Chanel College, Coolock, Co. Dublin

She Is

She is beautiful and strong
She is everything yet a wall

She is tired and stressed
Her heart beats in her chest

She overthinks to ruin the good things
But she is on a string

She is coping but barely
People can be scary

She is beautiful



Remember that one kid?
That one kid who didn’t talk much?
Remember that kid who just sat wherever he could?

Remember that kid who slowly grew into the person he is today?
Remember he was so quiet and only spoke when spoken to?
Remember that one day where he spoke out?
When he decided to get involved
Remember that kid… Who Sat… At the front of the class
Eager to learn
Eager to do well

Remember that kid who decided to bond and wasn’t afraid to talk anymore?
Who went through school just looking to do well and be liked
Remember that you could be that kid
Remember that kid
Because he could be you

Colm Geraghty


“It’s gonna be okay” doesn’t mean it will be.
Seeing the person who raised you,
Morph and change into someone new is heart-breaking.
To watch them change physically but mentally too.
When your mam is living off machines and can barely show signs of life.
But you have to be strong for her because
What you’re feeling, she’s feeling ten times worse.
Starting a new school without the person
That always makes you feel like you can conquer the whole world
Isn’t there to support you is scary.
Things slowly get better after time goes by
And you find new hobbies and friends to plaster the wound,
But a scar never heals.



I was told as a child to treat others like you would wanna be treated
I do that and hope to pass it on to others
But the nicer you are the more you can walked over
Give more and want less
But eventually you will away pieces of your self
And sooner or later there will be nothing left
But it’s the right thing to do


I Am

I am an artist, I like to draw. I like to make all kinds of works in both big and small.
I’ve been critiqued, I’ve been told off
but that won’t stop me from being creative or passionate ever again.
I am doing the thing I love most so that does not allow superiors to brag or to boast.
I am always interested in learning but that should not allow me to be upset.
Learning should be the facts you learn from others not the place to say everything I do or say is right.
Superiors have their own way and are allowed to learn from the learners.
We all have a passion we found and have no right to tell others to find “otherwise”.
We all have a goal we want to accomplish but who has to say that is our legit goal.
There are all types of risks and turns.
Even unlikely events goals that we never knew we would even have!
So we don’t choose or pick for others.
But we live our experiences with hope and passion with no judgement.

Emmanuel Chima

The Way I Live

I am pretty good with the way I live
Life is different for lots of people.
We may have different ways and different stories of explaining life
But whether good or bad we have either lived or we are still living.
In a way it is really up to people on how they would like to live
My way of living my life is to really connect,
Have great moments and build up a relationship with family and friends.
I also think it is very important to live your life as a good life,
Die old knowing that you done something good with life.
It is very important to live good by doing things new and exciting,
Like trying new things, going new places,
Meet new nice people and know that you enjoy those things.
Sadness would make you go through a path you do not want to walk through,
Happiness I the key to having a good life.
This is how I feel about life being good.

Michael Chima


Sports are complex in that they are a way to escape our lives
As well as a way to look at our lives in a clearer way.
In the world of sports the line of victory and defeat is quite clear.
There is no question of what team you are on or what position you play within the team.
These things are not always clear in real life.
Escaping to the world of sports is an opportunity
To think about these questions in our own lives.

Evan Ryan

Life is Interesting

There are moments to live for,
And moments that never end.
Moments with family and friends.
But there are also moments we hate and dread.
But that’s what makes life a bit more interesting.
All these moments make us different,
And as my mother used to say:
“Life would be boring if everyone was the same!

Craig Perry


When I was younger, I was so carefree
Nowadays I can’t seem to concentrate
Everything around me moves a mile a second
Teachers bark orders and friends complain
When I was younger, I would go outside and play
Nowadays just waking up seems to take it out of me
I could play a game of chasing for hours
But now I sit and contemplate why do it all and if it’s all worth it
But then I see the people around me and see
Not a single one of us are different
We all just want to feel what it was like to be younger

Charlie Francis


I want to get out of here
Because of fear
I fear my life direction
Because of these expectations
They want me to settle here
They hope I make 40 grand a year
I don’t want to settle
I want to be better
But my biggest fear
Is telling them
How I want to get out of here

Bradley Whelan

A Normal Guy

I think I’m just a normal guy,
My parents work a 9-5
But I don’t have the dime
Like most other lives.
I can’t afford the designer lines
And because of that my work never shines.
I can’t be like those that I idolize.
I can never afford those designer shoes
Nothing I can do
I was born to lose
I’m set to be used
And thinking about it reignites my fuse.
But I can’t help when it’s rubbed in my face
And when I complain it’s a disgrace
I’m set to lose the race
Born in the wrong place
A place a can’t erase
Where I can’t showcase
Any talent I embrace

Anthony Hynes


I wake up in the morning and notice that today is another day,
The weather is what is usually is in the month of May,
An atmosphere of acceptance cleared the way.

I slide downstairs to acquire the morning’s nutrition,
To sort out that decision,
An atmosphere of choice completed that mission.

I step outside on the slimy wet dew,
To discover something new,
An atmosphere of exploration was present too.

I look up at the sky,
And wonder why,
There is an atmosphere to whatever complies
To exist.

Then I see, with all my eyes, that the earth is nearly human,
That the mood is set
Inside your head
And in the air.

Sean Cleary

Just Because

Just because it’s on a smaller screen doesn’t make it worthless,
Just because it’s a smaller person doesn’t make him worthless,
Problems seem small just start to snowball,
Mistakes are made but they don’t get punished,
Someone else always taking the brunt.
It’s not about the scar on our skin it’s about the ones within,
The ones that people gloss over, put a patch on and say it’s fine
The ones that becomes red wine that we can’t stop drinking.
We seem to heal, but they’ll always remain open.
All we need is the person with the right first aid kit,
Not one on the wall or one in the bathroom,
But one that can heal the wounds within.

Luke Farrelly

Sitting Quietly

Sitting quietly unable to speak
Confined for 8 hours, 5 times a week
Hailed as stupid if you don’t make the grade,
Determines the future of how well you’re paid
Overworked, overtired, derived of sleep
Overexposed to knowledge whose benefits we won’t reap
Let’s worth be determined by grades on a sheet,
If you’re not good in the school you must be good on the street

Alex Ennis


Alcohol is a peace offering
Alcohol brings us together and tears us apart
Alcohol is loud
Alcohol is silent
Alcohol is reoccurring
Alcohol is violent
Alcohol tastes bad
Alcohol is numbing

Ross Smith


At the end of the semester…
I finally got to play for Leinster…
It was meant to be a fun game of rugby..
But ended in tragedy…
Because I never had any fun…
And what’s the point of that, huh??

So I QUIT but not in that way…

Another day came and went thinking “I’m not good enough”.

But I found out that ever since I quit… no I didn’t quit.
I left for my own enjoyment I call that using my wit,
I’ve never been happier and I feel like that’s the most important thing right?

Being happy, that’s it.

Sean Maybury

Don’t Say

Don’t say I’m useless. Don’t say I can’t.
Most my life I’ve been told not to rant,
Sit still, be quiet, I am supposed to be seen not heard.
I’d rather be like the bird I am and fly.
Talking about things may seem strenuous,
And sometimes you may feel as if you are defenceless,
But all you need to do is speak, and let everyone know you’re not a weirdo…
You’re unique.

Jack Kinsella

Homeless Crisis

It makes me feel annoyed to see how many genuine people are homeless living out on the street
I disagree when there is council houses being built
And foreign nationals are being put into the house
Instead of the people who genuinely need the support
And the houses to keep their children warm and to keep them out of trouble
Every time there is more council houses built I always say to myself
What kind of people are getting put into these houses and the result is always the same
I just hope that people who really need it are getting the support t
That they really need instead of the people who don’t.
I hope the government sort this out

Conor O’Mahony

Secondary School

Secondary school, a big stage in life,
Ye it may be fun,
But it can be hard sometimes,
Always judged by what type of student you are,
Never the type of person,
And if you’ve been bullied it can be tough,
As the bullies are always there and will be very rough.
Nobody wants to stand out it’s the worst thing you can do,
So find a way to blend in while still being true to you,
If you can’t blend in that is OK,
Just find the right group and you’ll be sailing all the way.

Leo Yasar


Paul Scholes and Roy Keane,
Both suspended after a win away in Turin
Basler scored within the first six
He also hit one of the two sticks
Half time came and still no breakthrough
United’s fans looked quite blue
Sheringham and Solskjaer both came on
Just before injury time dawned
Teddy and Ole gave United two
United had finally made their breakthrough
Late in May in 1999
United were European Champions for the second time

Sean Malone


Underdogs. Never before.
2008, shaken to the core.
Crying John Terry slipping on the Moscow floor
“We’ll be back again”, he swore

2009, The Prem wasn’t enough
2012, Chelsea back again
The champions league trophy, Chelsea’s main aim
Round of 16, Underdogs.

3-1, down and out
London’s Blues came roaring, Drogba pulled it back
105 minutes, the title back on track

Benfica was no stress,
Drogba, the legend, pulled us through the mess
In the Camp Nou, Underdogs

Hit back early, hopes flittering away
Ramires’ cheeky chip sent us on the way
Iniesta’s goal meant nothing anyway
But through the glits and glamour

Torres sent us through, out shouts Gary Nevile “oooooooo”

Into the final they went, In Bayern’s back garden
Mullers 80th minute goal past cech the warden
Mata’s corner meant everything
Hopes are stuck on string

Penalties it was, Germans never lose
Mata missed penalties made our hopes gave us the blues
Olic stepped up sent it flying away
Schweinsteiger hit the post left me wheeling away
Who else but Drogba, Chelseas forever king
Who else but the underdogs

Alex Keegan

All Out War

The whistle is blown just like the wind,
Just like the sound of a ballistic missile,
90 minutes of all-out war .
Where people ignore the bells and screams of fans galore.
Running around like clueless clowns trying to get a ball.
As the timer goes down,
They continue to fool around trying to flip each other.
The ball goes in and everyone sings while others snap in anger.
The whistle is blown and everyone in the zone screams and shouts in joy.

Nathan Norris

I Am

I am from Coolock
And I’m an oddity
I sit in my house
And I’m not on the street
I don’t want to deal
Or steal someone’s wheels
I play PlayStation
And be social in my own way

Alex Shevlin

My Life

I come from Coolock
I come from growing up in a working class estate
Being an only child and having a single mother
I come from growing up watching cars being rallied and junkies annoying you
I come from watching other family members being involved in crime
But I come from having a good family
Caring family


Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal
The beast of all music.
Hated by the world,
And the world hated by it.

It’s listeners amazing.
Metal heads. Long hair, booze, battle jackets galore.
Loyal but not seen by anyone.

Known by the world for being too much,
People are quick to judge.
Blamed for everything bad that happens
By the people running the country.

In a world surrounded by crappy music,
We shine through.

Adam Hughes


Red flags,
Red flares,
Red jerseys,
Red everything,
Back to the big time,
We keep the red flag flying high,
Tolka park,
Shelbourne F.C.

Noah Rigney

I Come From

Dublin, some parts are rough
And often the times can get tough
I go to an all boys school which is great
But not for others as they show hate,

I like playing football in my spare time
Instead of doing what others to do and commit crimes,
I like talking to my friends there very sound guys
And most of them are very wise.

Eric Moore


Coolock, where junkies ask you for smokes
Where every weekend you get a chicken fillet roll
When if someone gets cheeky you have a straightener
I come from Coolock where I grew up with a single parent
Where the majority of kids have single parents
Where most of your friends start smoking and drinking when in secondary school
I come from Coolock where cars and motorbikes get robbed and rallied
Then chased by Garda


Wake Up

Wake up get out of me bed,
Get up and put my spezials on,
Take a stroll before the big game
Take a little time to breathe,
Eyes on the big game,
That Friday night feeling,
Getting closer,
Closer to the prize,
The red flags in my eyes.

Jay Fay


From watching your first united match on the TV
To watching your 200th United match
You think that you’ve never watched a better team than United,
You think that they will never let their fans down.
Then you start to realize that you’re not living in a fantasy world anymore
And that there will be times when they let you down.
There is times when you feel like burying your head in the ground
So that you can’t hear anyone’s criticism.
Every Manchester united fan knew the second Fergie stood off the perch
That it wouldn’t be the same
But no one was prepared for the horror that has been put upon Old Trafford
And some people are starting to think will the curse of Ferguson ever be broken.

Josh Mcglade

I Hate the Way

I hate the way I have to go to school
It is like a prison that you can go home at a certain time
You’re always being told what to do
Always being looked at and watched
Always criticized and judged
Always by the teachers because
They think they get a buzz out
Of telling us what to do
Because this is the only place
They feel power in their life because
They are small individuals that
Like the sound of there on voice
Giving out to minors because they
Have insecurities about themselves
So they take their anger out on us
Because they are teachers and think
They have the power…

Tadgh Wilson


I like to go out with my mates
I like to play my Xbox and playing fifa
I like to keep active most of the time
Playing football going on cycles
I like going to my youth club with my friends
And playing football basketball and playing fifa
And I love spending time with my family



I like playing PlayStation,
I like watching football games,
I don’t like school,
You always have something to worry about,
And people always have something to say about you,
Even the teachers who are the worst people possible,
I cant wait till I leave,
So I can enjoy the rest of my life.



Football is class
Its best to play on fresh cut grass
Theirs the players with a lot of mass
And the odd jackass
There’s a lot of injuries that are sore
Some are eyesore
Some are that bad you might have to go the drug store
You might not understand what we play for
But a game with friends is like a civil war

Dylan Bonney


I like to play football
I like to play a fast ball
I play a lot of fifa
The best player is Virgil Van Dijk
With a ball, he can hit a real strike

Jamie Hughes


I like football its class,
Halloween was dirt,
There was not one skirt,
The fire rose higher than the year before,
Fireworks where light off from every door,
United can’t even score,
I can’t watch them anymore cause them make me snore,
This rhyme is so poor,
I am going to play fifa sorry there’s no more.

Lewis Byrne


War can be like school where kids go die for their grade,
Or a walk outside with your “best mates”
War can be like anything that you do that is self made,
Or a Video game everyone likes but also hates,
Sometimes it can be something everyone has played,
But sometimes it can be like annoying updates,
At times, it can be the satisfaction of being paid,
Or the thought of interlocking fates,
But always war will be like annoying a friend and feeling afraid.

Arkadiusz Podkowa


I like football it might be because I’m not tall enough for basketball
I support Liverpool if you don’t you’re a fool
We have a very good team there all lean mean machines
I hope we win the Prem for the first time
If we don’t someone will make a funny rhyme

Jack Lynch

Bus Drivers

I hate most bus drivers because they all usually judge when u get on the bus.
They always make faces when I get on the bus.
They always make sighs when you ask can I pay two people on.
They always make you pay with your leap card at where they sit.

Leo Mckane


Muddy boots from the wet grass every Sunday morning
And exhausted until night
When I wake up Monday
I usually get to school on time
And then I have to listen to boring teachers talk about things
That I’m not interested in
That more than likely won’t benefit me when I’m older
I have to do this until Friday until 3:50 and
I repeat this cycle every week,
I’m excited for when I’m older
So I don’t have to keep doing this cycle
And I can do something that I can enjoy


Banded Hurl

Banded hurl, cracked from a strike that clipped a guy’s helmet.
Picking a side, spitting, shouting, cursing, pain it all awaits
Elbows kicks punches pulls, anger, rage, aggressions
Months of training on the line, the captains speech
The ball is released, you try but it wet or your hands are cold
Frustration aggression fights helmets pulled spitting stomping
Intervention pulled to the grown injured beatin
Blood broken nails bruised ankles bloody jerseys
Walking home, limping, medal
Training for next year starts in the morning