Clonturk Community College, Dublin

Sweat and Sores

I breath in and out heavy
I can’t take it I’m not ready
I missed what I need
And I need it so much
I don’t know the feel, the touch
They no know more than me
I lost a part of me
I missed it all
The things that I thought I’d have done
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, i like I’m done
Can’t do this shit anymore
80 years of sweat and sores
I don’t know what I want
I don’t know what it is
But it’s not this
It’s not this.


The ringing clocks
Mark the beating of rocks
At the seaside
These same rocks may someday mark my grave
The ringing clocks don’t tell me what they decide
A reminder of life
And all the shits it gave


My mind is killing me,
How do normal people think?
Its so tiring.
What happens now?
Why am I diferent?
Too fast then too slow,
No common sence.
Too angry or too ignorent,
I can’t remember.
Maybe next time.
Being quiet is good,
A compromise.

AuI Jimmy’s

got up out of bed
My head was in a mess
Saw the divorce papers
On the kitchen table
Sat on my bike and off I went
To aul jimmmys

Oooh she took them
My wife she took the kids
I’m gonna drink my pain away
Yeah (x4)

Woke up again (unfortunatelyyyy (harmony))
Walked out my door
Saw the eviction notice
Decided I was gonna do it again
Sat on my bike and off I went
Back to aul jimmys

Oooh she took it
My wife took the money
I’m gonna drink my pain away
Yeah (x4)

Awake again, what a day
Saw the empty house
She took the kids away
Nothing else to be done
Sat on my bike and off I went
Back to aul jimmys


The Manual

They say we shouldn’t faulter,
They say we shouldn’t cry,
They say we shouldn’t wonder,
They say dont even try,
They say why aren’t you better,
They say don’t show your feelings,
They say we have to be the go getter,
They say we make the money,
They say we are at fault,
They say we should be hard as nails,
They say we should be soft,
They say to be the strongest,
They say to play the part,
But we all just want to joy,
And we know it in our heart.

The Word

At first there was the word, and the word became a story, an idea. P
assed down from whisper and hushed voice, the effort to be individual,
to be different, to believe in humanity and to make change.
To be subversive and to look for more.
To not be content with the establishment, to hold your ideals strong and true.
To say screw you to capitalism, to the patriarchy, to social norms and everything else
that we’re told to accept that really keeps us trapped.
The whispered turned into a scream.
We deserve better! To believe that people can be good if given the opportunity.
To hope for a better world where people can be happy, where people can be safe,
where people can love.
The word was Hope.

The Cherry Pit

What possesses you to eat an island whole.
To chew it up, swallow all the parts you
Can profit off, spit the worthless, cultural, bits
Out like cherry pits. Cherry-picked
Island, chew it up like a pack of Skittles,
Spit out the part you’ve sucked all the flavour from,
Hand it back and say, “Eat up.”
Leave them standing there with a ball of sugar and spittle,
And let them call that a victory. Greed.

Wake Up

Wake up, get up and go to school right now
My body turns to doubting mode
What you doing? You’re so stupid and dum
Never ending and continues throughout the day
Three years have passed,
All I want is a new me
But I may suffer on unless things begin to change.

Untitled ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

The only way I could get a few of them to be with the kids in a room temperature and the day they have a few more people to do that they would have a total and I would be able for a total total amount to do them for a total amount of money ๐Ÿ’ฐ I was going to put it in a few years ago but ๐Ÿฅ… was gonna I had an opportunity and I got a little bit to think about how to put it in my room and put in the car ๐Ÿš— I had to be in school ๐Ÿซ I was a total waste of my life I was gonna we had a total total of three years of the year so I’m not sure ๐Ÿค” I know I would be able but ๐Ÿฅ… has to do with my kids I think I will take them and I have a couple other ones to take care to them and they have a few things that can do with me I will take it and Iodine is that it would make them work better and then I’ll get it done โœ…


This is where I have been for a month
Twiddling thumbs with nothing to do
Forced to do stuff I don’t wanna do
Some could say it’s a communist camp
Long winter beckons
And I cannot wait to finally flee this crazy place
What is in store then
A better life hopefully

The ‘Good’ Ones

I find it funny,
People tell me ‘you’re doing great, honey’
Captain of a team,
Smart but the things unseen
Don’t matter unless they’re mean,
Unless they interrupt our dreams
for you.
Work smarter,
Work harder,
Work faster,
become more than we were,
Shake yourself out of this sleepless stupor,
or you won’t win.

Win what?

A husband,
The 2.5 kids and mortgage at 25,
Don’t do the things that make you feel alive,
they’re dangerous.
Don’t gamble, don’t drink, don’t play,
It’s unbecoming
of a lady.

What the Future Holds

I live in fear of what the future holds
I’m sad and empty and lonely and cold
I’m an empty ship and I’m lost at sea
the present has its hold on me.
And I don’t know how to swim so I can’t abandon ship
What will the future bring I can’t bare to think it.
I don’t know what I’m to do I don’t have the answers
Intrusive thoughts are stuck like glue and spread around like cancer
I can’t live like this anymore this really has to end
I really wanna reach the shore and to the land attend
If only I could leave the sea my mind would be at peace
You can get a good night’s sleep if the rocking doesn’t cease
I really love my friends, I don’t know how they bare me.
Maybe they just pretend. That they know how to sail the sea.
Maybe they’ve Docked are waiting for me
But in rhythm I’m locked with the god of the sea
I got some problems with head I dont know what to do
Twists and turns around the bend my mind has got the flu
Seasick and sickening theres vomit on the floor



Up out of bed at 7 o’clock
dont want to wake to comfortable
4 hours of sleep, just didnt want to stop
waiting for buses looking for shops
all thats in the house was a loaf of bread
couldnt be bothered guess i just went ahead
starving at the desk waiting for the day to end
just for results ill never speak of again

I am Latin American

One of my realities is being Latin American
People ask from where, and I say I am Mexican
I’m proud of my nation, I’m proud of my people
But I am considered different, they think I’m illegal

Your a junkie, your family is on drugs they all say
And I say to them, No mames que te pasa wey
Drugs and cartels gain us a reputation
I can’t believe this information, this can’t be my situation

And many ask me, why are you trying to be Mexican fam
I not trying to be Latin American, it is who I am


What is it?

School what is it,
school it’s a
Time to start believing
that if we make it through the years that were horrifying
and the other years
that we had to put up with this s” t
we had to deal with.
School it’s pointless
but it’s also precious the memories we keep
and share with people anywhere .
School, school it’s a memory of what happened to us
when we where in our youth the days we get bullied by tyrants
but the days we rise up and face the odds
and tell ourselves we’re unstoppable.

Life is hard

Feels like everyone is against me
Sometimes frustration and anger builds up and I can’t help if I let it out
I don’t care if people see it
They can judge me for it and think I’m a horrible person because of it
But if only they listened and understood that there the reason for it
I couldn’t care less about what they think about me for showing my anger and frustration
But if only they listened and cared enough to understand
They wouldn’t see me any different than before I let it out
But they don’t understand and they don’t care enough to try
It is to much for them to see the bigger picture it is too much for them to handle
But I don’t blame them for that
I just wish sometimes someone listened


2 families, same boy
1 made me happy 1 did not
If I could change the past it would mean a lot
I don’t have a choice for where I am now
But who ever out there brought me here, take a bow
I’m happy now, I’m filled with joy
I’m can say goodbye to that sad old innocent boy
Big and bold is the way I like to be
If it wasn’t for the way my life is now, god knows where I’d be.


Your Parents Tell You

Your parents tell you that this is the best time in you life but is it really the best time in you life
you come to school do learn stuff so you do exams
Thant when you get older and get a job they mean nothing to you so insted of doing all of the boring stuf
they should try and teach you stuff you will actually learn form and they should try and help you do thing
you what to do instead of teaching you stuff when you get home from school
you will forget it all of the stuff that you learned that day and what is school even for you sit in school
doing the same thing day in and day out when you could be out in the real world learn important stuff
like geting a job or geting a house I think school is a waste of time most people learn nothing from school
and would rather Lear how to get a job or how to do other very important things
I think that if school actually helped people it would do a lot better of a job


Coming Out

Years of saying I wasn’t gay
Worried that it wasn’t ok
Coming to terms with my sexuality
Trying to make it the new normality
Telling my friends about my several boyfriends
Them saying pick one to make amends
Built up the courage to tell my family
They said they love me and we live happily
For this I am grateful
And very lucky
Being true to myself
Was always the key



Mom’s sitting on the deck, smoking a stress cigarette,
but I she said she quit, well cleverly not.
Should I run back up to bed, but if I do then she definitely won’t stop
I’ll just wait for her to notice me. Let’s sit on the couch.
I hate the bright orange that glows against the almost black garden,
oh it’s being stubbed out, maybe I should have just went back up to bed.
She sees me now, she looks sad
I start crying, I go to run upstairs but she catches me.
She says she sorry and it’s because she’s been so stressed, she misses grandad.
So do I, but I’m not smoking. I promised I wouldn’t tell my brothers.
Her breath smells nasty. She brings me to bed and leaves a smoky kiss on my cheek.
I wait for a while and then wipe my face.
I don’t want my teddy to smell.


Dublin’s where I’m from ye you know it be banging,
Looking up to Bob Marley,
Through the streets I be jamming.

We listen to all different types of music,
Because to most of us it’s therapeutic.

Coolock’s not the best spot we all know that but if you try to slag it off,
I’ll run through your gaf with a baseball bat.

Finglas Ninjas

To the Streets of Finglas
That reeks of Neeks
Junkies that deal
Proceed to steal
At the bus stops
Where blood gets dropped
And Garda get the call
Big junkies fall.

The Bag

I started only a year ago and I never thought
it would be something I’d ever enjoy,
my coach told me to try it out and since then I’ve never stopped,
It has helped so much with my anxiety and stress
hugely and I suffered hugely with anxiety and confidence,
I would have always been a very quite girl that never involved herself
in anything but since I started I’ve become so much more confidence
and comfortable with myself,
it has allowed me to be more open and less stressed,
I can now talk about my stress to friends and family comfortably.

The Dream

I, Finlay O’Brien have a dream.
I want to be a personal trainer so I can help others get fit and lean.
I won’t judge your inspiration.
I still watch cartoons and anime for training motivation.
But that’s not all I am.
I want to see the sights of the world as soon as I can.
The snow covered mountain of the alps.
The endless rice fields of Japan.
I want to see all the natural beauty of the world as soon as I can.


Hiding your feelings is easier than sharing,
People pretend but they really aren’t caring,
If they discover that I’m a freak,
I won’t be a friend they’ll want to keep.

So bottling it up is best for all,
I’ll continue my life, but just at a crawl.
I’d rather have friends that don’t understand me,
Than explain to them all that I feel kind of crappy.


Transition year is in a shambles
The teachers all rant and ramble
Every morning, “do I have to be here?”
Constantly learning about Shakespeare
Just let me disappear
Hopefully things will get better
I’m definitely not getting more clever
Help me please
I’d rather get stung by a swarm of bees.

7 am

I wake up for the 12th time this week
Brain’s weak, life’s bleak and I’m dreading the thought of getting up
Cause today is yesterday and tomorrow is next year
And my eyes won’t stay open and my legs just won’t steer
keep my glasses off so I don’t have to see myself in the mirror
And I search for the confidence I once worshipped but error 404: item not found
But I’m found in the eyes of every stranger I see
Who sees me as me but not the me that I see
Cause this me, I agree, has no guarantee
That happiness won’t be my only sustainability
But I see my eyes flicker with the hope of what I could be
Cause I am the me that I wish I could see

I don’t enjoy school,

So I just waste away the time
Playing games on my laptop waiting for the bell to chime
So I can get home, get changed, get going
Across the city, to where I do rowing.
6 days a week I’m down with the lads
I’ve known them 4 years, they’re all ย gas.
When we’re out on the water, all of us in the 8
The movement, the speed, it’s my only escape
From the pure bordem ย of existence.
My training is my lighthouse, my mental percistance.


What I dislike about school.

They try to make you do something you never knew,
they load you with so much work thinking
I can do it easily just in a breeze but actually
it makes you freeze some addition is that they like
to keep you inside so they don’t get there shoes mucky
you never know you might get lucky they will let you out for 5 minutes

I was Born

on the 1 March 2004
I love playing GAA and I love working with my dad
and I get payed and I recently won
a National Garda award
last week and I also love so
socialising with family and friends


i hate monday mornings
i hate sunday nights
i wanna go home
it’s too long with out my music
i’m having withdrawals.


Why is pizza round,
why is pizza so good,
I like pizza,
I like pepperoni on my pizza,
Dominos pizza is the best.


Soft and gooey it embraces me
Like a warm cheese on a cold day
Cheese makes me feel alive
It makes me feel real