Christ King Girls’ Secondary School, South Douglas Road, Co. Cork

Like the Wind


Like the wind, you blow me away

You gust sweeps me up and holds me tight

We move forward together

Playing flowing and dancing around


But the wind never lasts forever


The wind stops and I’m dropped in the trenches

Cold, hurt

Waiting for you to come back and sweep me up again


The Way I Am


In an all white area, to an all white school,

In an all white playground, following their rules.

I’ve grown up this way, its all I know

But act your colour is what I’m told.

You speak like them, dress like them,

You’re not black enough, you’re too black,

You’re too much to be one of us.

Im just a kid its the way I am

I shouldn’t have to prove myself if you don’t understand


We Wanna be Free


Us, you and me

There are chains that bind us

Confine us


You can’t see them but there, there

In every word, someone says in every laugh and stare


They say we are as fragile as a flower

But they have no idea of our real power


We use more strength than you will ever know

We are like hundreds of little fireflies waiting to glow


And once the day is gone and night starts

We will shine till dawn

Are our freedom will spark


Up and Down


Up and down not the whole way round

Not the full schilling about her,

She’s broke

A broken chancer


Eyes shine like a fireplace

With no flame

Hide away,

In your case

Packed and ready slow and steady wins the race

Or so they say


Light a match see the flame

Smoke it up or blow it out

Brain the chain

Pyromania light the way

To the deep internalized golden flame




Soaring, roaring above our heads

Their bodies as light as air

Maybe we too could be like them

If we weren’t burdened down with care


One dares to droop to the poisoned land

Their glossy gaze contrasts mine

My eyes shadowed with stifling oppression

There’s a hopeful shine.




Sometimes I wonder how we got here

Sometimes I do not care

Because in the end we are here

In a world that isn’t fair.


It’s not just the oppression

Or the lack of personal space

Or even the harmful attitudes

But the society without a face.


The Seeds of a Child


You were excited at first

You watered it every day

The water would seep through the soil

And you watered me so much that I overflow

But that’s the thing about the excitement of a child

It fades

You soon forgot about your plant

You went days on end without watering me

Until me was begging for a single drop

Then you grew up

And just forgot about your plant


The Deep Divide


Through the paths and trees of broken stone,

Two girls walk alone,

One of bubbles and the purest of faces,

The other rough with a lack of graces,


Too close and yet so far,

A deep divided heart, barely a scar

Pain anew and yet so old,

The ageing story of the “bold”


Being different isn’t brave,

It’s a sin to pay and dismay,

There are none without fear,

Simply ones who’d rather disappear.


Both girls all alone,

Shamed and cut out until they atone,

The sin they broke of being a colour,

Cutting shapes out of black and white and getting duller.


“Send them off to be fixed”

The only repair they receive is that of the lies they premixed.

Never happy, but others smile,

And endless façade unfathomably vile.




Happiness a word, we can hear

But not all can feel it

They say were wrong, if without it

A myth, legend

What is it?

A feeling of uplift, without care

But maybe there more over there

Without it your just fine

No need to cry

One day you will feel accepted in this life




Behind that big bright smile

Shows her true profile

“perfect, beautiful, happy” to all she knows

But deep down so desperate to just let go


But no more

For its time for her to open a new door

She decided to let go of all that pain

And ignite a brand new flame


She has a burning passion for change

To no longer feel so strange

She no longer will be broken

She has awoken


My Story is Simple


My story simple and true to myself.

But people twist it and say I’m a sinner.

I’ve struggled so long and finally accept

That I’m not the one who needs help.

So now I say it proudly,

I’m not a girl and now I feel like a winner.




I turned on my half-charged computer and climb out of bed

Knowing what was ahead of me would leave me in dread

I never interact, I rather others do the talking

But today was different, I wasn’t left yawning.


Every day has started feeling the same, merging into one

I couldn’t find the escape.

You log on and see the same tired faces

No one ever speaks everyone just gazes


Today felt different,

Like a normal day in the class,

Everyone laughing, sharing their thoughts.

Wishing we could go back to seeing the fun.


Kids these Days


Gazes aimed at our phones,

Messing, fighting, drinking, smoking

Judged for every shakey breath and clumsy step


Surley every kid is not like this?

But this is what is assumed

Based on looks, speech, race, sexuality

By those owning older years of “wisdom”, boasting greater lives

With darling daughters and strong sons, nothing will go wrong


This is not how we truley are,

Most hiding scars of pain

That will never leave, instead of advice told to deal,

With never ending thoughts, an ebbing voice in our head

Never going away.


Skipping meals, making deals

Breaking hearts in the dark

Skin as paper although life clearly isn’t a written fairy tale

Kids these days.


More to Life


I never knew it even existed. Thank god that I got a not so rude awakening,

For I never would have learned the meaning of self-love and self-acceptance.

I was close minded before, and found a nice place for myself in the crowd,

Always hiding my likes and dislikes because they weren’t “cool” and different to all the others.

Little did I know that they were the things I would soon love most about myself.

Individuality is the most beautiful thing human beings have to offer,

So maybe treat the different people a little softer.

If you let the society determine who you are

You will just be waiting to be up to par.

There is more to life then scrolling on a screen,

I hope you come to realize that rather the wasting your teens.




The anger that will blind me, my heart that does confine me,

My brain will shout and my body will crouch,

My life an endless battle with love.


Blindness that shows me the colours of hate, fear withholds me,

The knife blade cold against the skin, and the blood the drips down the path,

My body’s tearing, ripping a part,

And endless fight with vengeance consumes me.


People riddle to bounce back but never give the instructions,

The maddening silence and unpromising vows, my head goes pop with the pressure of lies.




How do I tell you that I don’t care.

Because I don’t.

I don’t care that you’re feeling down,

I don’t care that the bad thoughts are back,

I don’t care that people are being nasty again,

I don’t care.

I don’t care that you are lost,

I don’t care that death is seeming like the only option,

I don’t care that I’m the only one that listens,

I don’t care.

But see the thing is is that I don’t not care because I’m mean,

Or selfish, or any of the things you are thinking.

I don’t care because I can’t, can’t let my own fears

And worries and hopeless hopes breach the barriers

I have to put up every time you look for my caring,

Can’t let myself lie awake at night wondering

If you’ll be there in the morning,

Can’t let the tears on my pillow be for you.

So next time, when you come to me with your head in your hands

Because the world is too much, just know that I don’t care.

It’s not personal, just survival.




It’s so very difficult

To be so resilient.

When you’re smothered and tethered.

Brain clustered and cluttered.


I’m so on my grind.

Teaching or nursing?

I’ll ignore and repress

I’ll never stop working.


The Darkness


The chains hold us tight to the wall

The darkness crashes onto the glimmers of hope

He calls me yet again

“Things will change”

Yet the thoughts stay the same

Feels like we will never be happy again.




I’m an incredible machine.

You throw it I’ll take it!

Plastic, I’m perfect.

My psyche an earthquake.

In the year 2020 I’ve seen so much,

I’ve learned how to love others without touch,

I’ve developed relationships through a screen,

Know I wonder how I would have been.

Prior to this breakdown of the world,

My eyes were closed to such big things,

I now see and stand for others,

Racism, homophobia and much harder.

I see our world as a potential to change,

But we need to start and rewrite our ways.

Humans now have a voice,

We need to make a change,

Not only for ourselves,

But for the ones who are treated in inhuman ways.





Killing our creativity

We are losing who we were meant to be

We can’t flee

We live in a world that can be dark and wrong

But it is our fault if we let it destroy where we belong

We need to get up and fight

We can fight to reunite

Fight for inclusion

It can be more than just an illusion

We can have faith in who we are

In what we can do as long as we believe in what is true.


You’re so Lucky


“You’re so lucky you’re smart” they say

Everything must be so easy for you

Not held back by lack of understanding

Having all the chances in the world.


You don’t see the tears I withhold with a B

While I comfort you for your grade

Don’t feel the crushing guilt of my intelligence

Because I know I don’t deserve it.


I don’t think I’m lucky when I get an A

I don’t find everything easy, but I must

I hate myself for my ignorance

And for squandering all my potential.


I’m sorry that I’m smart

I didn’t pick my genes.


Wake Up


Wake up, cry, get dressed, drive

I can’t remain in these conditions.

You tell me this is life

But I’m telling you this is most definitely a lie.

Wake up, cry, get dressed drive

We’re so deeply in bedded in this lie that we call it life,

But where is the life we’ve all wanted

Where is the life we are free the life we can love who we want

And love what we do

The love we crave deeply just to alive but all we do is

Wake up, cry, get dressed, die

Is this what you truly wanted?




I am waiting for the world to open up,

I am sitting here waiting for the shadow to past,

Hugs at last,

I am lying here, hoping for change,

Let out of this cage,

I am excited for change,

Because I know at the end of the day,

We will all be okay.


Don’t Stress


‘Don’t stress’ they say.

Tell me how when I can’t wear a dress without feeling judged.

Tell me how when I can’t give my opinion without being silenced.

Tell me how when I can’t express my thoughts without feeling like a burden.


Tell me how when every decision I make could lead to the failure or success of my future.

Tell me how when my generation is made of depressed teenagers hiding behind humour.

Tell me how when I am told to ‘act like an adult’ while being told ‘you’re just a child’.


Please tell me how, I am begging you.


Hear Me


Dressed pretty in pink

But what will he think

All I want is to be loved

But is that enough

Does care only for my looks

Does he know I read books

Maybe to shut up is the best option

But I have an opinion

As a woman in a man’s world

This is absurd

Hear me, listen to my words

As I say this is enough




All the emotions hit like a train of thoughts.

The little kid dances full of life

Her flowy heaven like dress covering her fragile heart

Scarred with many worries,

Yet she dances to the sound of reassurance.


You Make me Feel


You make me feel like Icarus,

Flying higher and higher,

Out of reach to all but you,

Oh you are my sun, my light.

You make me feel like Icarus,

Full of hubris,

My wings ready to melt,

Oh you are my downfall,

My Achilles heel.


Back from School


Back from school, another day done

No drama today, at least lunch was fun

“It’s a nice day you, should go outside”

No thanks I have homework to do and three tests sometime.


I write and memorise and scramble my mind

About what x equals and why did that king die.

I look up from books and notes to see,

that no one ones awake except me.


I must finish this essay and memorise a few more lines,

But sleep is important, must I sacrifice?

I guess I’ll finish tomorrow if I have time.


I am Scared of Sharks


I am scared of sharks

Because they can hurt me,

Bodies being ripped in two, limbs flailing in splashing water, blood diluting in the salty sea.

I don’t know anyone that’s been hurt by a shark


My fear is just.


I am scared of lightning,

Because they can hurt me,

Pure energy shot through the body, melting flesh, burning skin,

I don’t know anyone that’s been struck by lightning,


My fear is just.


I am scared of men,

Because they can hurt me,

Unwanted hands against my skin, piercing eyes on the back of my neck, words that wound my soul,

EVERY woman I know has had unwilling encounters with men.


My fear is just,

But not understood.


I’m put down because, “its not all men”.

It is enough to cause concern


I am enough.


You Said


You said you were afraid to lose me

And then you faced your fears and left me

But now I’ve healed and grown stronger

And need not your love no longer


When the Pandemic is Over


When the pandemic is over, if ever it comes to an end

We reunite like lost wolves in the woods

Unable to touch or feel love from one another

Yet it feels as if finally it’s over for once!

It’s only over and fun for a bit

So focus of the present and not the past!

Not the future as we don’t know what comes.


Through the Door


The doors not open

And that’s ok with me

I don’t want to lock it

But I don’t want to leave it open

And I don’t want you to try

We can talk through the door


If you try open the door ill run

I’ll leave

I’ll be with the trees

Screaming at the sky

Music in my mind

No thoughts of we

Just me

You can try meet me at the trees

But I’ll hide

Just leave me be

I’m not ready for a we


What Matters


Does religion save as much as it kills

Are countries just gangs in political veils

Is war just a business we pay for in blood

Dreaming I don’t wanna die mama I’m too young

Does the preacher preach but don’t do as he preaches

Politicians talk but don’t walk how he speak

The most important things in life come free

You can pay for a bed but you can’t pay for sleep




Covid-19 go away please

Just try not to sneeze

Have to eear a mask

If you need a Covid test, just ask

Go to the doctor if you wheeze.




When I was young, I’d prayed to god every day wondering why he’d made me this way,

Always distraught, never content I was concerned why no one could see the true extent.

All I could see was suffering while I wrapped my arms around myself

To try and protect my fragile body,

I simply thought this life just wasn’t for me.

Upon reaching adolescence, I nurtured a grudge against this so-called “god” and his backwards love.

Every night I clasped my hands, as I wondered why people relied so deeply on this man

Who lives in the sky.

His followers preach love and happiness and refuse to believe in mental illness,

They think praying is a cure-all while I believe their ignorance is amoral.

Forced to believe in this religion to fit in with my peers,

Indoctrinated to believe how mother Mary, a fourteen-year-old virgin miraculously conceived.

Watching god turn his back on man has really made me ponder,

is he a real being or is his existence fabricated?

Humans worship non-existent beings for many aeons;

I’d rather not worship Christ, I’d prefer to worship demons.




Patiently I await for your arrival

It’s like I need you for survival

Just a bit more, at the home stretch

I feel my heart beat out my chest


The musical ‘ding’, that musical sound

I run to greet you, true love I have found

I take you out, carefully I tread

To the kitchen to enjoy my garlic bread