Bremore Educate Together, Balbriggan.

Art by: Lena Hnatiuk ( Ukranian Artists)

Amator Meus

Only twelve small seeds of the purest fruit,
What could it hurt?
To decline such a gift
Would be to disrespect his divinity
As he stood before me

So therefore it would be only right
to take them from his palm
Delicate and small yet
Full of indescribable flavours

That’s what he whispered to me
With a smile like a thousand shards of glass
Shards that shimmered as though
they were constellations

Yet in his glassy smile I saw myself
Falling into his charming ways
Reflecting on my infatuated eyes like a mirror
Infatuated, captivated…
So many words yet none adequate
Enough to describe my fondness

My fondness of his cold hands,
That I can warm with my own,
Clasped around them like a fleece
Many stories and warnings I had heard
He carries the weight of a million souls

Fall for his ways and you fall deep
into the river of the dead
His ears have heard the wailing screams
Of those wrongfully departed
Despite those woeful tales spun by gods alike
I trust him, he tells no lies to me

Those seeds tasted as though I had been
In the presence of Aphrodite herself
A shame I only ate six of the twelve he offered
Though the food was cursed,
I felt pleasure in knowing that I had no choice

That I was bound by a hex to spend six months
With him for every coming year
Deep down in the belly of the world
Far from the scandal, from the disdainful looks
Of those around and above me

Though half of a year would drag on
Like an eternity of loneliness and longing
Longing for the company of his shadows
Craving for his gaze upon me with enthralled eyes

Yet the second half would move
Like a rushing stream of water
Fast and ever in motion
Barely clinging to the moments shared
before they are ripped from my feeble hands
As I am thrown back to the land of the living
I miss my garden of flowers

The vast land that he gave as a gift to me
Full of colour, life and forever in bloom
Such a scarce commodity in a place such as this dark palace
I miss him, as though he were half my soul
I am lost, I walk for days with no destination
Lost in my own reminisce of the last six months I spent with him
My soul, my kindred spirit, my Amantis


The pain seethes and recedes
Like a greeting from the ocean,
I never knew the pain
In a bottle of slow motion
Lies on my ears
That i hear on my lips
Life is full of advice but devoid of tips.


As I enter the field, leaving my troubles behind.
Running around with my face in the bright sunshine.
Passing the ball and going for goal,

Being a midfielder is my role.
Witnessing the celebrations of our team.
All of our hard work finally redeemed.

Controlling the momentum, with my elegant passing.
Bringing the ball forward to help my team start advancing.
I love this team I’m giving it my all.
We will keep on fighting until we fall.

Waiting for the final whistle, the final call.
We end the game standing together mighty tall.
Leaving the pitch as we finished the game.
Winning it at the end was the aim.


A single rain drop
Has the appearance of glass
But the power to ruin someone’s day
The rain dropped in sync with my heart
There was an empty feeling
It felt such like betrayal
The shadow that covers all
I felt death like a quiver
I tried and tried but I could not recall,
He’s floating down the river

Death couldn’t stop,
I seen a crow
Fly down the stream
He was so full of Anguish
So he let out a scream
Death appeared Infront if my eyes
I felt the darkness arise within me
Was it time for our final goodbyes?
Or is death not waiting for me?

To Them

To brave soldiers who fight for peace,
And citizens who pray for their country’s release.
To the ones protecting their family from suffering,
And the confused criminals out on the street murdering.
To the people who watch the news in worry,

And the ones leaving their country in a hurry.
To the innocent in jail for opposing the government,
And the ones being silenced without acknowledgment.
To the ones who look up at the shining stars above,
And the ones who wonder how to save the ones they love


Twin flame
It feels the same
It’s both love and hate
It’s a disgrace loving state
As she felt more for her than she did for she
It’s a love that burns for all eternity
I’ll love for a lifetime
Not a second before
Before my heart gives out
I’ll shout to my core
My heart beats for you
No one else will do
I love you, I love you , I love you


My words, your words, her words,
his words, their words.
Hurt words, kind words.
Loving words, hating words.
Words words words.
Too many
Not enough
No more

Words hang
Words drop
Words etched into my skin
My eyes
My heart
My thighs

Swallowing my air
Leave my mouth, my head
My heart
I cannot cope,
So many words
Twenty six letters
So many possibilities
Yet all these possibilities thrown

Traded for daggers and knives
Carve away
Slice into shreds
Take pieces
There will be nothing left
Empty, shell, a cave
Cavernous and expansive
So much room for words.


An insomniacs wish
Something so simple,
Something we all share in common,
Who could’ve known that something we all do
Could be as difficult as trying to fit in a too small shoe.
The fatigue that you constantly feel,
And when you blink it’s like a painful peel,
All I ask is a blink of sleep,
An insomniacs greatest wish.

My Friend that Hates Me

I sit.
My friend sits beside me.
They are watching me.
Judging me.mocking me.
My friend doesn’t care

For me nor do I care for them
Yet we are still so close.
They don’t like me happy.
They don’t like me when
I have other friends.

They don’t like me.
We sit.
My friend looks at me
And I look at them.
They are thinking.
I wonder what they are thinking.

They are thinking of me,
How to harm me,
How to hurt me,
How to hate me.

People question our friendship.
Asking us
Why we are friends
though we are so different
Asking us
How we became friends

I tell
We just grew close.
I don’t like my friend.
I don’t want be their friend.
I still am, without reason.
My friend who hates me.
Their name is loneliness
And they scare me.

Peer Pressure

As he walked down the road
He would do what he’s told
The others watching and waiting
He knew he’ll would come down raining
As he approached his destination
He grew further from relaxation
He would do what he’s told
Even if it makes him bold
Peer pressure is no joke
For the victim is no hope


Poems make me sad,
Not the way where it hurts
But the way where it makes you think
It’s a way of words where no one understands
But the way where you can be free
No one gets it until they do
And once they do their world goes blue


Let the wind take you in
Let the breeze follow you through
Let the light shine down bright
Let the peace follow you
Let the love take it over
Let the feeling show you out
Let the light guide you over
Let the peace out to sprout
Let the freedom out to breath
Let the love out to feel
Let the life out to love
Let the peace live to heal
Leave the feeling of uncertainty
Be the Reason for eternity


My poems aren’t a reflection of who I am
or what I have experienced
but often a reflection of an emotion
too powerful to keep locked away
in my brain or my heart or my lungs
an emotion that will spill out
in an ugly mess all around me
too powerful to wash away.
So instead, I lock them away
in my poems
to keep the ugly mess away
for is not a reflection of who I am
or what I have experienced.


The pressure of waking up late
The pressure of wearing odd socks and hoping nobody notices
The pressure of your family’s expectations
The pressure of my problems not being problems until they clash with your own
The pressure of looming catastrophe waiting to strike
The pressure of the pause not being enough
The pressure we live through everyday without anyone there to help is
The pressure is crushing

Good Enough

First people show you love
Then show you why you should leave
Every time we wake up we put a mask on us
Trying to fit in
Or try be happy
But we your still not good enough


Sunday days chase the clouds
You were the calm before the storm
The light before we burned
Happy before it turned
A life for the bird
And a heart for the pure
But it wasn’t a curse
And as the sun chases the clouds
I’ll be waiting here standing and proud
Five years from now
Will always remember the month years ago
How the clouds covered the sun

In and Out

Thoughts that she cannot un think
a life that she cannot live ,
skipping stone to watch them sink
she envies how they easily ,
sorrow wraps her like a scarf
waiting for a small reprieve
falling in and out of love

No Holding

You think you can hold me back ,
Put up walls so that I can’t reach my dream,
I’ll travel mountains , travel deserts and seas
To reach my dreams
Do not let anyone tell you different

Friends Help

You need to see yourself the way other people do
Our first impression of someone
is the thing you always remember
Your mental health is really important
Right and wrong don’t exist
Self improvement is a must
Every day you wake up make sure your happy
Love yourself
Friends help a lot

Doing It Right

Am I doing it right?
I practice every night
The millions of hours
The thousands of notes
Playing for years, I still question
Am I doing it right
The knowledge I have
Is it enough?

The performances I’ve done
Were they forced to listen?
The exams I’ve passed
Are they enough to prove
I can play it right?
The enjoyable moments
The moments of magic
Are worth it

But I still wonder
Am I doing it right?
The other violinist
Do they think I think I’m doing it right?
Do they know if I’m not doing it right
And just don’t say anything


You know the world was filled with peace
People respecting others beliefs
Respect for others was on an increase
Until the start of the war with the Vietnamese
Followed by world war 1 and 2 now peace is on a decrease

The world is corrupt these days with the government and the police
Nowadays people in Ukraine don’t get anything to eat
While people in America get obese
Like your auntie Denise
Have we forgotten about the deceased
For all of them rest in peace

Chess Game

Life is like Chess
Wrong choice and your almost done
Life is something that you can’t mess
Be faithful, be friendly,
never give up and you won’t be alone

Only Way

You gotta know love isn’t the only way
all it does is hurts you in the worst way ,
then you say I was just a friend
but I trusted you with all my heart
We’re over now it’s time I fade away

The City

We went to the city center yesterday
It felt so nice to get away
We had a great time
And had fun with friends
I didn’t want the day to end
The sky was clear
The day was bright
The day was an overall delight.

Potato Lust

I love waffles so much
They are way better than dust
Waffles bring me so much lust
They are a must
When I eat waffles,
They make me wanna write a novel.

Waffles make want to turn on the oven, all of a sudden
You should eat some so they make you less numb
They are so soft, they motivate me to build a loft.
When they are crispy, I wanna be risky
When they break in the toaster, I say no sir.
When they don’t cook right, it makes them alright.
You should take a big bite like you will with me tonight.

Video Games

I can’t think of what to write
My skills in poetry are shite
But I do enjoy listening to music
It gets me trough the day and makes me smile
I enjoy reading comics and watching movies
I like playing video games and I dislike
When video games get the blame for disruptive kids

The Love of Football

When I hear the whistle,
Is like a cannon,
Giving the signal for the game to start,
A war between warriors,
With victory on their mind