do you feel so hard
Love so easy
Give your feelings away,
Like I do?
Do you obsess
Over all of the small details,
Maybe just the top I wear
And think of it for days,
Like I do?
Do you think of me
Or do I even cross your mind,
When you lie in bed listening to love songs
Like I do?
Do you cry
At an unanswered message,
Or feel an urge to call,
Like I do?
I sit and wonder,
Why I have all these feelings for you,
Why none of my friends understand.
I sit and wonder
Do you feel it too
Feel it like I do?

Rachel O’Brien

I Am

I am happy,
I am quiet,
I make people smile,
Make them feel worthwhile.
I am quiet,
I am broken,
I am tearing up inside,
I feel like disappearing,
Fading into the wind.
I’m a stranger in my own body,
And it feels like someone else is trying to break in.



Time heals all pain
Until your pain is time
Until each grain of sand that drifts down from the hourglass
Bears the weight of a thousand failures
Until the sand gets in your eye and in your throat
Suffocating you until you cannot scream
It pulls me under engulfing every fibre of my being
Until the darkness and the stillness and the silence comes,
Until I find comfort in this limbo, time can’t get to me here
Until I embrace the darkness because within it, I find light
Until I embrace the stillness because within it, I find peace
Time heals all pain, but first I need to heal me



Mabye one day I will be able to break out this shell
Mabye one day I can survive the bullets waiting for me
Mabye one day I won’t need a shell
Mabye I will
Mabye I am too afraid to let the shell go
Mabye I am waiting for the guns to drop before I drop ceasefire
Mabye the shell will fall off itself
Mabye I am just too weak
But I know that the day will come
And I will have to be strong enough to face it


The World

This world is cruel, mean and full of monsters
But if we stopped to see the beauty around us
We would realise there’s so much good out there and plenty to share
Behind all the lies the betrayal and injustice
There is always something that’s worth your time, love and energy
Always stay positive



He was after winning his hurling final
He was on the best high ever
High on life
Drinking having a good time

There was chants and music
Having fun with the team
Drinking till they can’t drink no more
Were at the chipper
Falling in love with the snack box

He went back to finish the night
And most of the team stayed going
The party ended the day after
And everything was back to normal

The hurling was over
The drink was over
The food was over
But the party never stopped

Scott Cadwell


When we were younger, we used to love school
Looked forward to it everyday
Times have changed
The halls are full of two faced people
Afraid of being just
For the way you walk, how you talk
The people you’re friends with
What you’re interested in



How is it fair when you pick on me
If I pick on you, you rat on me
It’s not my fault it has been there from the start
Imagine if I went somewhere else
I never would have met that person that makes me so happy
But then again does she

Because when I go back to school, it just starts again
That one word is always there
I call use my friends but then they used to do this
But I can’t tell her because she’ll get upset with me

Anytime I have a match your there for me
When we talk and have a laugh, it just makes me feel so free

How didn’t I notice it from the start
I always had good feelings for you
We were only young and it wasn’t fair
I didn’t stick up for you when you needed me there

I’m so lucky now to have you there for me
Even though that name is put on me

Killian McGrane

My Favourite Things

My favourite things are,
The sound of the horses hoofs crashing onto the ground,
The smell of the freshly cut hay,
My favourite things are,
The feeling of freedom you get when up on a horse,
The feeling of security when you really know a horse,
My favourite things.


The Turn Around

It started off one night where I felt my best,
Finally reached the potential I always had
I partied till I couldn’t no more,
But the party was far from the months that were to come.

Since then it was a wave that didn’t stop growing,
I surfed it all along.
Experienced everything I thought I wouldn’t,
But through the tears it has been the best that has come.

It’s like I did a 360 turn,
The better I feel.
Don’t say you can’t change anything around,
Beyond grateful for the memories, people and years.

Claire Caffrey


Everyone is so different now
We all have things going on
Some we keep to ourselves and some we share
It’s as if everyone knows everything about everyone
I like it this way until it comes time to share
We all have things on our minds
And we let it take up so much time

Leigha Hanniffy


Maturity is something so personal
That not all of us understand
It’s something that takes time
And sometimes don’t always plan

It hits us all differently
Sometimes we don’t expect it
It’s certain situations
That always kind of affect it

13, 16 you could be 54
When that level of maturity
Comes knocking at your door

Death, a lose or even just a fight
That gets us in that place
Where we think about our life

One day you’ll just be sitting there
In a world of your own
In a place of silence
Where you feel all alone

It’s different for us all
But the outcome is the same
We all end up maturing
It’s just the timing and the place.

Leah Butler


Felt that way for almost two years,
Never able to hold back the tears,
Nothing was ever straight in my head,
Always lying there in my bed,
Not one not two but three I lost,
Would’ve done anything to help no matter the cost,
The whole journey felt like the longest mile,
Holding everything behind that stupid fake smile,
But now everything’s starting to go so good,
Now that I’m escaping that terrible childhood,
So I hope I never feel that way again ever
All I want is to be happy forever and ever.

Jack Tunnah


I had a dream last night
It gave me quite a fright
I woke up in a cold cold sweat
In my dream, I felt a threat
I strolled outside to get some air
And I was met with a cruel affair
A man was bleeding on his steps
He was stabbed by a young drug rep
And as he bled on sheriff street
His kids ran out and cried at his feet

Christian Campbell

The Fake

I hate the fake
They are as stealthy as a snake
To get your trust with no break
Just to look cool for the fools in school
Where limit has no rule

Being you has no meaning
Everybody the same in the laws of “fame”
Treat you in shame in a cruel card game.

Thankful for my friends I am
Where being me is no programme
Everybody gets along where little
Goes wrong, with each other we are strong


As We Grew

As we grew, I finally knew
What it was like to feel alright
He kissed me light and held me tight
As we giggled through the night

I knew I would be safe because it felt right
So I dreamt through the night
As I woke, I felt a poke
He finally spoke
Good morning princess I’m going for a smoke


Results Night

Results, everyone looks forward for the night and not the results
They would think that they would actually act like adults
When the sun goes down the dresses come up
The girls apply tan and do their make up

The lads on the other hand
Will plan which one of them will go on a one night stand
Tonight is the night you forget about your folks
And sneak outside and puff some smokes

The venue is humid and it smells like sweat
As you try find your friend a busty brunet
The night is over and you really finessed
Now it’s time to see your parents who are really pressed


They Wonder

They wonder why we are all depressed.
They wonder why we are all a mess.
But they don’t see what is on are screens.
It’s what is hurting all the teens.
We’re are broken, bruised and feeling used.
It’s the models on are phones,
That’s why you can see my bones
And why I’m always tired .
The stress from society makes me what to scream.
But nobody understands,
So we pretend like its ok to be pressured by society.

Katie Colbert


They said today was the day I was waiting for,
So I locked my front door,
Scared out of my head,
I just ran to my bed,
As I looked under,
And began to wonder,
Was it just me,
Or who is it going to be.

Chloe Beggy

No One Knew

No one knew you were going to be gone
These past five years have felt so long
The last time I seen you
Nobody knew there was something wrong
I still can’t believe you’re going to be here no longer
That one big strong word is so hard to say
If only I could wish you were here to stay
Now every November a sad year goes by
I miss you so much it’s hard not to cry
I will always love you John
Until next time

Sadhbh Mooney

They Said

They said I’d be fine,
As I stood on the front line.
Scared as I walked through
This couldn’t be true,
As I looked around,
The noise in the background,
The noise seemed to fade
As they tried to invade.

Nadine Byrne

Technicolour Lie

Living in a technicolour lie.
Taken things that’s breaking his insides.
The man you once were, where did you go?
Now you’re just the husk of an empty soul.

Paul Clinton

Stage Two

The suspicions came in four weeks ago,
The mother was going in, to and fro,
“Just check-ups” said the father,
He said that she hadn’t a bother,

Friday night we got the news,
The sister is still in the blues,
The brother still doesn’t understand,
And me? Sure look, I’ll be grand.

Michael Young

The Junior B Game

Playing against Rathoth, being dirt bags, hitting lads with their shoulders
The referee giving stupid frees and adding twelve minutes extra time
People getting broken ankles
Then the disappointment to lose from a really dumb decision from the referee
Which was very disappointing to take from a bad mistake from the referee
Who had no control over the game from the first whistle
To the very last whistle

Josh Corcoran

A Mate

I have a mate called Christian
He lived in Sheriff Street
It was a kip
Had no water and heat

He used to live here in Ashbourne
Had a strict diet meat and corn
At sheriff mans dominated his ends
But he was lonely had no friends

Davhoc was the boy’s dad
In Sheriff Street he got it bad

Dylan Brooks


This rhyme will be fire,
Because I’m here to admire,
This will require some wire,
While this may cause some backfire.

It will need a point of supply,
And a little bit of dry neatness,
Air will also be desired,
Then it will begin the fire.

That’s how you start the tart,
With a bit of encouragement,
You too can make a rhyme this fire.