Bandon Grammar School, Co. Cork.


An empty room full of talking people,
A song only u can hear,
Too scared to sing
Following eyes in your mind,
Echoed scrutiny of voices
No longer there,
Stumbling on words
So silence is the better option,
In the end..
Can’t fall if you never fly,
Can’t fail if you never try.

The Words

You smile and laugh
But no one sees your eyes
The pain and loss behind them
The worry for your friends
For the loss of friends that you have not yet lost
But the pain still sears your heart
The way you lie awake at night grieving the words you said
The words you never said
The words you should have said

One Spring

Long days, never ending,
Early starts, no sleep,
The highs, the lows,
And everything in between,
Seems like an eternity,
But somehow always ends.
The pure joy,
The utter happiness,
The relief that comes with it,
The complete satisfaction
And the overwhelming emotion.
All these feelings,
Within one spring,
One spring on a farm.

The Pitch

The Pitch a vast area of no man’s land.
The match a battle for ground gained and ground lost.
Every ball a shell coming from the enemy.
Every tackle a plane coming in for an attack run.
Every line break an opportunity
To get behind enemy lines.
Every kick a falling spiral bomb
Of hope fear and worry.
Some say war has no winners
The game we play always does.

Love of my Life

I remember when i met you at the bar
I had a great time with you playing darts
We crashed at my place
When i woke up
Can you imagine my disgrace
When you weren’t there
You left me a note saying
I’m sorry but i went to work
ill drop by this weekend
I want to make this relationship work
One year later and i am
Two hours away from marrying you
I’m wearing a bright blue suit by the way,
That’s to show how much i love you.


Tomorrow comes around,
Another day to hit the ground
Running away from fear
Whilst drinking way to much beer
Forgetting the nights before
Not feeling great in fact quite sore
This is what brings us down
But remember tomorrow will always come around

As The Day

Fresh air, the wind in my face
Making my cheeks rosy red,
The sun painting a picture of
Deep reds and oranges across the lit up sky,
The birds are singing, as the moon comes out
If you are lucky you might see a few stars
Glistening in the sky,
As the day comes to an end once again


Come wind or come rain
I will love you forever,
Without no restraint
I’ve tried it before,
But I could not let go,
You asked it of me once a more
I wouldn’t do it I couldn’t bring my self to quit,
I’m sorry and I’ll say it once more,
I’m sorry and good bye .

Homeward Bound

Oh won’t you show me what I want to see,
Your rugby skills so beautifully,
You’re the one I love,
Even if the scrum is falling down,
I know the cup is homeward bound.
Even if the scrum is falling down,
I know the cup is homeward bound


It’s a joke, they don’t mean it
But boys will be boys and
Girls have to deal with it
You laugh it off
But really it needs to be talked
About the way our world
Treats people who are different,
What is wrong with not being the same.
When guys make a joke to hide the fact
That really it makes them sad
Why can’t we talk about how we feel
Without being weak, overthinking,
Taking it too seriously
Why can’t we talk


The boys in read
Go out to win the bread
In Anfield tears have been shed
This is where I go in my head
This is where story’s are laid
And where legends are made
This is where anything is possible
And anyone can be a hero

The Six Nations

It was the night before Six Nations eve
As fans of Ireland France Wales and England
They all dared to dream,
A dream that has dissipates for The Italians
Who for their team excitement has dwindled
But in Ireland the hope is Re-kindled
As we had to the Third round doubt emerges
With Johnny out after multiple late nudges
By the end who will be the enforcer’s
The judges kings and conquerers
The best competition in World
Rugby won by the Highest scorers.

Not A Toy

Does it make you laugh
When you yell as I walk by,
When you tell me my ass is fat
Is that supposed to make me
Feel confident in my skin,
Are your eyes glaring hungrily at me
Trying to make me want to be alone with you,
Is you guilt tripping me
Going to make me want you more,
Do you realise I have feelings
And that I’m not your toy?

Never Knew

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I know I’m with her but
I can kiss you too
But ohh how I never knew
How u felt about me too

A Dove

Everyone has a funda,
Mine is i love bunda,
I keep trying to succeed,
But eventually i concede.
An attempt to keep it deep down,
Soon i will just drown,
She looks just like a dove

Your Brain

What is it about?
Does someone know?
Just write what you think!
That’s not that easy,
I have to say that.
Everyone is so creative
Without any effort
I would like to have your brain
With that creativity
So be thankful for it!!!
Thank you


I don’t like poems,
Poems they drag on
About who knows what
Their pointless a part of
English that should be forgot,
Lines of words and broken dreams
They say there meaningful
But with what themes
Poems what are they for
Who are they for
Poems the words
That English forgot

Its Ok

I give all my friends pots
I can’t get rid of these spots
My calfs are needing feeding
While I’m out here speeding
My sisters are really cool
While I’m out here in school
I’m single on valentines
But hey it’s ok,
Because I’ve got my Galentines

Do I

Do I deserve to be here
In a sport for men
Full of rich daddy’s boys
I’ve seen them myself
I’ve Witnessed them play with karts like toys
Driving without a care
Will I get my chance to prove I belong there
To compete against them to get my chance
Motorsport is cruel and Made for the rich
Designed by men who deserve to be there


Once knew a man named joe
He used to garden with a golden hoe
But one day he stubbed his toe
And then his wife had to go
And he passed on from a infected toe
I no longer know a man named joe

I Am

I am me
I am myself
I am not you
I am no one else
I am different
I am amazing