Carrignafoy Community College, Cobh.

Sweet Escape

On a night as warm, as peaceful as sunny weather
Not a cloud in sight, stars laid bare to my eyes
The clock on my phone hitting the  four am mark
Forgetful of duties tomorrow to be faced
Through all the challenges, hardships and pain
As busy as a bee I’ve to go through all that by day
But the Greek girls charm provides a sweet escape
Revenge bedtime procrastination and fear for what comes tomorrow,
A correlation not to be missed
While all sleep tight, insomnia lurks over me
I know tomorrow ill wake up tired


This community’s gone to waste
Drugs,drink,smoking and vapes.
Kids are dealing more than adults.
Sticks and stones are not breaking their bones and words don’t work
There hooked and addicted and show no signs to stop.
Nobody cares nobody’s taken action.
We are watching the growing generation slowly degenerating.
By 2030 the generation will not be here, half the population will disappear.
These kids who deal, smoke and vape, they don’t think nothing of their health they might be happy but probably no longer.
When they start seeing the results of the of these things they will regret it deeply.
People sit and watch and don’t take action these things should be illegal but nobody cares as long as there’s a fat wad in their pocket their happy out.
This communication we have between teens who fall into these things is so poor that we have failed to succeed.
This community is going to waste
By 2030 the population will decrease.

Love Is

Love is euphoria
Love is happiness and pleasure incarnate
Love is pain
Love is suffering and dread manifested
Love is….complicated

Playing Ball

I love playing ball
Have a picture hanging on my wall
Sometimes i feel so small
But really I’m super tall
My favourite food is bread
I spend my spare time in my shed
All alone as if I’m dead
Soccer is my safe space
I’m too slow to win a race
Too lazy to tie my lace