Borrisokane Community College, Borrisokane , Co. Tipperary

Rich Never Pay

A society in which nothing is free
Rich kids growing up thinking money grows on trees,
Don’t be fooled everything comes at a cost
Humans must behave or the earth will be lost
Companies destroying the planet for money but at a price
While they make more profit they destroy the world around us
Animals left without a say
In the end the rich never pay

The Wolves who whistle

Wolf whistles clinging dangerously to my waist as i cover it with my coat.
Told to take the compliment through my uncomfortable smiling.
Shamed for acting slutty and being shamed for not.
Called stuck up for ignoring the vicious words slithering sharply from drunken mouths as i walk home alone on a late evening.
Objectification and sexualization, i am defined by my body and not by my mind

Watching men being congratulated for this behavior.
Being told that i love the unwanted attention i receive from men who have had their idea of respect warped by our misogynistic society.
And I come from being expected to accept this treatment blissfully, as if it is a gift bestowed upon me by the gods themselves.

Thoughts in the dark

I lay awake at night
As I fight the losing fight
Who are we? Why are we here?
Why are the things that crumble
The things that I love most dear?
Yet as the darkness spins its web of black
The pre dawn light picks up the slack
Its warms my mind, kills my fears
And remakes the things that I love most dear
And the web of black, that spinners dream?
The pre dawn lights touch, splits that web
Against the seam

My Home

I come from a house where the language is screaming
where being myself is ridiculed
where it’s loud
where there’s no peace and quiet
I also come from a house that’s accepting
that’s quiet
where i can think
the difference between the two is the parent that lives there
the screaming of my mother’s
and the peace of my father’s


From the busy halls to the rowdy classrooms
I think what am I here for
To learn they say
From algebra I’ll never use
To Shakesperian times
How will I survive the 6 long years
But as time goes by
I make friends and suddenly there are only 2 years to go
What will i do with my life
The questions they ask
The time is running out
When at first I wanted time to go by fast
Now all I want is for it to stop and reverse

Beautiful game of life

The ball flying through the air and the ball hitting the back of the net and the crowd going wild,
Waking up early on a saturday morning getting ready for the match,
Arguing over who’s better messi or ronaldo at lunch time,
Taking off your shin guards being the best feeling ever,
Going to the pitch every day to take shots with my friends

Celebrating in the dressing room after a big win,

Silence in the dressing room after a defeat,
Soccer controlling my childhood.


On the field of Gardiner park
There is some kind of spark ignited into every players mind
That will make them grind til the very end
And as they send the sliotar up the wing with an almighty ping
The crowd then roars as I soar into the air to claim the sliotar
I take my time to aim
And as the ball flies between the uprights for a point
I know I’ll be having a pint or two that night too

The thoughts of going out

This is where the boys look and stare
as you have the fitted dress and straightened hair
You walk past holding your breath waiting for the moment you hear a threat
You make it past that’s what you think but then remember they are full of drink
Then it starts the names and the shames you hold back your fear and you can smell the beer the smell of burning of their eyes on you and thinking what are they going to do 

Snakes in the Halls

Gritty walls,
confiscated soccer balls,
Short breaks,
gossiping snakes,

Bags thrown around,
People looking at the ground
Posters stuck up,
Sniggers from a cheeky pup
Six years spent here,
A place full of fear

Waiting for my time to come

Schools days are the best days
But that’s just a phrase
But in reality
You are not free
School days are not the best days
Getting beaten down by the suns rays
Arguing about sport
Always Building up your big fort
Waiting for your time to come
And when you are finally done
Then you can have your fun

Oh what to do

Where are they looking, what do they see?
Is it the ground, the wall or me?
Should I wave, should I smile? Where the heck should my hands be?
I’m behind them, but I’ve got a bit more speed. Do I increase my pace, try to overtake?
I’m wearing a mask, what can they see of my face? Should I give them space?
It’s not a race, going in circles, walking for movement’s sake.
Wrong headspace? Try not to stare, these clothes not the best to wear
Its all so complex, not fair, real school rules not written anywhere


I could try explain
But it’s a hard thing to do when your numb not in pain
Instead I’m tired not from lack of sleep
More the pressure of the life I strain to upkeep

Beach Days

A place where i can feel the sand beneath my toes
and feel the summer breeze as it flows.
And as waves come crashing down
the suns rays shine all around.

Home is a war zone,
You never know what will happen,
From screaming to not talking ,
The want to disappear.

My younger brothers do scream make them stop I beg please,
I learned from a young age just to leave
them let them be,
It’s hard to tell them it will be alright we’ll be ok
When just to young to understand.

They go to bed and sleep it off,
There perfect when they wake up,
But I recall every fight every plead
Every beg for better days

Never finish believing

Life is hard but people have it harder right?
It’s your problem but it affects me to
It’s your story to tell so who do i talk to?
No one.
I cry about it at night
On my own when no one can hear me
So I don’t have to explain to my mam why I’m crying
That’s how it has to be
I have to be ashamed that im sad
I have to pretend im dramatic
It’s just attention seeking
I start to believe that but i can never finish believing that
Im mad
Im angry all the time
But that’s my period
Because I’m a girl
So I’ll hold it in
Push it down
Because that’s how it works in this town.