Chanel Catholic College, Dublin.

Art by Rob Stears:

Notifications of Inoculations

Constant notifications
About the current situations
‘Under review’ and ‘deeply concerned’
The only words Micheál Martin seems to have learned
Lockdown this and flatten the curve
Surely this is not what we deserve
Vaccinations and inoculations
Allow us to keep our occupations
Close the pubs and Close the Schools
Why cant people obey the rules
Just put your mask on
Don’t be an anti-covid pawn
While we await on the news
Please don’t blow the fuse

Together We Stand

You call us gay, fag and queer
In the hopes that 1 day we’ll all disappear
People slagging words of chatter.
Black or White color shouldn’t matter
People laughing that your a fridget.
Then saying your mates a midget
Men, Woman we’re all the same
But we treat each other with hate and pain
Riots happening everyday
But we are proud and here to stay
No matter what we should stick together
Because we are birds of the same feather
Me and You one and all
Together we stand, here and tall


Dreams are something people want or hope for.
But Life can be hard at times.
This can cause people to let go.
At these times we can feel sad or angry.
These feelings can turn into a productive boost.
To do somebody proud. To prove yourself.
To prove you can do what others can’t.
To be brave and stand up to the difficult times in our lives.
The bravest thing somebody can do is
To get back up from getting knocked down.
To keep trying and never giving up.
To never letting go of your dreams.
To never be afraid of failing yourself or others.
To get what YOU dreamed for.

A Little Light

Through the shadows, little light in sight
A terrible battle, a losing fight
Its rises and falls on a daily basis
No chance to live, or see some faces
A life inside, four walls, that’s all
Spends most of our time online or phone calls
Still stalling, still waiting, promised freedom but it rises again
I miss seeing people and I miss seeing my friends


From the cries in the morning from a little angel to the drive to the school
From room to room i pray to leave its very boring
The bus zips to the stop i fly home knowing what’s in front of me
I go home to the sweet calls of a little angel and a welcome form the older one to
I go to my room and play all day its the place were its fun and happy place and meet great people
I zoom to the ground with a hurl in my hand and have a good time

The Cold

Cold water flowing in the sea
Cold snow falling from the clouds
Cold ice-cream melting in my mouth
Cold beer draining from the tap
Cold breeze blowing through the air
Cold hearted people surrounding me everywhere
I cant escape the cold


Machine minds with TVs for heads
We people claim to be individuals
But seeds planted by men who lie foster in our brain
Can we really claim to, as we do
Be free, if these unruly people make us their puppets
Unanswerable questions answered by the ignorant.
Brain candy rots our mind
With nobody questioning if our food is really sustenance
Can we really, as they tell us to do, treat ourselves as humans
If they, as they tell to do, treat each other as beasts
Think, puppets! Think!
Your mind is fresh and ripe for the picking
All you need to do is extend your arm
Walk the lonely path
At least it isn’t filled with thorns.
Living is precious
But life is a momentary blink.
A ripple in a ocean of waves
So ripple to your own rhythm, your own beat

The Mission

I wake to smell of burnt toast
The times ticking as I a realize I am late
I leap down my stairs and sprint through my house
I Grab a slice of black ashy toast to shove in mouth as I dash out the door
I stroll down the road and smell the thick black smoke waft in my nose
The Junkies roll around in their horse operated carriages click and clacking as they go by.
The time goes down and down but I get closer and closer.
The lads with chicken fillet rolls go and stroll down the lane as the bell rings again
I ran down the road and open the door in time just see the time go by.
I completed the mission I arrived on time just as the last bell chimes

Youth Life

Wake up everyday
It all feels the same
Go to school
Hop on the bus
Follow the norm
Repeat, and repeat
Pressure is at us to do well
Don’t wanna let the family down
Or I’ll be put down
Friends being bullied
But scared to step in
But that’s just life as a teen
Its a bit shite
But we’ll carry on

Life is Better

I come from a normal background
A family who enjoy a lot of things but mostly alcohol and sports
but yet my family aren’t violent
I had a normal childhood with lots of laughs and fun
Loads of friends
Until my parents spilt up
I moved back to Dublin and was raised by my mother
But my father was still there for me and my brother
Even though they didn’t like each other they still choose to help me and my brother
And now my life is still full of happiness but also pain
But I’ve also found a great friend group
And my life is better

My Story

I come for a loving family
And I tell my story happily
I come form my own struggles
And I have a lot to juggle
I come from Dublin
So I cant be broken

Read The Story

I come from a multi-background,
A family of sport, alcohol but not violent,
A family that is split, English side of the family,
The Irish side of the family.
The English side is the bigger more humorous side of the family,
A family who is always looking for something to do,
And as a lyric goes in my favourite song,
“Running out of options”,
It’s not as bad as it sounds just means things are on hold.
The Irish side of the family more rough as it has a bit more independence,
But people think we’re a happy family,
What I say which is quote out their somewhere,
” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, before you read the story”

Social Outcast

I come from a place
If you express yourself
By the way that you dress if
Its not the same as everyone
You become a social outcast
Get called a fool and everything

Insult you and dig in to your backbone
Hoping for a response then all the lads
Are waiting for after school
Waiting to show what happens to you
If you are not a lad

Red And Black

I’m from Dublin
We are the atmosphere is bubbling
We are the red and black
Draped across our back
They shout our song
They do no wrong
We are the people
We are the pride of Dublin


Burnt out cars, to house alarms.
Seen from an inside perspective, a bystander.
An entirely different world, I try to avoid.
Yet unavoidable.
The old roads I used to play on, now home to rubbish and debris.
The new kids come to play, oblivious to its history.
Is it doomed to repeat?


I’m in a game, a game that is meant to be played.
I play it endlessly and relentlessly.
I play it through day through night.
I play it from the daylight to the moonlight
I play it like I know hometown
I play it like it will never let me down
And yet, I finished it and I’m lost
I lose my sense of wonder
as there is no game to expand it further
Then I look outside and realise
There is another world I idealise
So now I will play outside endlessly and relentlessly
Play outside through day through night
Play outside from daylight to moonlight
Play outside because its my hometown
Play outside like it will never let me down
Play outside because the world is full of wonder
And I know there will always be a place to expand it further

Chuck Heskey

Emile Heskey the Chuck Norris of Football
He got so many talents to easily drop your jaw
The way he dribbles down the side line and looks likely to the score
Then steps over but falls over and then misses the goal
He be the greatest to ever grace us with his two left feet
That’s why we watch him like every week
Defenders get weak at the knees when he breezes past with ease
Please, don’t you dare diss the messiah
A true patriot for the country, yeah he’s taking us higher

Artane Boys

I come from Artane
Playing near signs that say no ball games
Using jumpers for goals
Playing tip the can using poles
Giving out about not having a crossbar
The struggle of getting the ball from under a car.
Staying out until ten
It was simple times back then

The Shame

I come from north face jackets
To Canada goose
Everyday we get told were no use
From snap chat to Instagram there
All the same so tell me why we get all
The shame

A Place

I grow up in a place were does be
Cars spinning drugs are selling
Guns are firing
People fighting
Garda chasing


I come from PlayStation and Ds
I come from shadows of expectation’s of my parents
Cause I’m the youngest
I come from felling I’m a failure for be dyslexic and dyspraxia
I come from eat bland food cause i suffer from S.P.D


Worried that i don’t know what to do
Wondering what or who


Sitting here in Chanel college,
Not learning nor gaining knowledge.

Want to go Home

I went to school.
I am so bored now
I’m gonna play my cord.
it is so cold it is so bad
They need to buy a rad.
I cant wait to go home
Go to the football dome.