Coláiste Chroí Mhuire Spiddal, Co. Galway

In the Dark

Deep, dark and never lonely
Filled with secrets and creatures only
Knowing more about space then our own planet
Nothing anywhere that’s simply quite like it
Holding death and destruction in its hands
Yet can look so peaceful and beautiful from land
No one’s imagination is stretched too far
Because no one knows what lurks in the dark

Jennifer Connolly

The Shadows

The shadows spread whispers of heartbreak and betrayal
They tell tales of lost lovers, of good days and bad
They talk of pretty lies made to protect from the ugly truth
And make you listen as the harsh reality of your crimes
Breaks down the barrier between happy and sad.
The shadows will wait until all hope is lost
Until darkness takes over and no one else is at hand
Then embraces you with loving arms, and whisper softly ‘welcome home’

Katie Kearns

Deepest Thoughts

These walls recall the deepest thoughts,
The good and the bad,
The harsh truths you’ve been told,
The secrets you’ve known,
The opinions that have developed,
The dreams that have grown,
All inside
That mind of your own.

Cainnear Nic Réamoinn


Everything you have said and done
The good things and bad things
Madness and secrets
All the fun
Wherever you go
They will know
If you see them
They will show
All your memories
Every last one

Líthgen Fahy

The Stars

No planet be
Around me
Looking at the stars
That no one will see
The dark night
Nothing in sight
Trying to find
Some light that’s bright.

Leo Castangna

The Ocean

You must not think, but listen
To the sweet but silent waves
And think for a while
How life has treated you
Or how life has forgiven or forgot

Stephen Griffin


Dreams of men,
Exploring the depths.
In suits, faces full of doubts.
The home of the leviathans.

Dreams of the sky,
The wind that blows
On either side of the bow.
The birds above the ocean fly.

Cathal McDonough


I used to come here all the time
There was a gang of us then,
The scruff of our cigarettes still dances in the wind,
Taunting me reminding me,
The number of friends we`ve buried through the years
I’m the only one left now and cancer is coming for me next,
My walls are coming down I’m walking with death
And there is no longer anything I can do to stop it.

Tomas Folan

No Planet B

The climate is changing
The ice caps are melting
The animals are dying
This is not sustainable
What the ocean dreams
What the earth really wants
Fix the planet
This is not sustainable

Yann Walsh


Remember the fights,
The apologies, the lies, the hurtful truths,
All the hours you spent wasting time
When you could have done something productive,
And all the hours of productivity that lead to nowhere.
Your first steps and last steps,
Your first words and your last breath,
You made the kitchen bigger,
Now there’s one wall less,
But the memories made in these walls are timeless.

Shane Knox


The ocean yearns for a happier future
No plastic, no fires, no fuels
The ocean has seen every corner
The good, the bad, the ugly

The ocean yearns for a peaceful future
No war, no violence, no cruelty
The ocean has heard the mournful wails
And the sins of the careless


These Walls

These walls never forget
Your first steps
Your first falls
Your homework, your tantrums,
Your losses, your gains
Your personal and shared pains
But these walls will soon come tumbling down

Finnian Cox

The Ocean

The ocean longs for better days
Cleaner currents free from plastics
When we treated her with respect
And not as our bin
The ocean pines for simpler times
Nothing to disturb the peaceful sanctuary
Of the home she provides
She dreams

Sky O’Malley