Ardscoil na Mara, Tramore, Co.Waterford

Male Validation


Why is it that we care?

What boys think we should wear

As if, we exist for their gaze

It will never cease to amaze


Why is it that we shy away?

And let our self-esteem decay,

Who are they to say what we are

It just seems so bizarre


And yet, we are all guilty

And maybe we always will be,

To falling into the trap,

And it having such an impact.


A Quest


For most of my life, I’ve been on a quest

To discover just who I might be,

Earnestly searching, day after day,

So desperate to recognize me.


I’ve felt moments of utter fulfilment

And moments I couldn’t go on,

But I knew for the sake of my heart and my soul,

To succeed, I would have to be strong.


But the people around me seemed so lost themselves

That I feared I might be on my own.

But then there’d be someone who would reach out and help

And remind me I wasn’t alone.


I’ve wanted so much to be happy,

To know what it was to feel peace,

And I thought if I finally felt sure of myself,

Then the pain and the struggles would cease.


But I’ve learned that this journey is endless;

The discoveries are fresh every day,

And no matter how much I might know of myself,

They’ll be times I will still lose my way.


And as I’ve grown older, I truly believe

I may never know all I can be.

But the answers are not waiting out in the world

But have always laid right inside me.


We’re all on this quest to discover ourselves,

Together but through our own ways,

Overcoming whatever might get in our paths,

So we can feel better someday.


Light on the Horizon


Reading this, writing that, checking this, watching that

Is this life, watching and waiting for the world to recover.

Can’t do this, Can’t do that, hearing “this will soon be over”

It won’t so why delude ourselves?


World on hold, everything stopped.

Not going anywhere or doing anything.

Not doing the things that make us us.

Yet still hearing “this will soon be over”

It won’t so why delude ourselves?


Using Zoom, not seeing friends

Hearing governments doing blunder after blunder

If even this can’t bring people together

What chance will we have.


But more and more we say to ourselves “Soon this will be over”

But if we continue as we are

It won’t be over

It will never be over

No light on the horizon


We work together for the common good,

Than and only then

Will there be light on the horizon.


I’m Scared of my Dreams


I am scared of not seeing the horizon

I am scared of life not being all it’s cracked up to be

I’m scared of not seeing everything this world has to offer

Of not fulfilling my wildest dreams

I’m scared of not being remembered for doing something great

I’m scared of at the end if this all thinking am I inadequate

Because surely the biggest mistake in this life you can make is

Thinking I wish I hadn’t feared my dream

Maybe then I would’ve seen all the horizons in my dreams




Why do I dwell on something

I mightn’t be able to change

Look to the future

Do the best you can

Dream big

Don’t think about the past

The now won’t last

The future comes fast


Flaming Horizons


A flame on the horizon burning bright

It bathes my porcelain skin in morning light

I bid the flaming star good morning

My chest is soaring

Invincible in this moment as the sun kisses my skin

On my face, an unstoppable grin

Yellow hues reflected in the clouds

A spotlight on a brilliant crowd




As I walked down this empty street,

I noticed the cold hard ground beneath my feet


I watched as this empty world once full of life, love and happiness

I was hurled into this apocalypse as i looked into this quiet abyss


I wonder why me

Was I suppose to be free




Love is dangerous,

But was it love?

The pain was there, but the feeling was faint.

Was it just another childhood crush?

As I look into the horizon, I see the whole picture,

It was just a memory.

I I’ll always remember the awkward hugs, little fights,

The sleepless nights,

Where I would stay up and think about him.

But one thing I know for sure is that he isn’t the one for me.


Your Future


Your future is on the horizon.

It’s ready waiting for you and you’re waiting for it.

But you shouldn’t be waiting.

Take the leap into the thunderstorm of life and make it out to the other side successful,

Staring into the beautiful sunset on the horizon.

You are the obstacle.

You must overcome yourself and your doubts.

And make it through to where you want to be.

In the fading distance you can see your future waiting for you.

Make it your present.


I Can’t Write Poems


I can’t write poems but I can write stories

Essays, opinion pieces, tales of the glories

Of times gone by, and times yet to come

The wails of sirens, the warmth of a smoking gun

Can write about injustice, can write about fear

Can write about pride, joy, comfort, love, lighthearted cheer

But as soon as you tell me to put it into poetry

I freeze.


See, the way my mind works, it’s quite hard to understand

From the thoughts in my brain to the actions of my hands

I can write for pages, pages about anything you ask

But if you ask for poetry, it’s an impossible task


After every line, I find myself lost in a sea of doubt

“Rhyming “ask” with “task”, that’s so cliche”, I can’t even

Rhyme at all, I can’t make it sound good

But without it, there isn’t a poem that I would

Give any notice to, it has to rhyme for me

To give it any attention, to allow me to see

Into the poet’s mind, it has to have rhythm

My passion for music overrides my [something] with them


I’ll put a word there later, when something comes to mind

See, as you read this, I think that you will find

That I don’t know which part is more important

Rhyme, rhythm, message or poetic

Technique, there goes the rhyme again, it’s gone

I had it for a while, but now my mind has drifted on

To other things, “What’s for lunch, what am I going to do today?

Is the poem good enough, is it ready to send away

In its current state, or does it need more? Is it complete yet?

Will it score well with the poetry fans?”


I guess I’ll just let time take it into its hands

It’s time for me to move on, to go and make some plans

Think up something to do with my time

Because I have to do more with my day than sit here

And spend it making up rhymes, wordplay,

couplets, stanzas, metaphors

Trying to unlock the doors my poetic potential’s trapped behind

Trying to find a way to keep this poem going

When really, I should just leave it be


After all, I can’t write poems


Around the Globe


In the fading distance the water ripples low

The ships sail calmly seemingly nowhere to go

Life moves freely behind the stone sea wall

But across the horizon is it great at all?


Across the great big ocean, some people do not know

What life is like, no worries in the great big western world

We share the body of water but not the same lifestyle

We choose to ignore the harm that is caused to the people around the globe


Why Am I Not?


I stare at the ceiling above my bed,

As I fight with the thoughts inside my head,


Why? I ask myself,

Why don’t I look like her, why can’t I be her,

It’s not fair, I think, what have I done,

To not deserve the privilege that she gets.


Why? I ask myself,

Why can’t I be popular, talk to boys,

Have nice clothes?


Just, why am I not?

Not Enough.


Out of the Darkness


I’ve read

Hundreds of novels in my life,

Most of them claiming that love

Was the centre of the universe.

That it could heal any damage

Inside of us,

That it was what we need

To survive.

From Darcy to Heathcliff,

I thought they were fools.

That love

Was something fictional,

Only found in worn pages

Of a book.

But that has all changed since

I met my William Shakespeare.

I never thought

I would find myself

Completely and utterly

Consumed by another until him.

He took my hand

And led me out of the darkness

And showed me that whatever

Our souls are made of…

His and mine are the same.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

You once asked who I

Loved most in this world.

It’s you


My Supposed to be Bright Future


When I stop and think about my future,

It’s something I dread to see.

My mom said I have to go to college and fit in with society.

Once in a while I sit online and look at the courses,

But none of them are really me.

So I think to myself what is my bright future supposed to be?


Thats Life


As I look outside, I glumly note,

The rain that fell left out its coat.

An instant thought comes to mind,

I’d love to explore the city night.


“I’ll be back soon!” I tell my mam,

All she does is shakes her head and laughs.

“You aren’t going anywhere, it’s not safe”,

She says as I look upon her weary face.


My Dog


My poem is about my dog

He jumped around the fields like a frog

He was a road man

His best friend was dan

We loved him but he passed

Now he is just in our past

Still running in the fields

After time our hearts healed


Deep in the Shadows


I was always told the world is my oyster

What if I’m living in someone else’s oyster

Deep in the shadows

No purpose

Watch everyone else around you succeed,

You sit in the back like a nobody

Hoping you time will come,

But it never does


The World as I See It


My mind can see

The world in front of me

A looming valley

Only half been explored

It’s where the dark and light meet

As you scramble to your feet

You may fight and scream and sing

But the terror it may bring

Lingers over you like a shadow

But then you see the meadow

I must venture towards the end

To see what my future held




Bravery isn’t being able to fight

Nor is it being able to being able to act tuff and strong

Bravery is being true to who you are

No matter how it may seem hard

It’s coming out to your to people you trust

It’s standing up to the bully’s at school

And it is being able to ask for help if needed




I’ve grown up with everything around me.

Family, house, holidays and most things I’ve wanted,

Then in 2016 i grew to see clearly.

My mother decided we were no loner good enough and went for somebody else,

Everyday is a heartache and desperate reach for that figure.

I’ve so desperately tried to keep sane within myself that everything is affected by it,

School, friendships and my social life.

Last summer was the first time in 4 years i went out to my friends, almost every week,

I’ve tried to become the best image of myself

But there is still that piece missing that I will never get back

That missing piece as it no longer has meaning.


Across the Horizon


I still see them,

They stay with me no matter what,

When times get tough,

Although they aren’t here I know they are with me,

I’ll always remember you,

I miss you.




Outside my window

This is where we used to go

Where we could roam freely

Before it all

As I stare outside

Through the rain streaked glass

Looking back on better times

Playing memories like a movie,

I wish again to experience life


You Are My Home


The sky as it

Shone blue,


The desert rolled on.


The flat land,

As it kissed the European sky,

Family touched family.


The cliffs stood tall,

My feet tread on hay fields,

Hills ponder on.


Saudi, Holland or Eire,

Just a look over the horizon.

You are all my home.


I See


I see on the horizon

A better world

Where “boys will be boys” is not at the expense of others

Where girls can act the same without judgement

Where everyone can love whom they want

Can be whom they want,

Can be what they want


The Foggy Glass Window


As I look outside the foggy glass window,

I wonder what’s beyond the towns and houses.

What’s in the fields and trees,

Is it a happier place to be then here.

No its not as all animals big and small,

Are getting kicked about

And losing their own towns and houses

Because us humans are destroying them,

Just to try make ours a “better” place.


Nothing has Changed


Nothing has changed,

Not the rivers course or oceans currents.

the chimneys and households stayed intact as well as any other building,

Only that the world has ended.

Not a single human was walking the land,

Only the animals.

Man-made structures and plant life was left.

The quest has for the meaning of life has ended.

The great world has ended.


The Age


This is the age we wake up and dont even know our names,

This is the age were have to be perfect to be accepted,

This is the age where your looks decide who you are as a person,

This is the age where your followers determine your future,

This is the age where your body count decides your worth,

This is the age we have created,

We don’t know to look look beyond a person’s image to see who they are within,

We dont know how accept someone isn’t like me or you,

This is the age where you get filled with drugs to get rid of your problems,

This is the age we have created

This is the age where you can get pumped with silicone to get rid of your imperfections,

This is the age were our beauty standards are those of rich people who don’t have a care,

This is the age were they best way to fix it is to end it , this is what the media tells us,

This is the age we need to change,

We need to change for our futures for our children’s’ futures,

We don’t want our children to feel the pain we feel at this age.


The Same


The entire world

Is a collection of memoranda

That he did exist,

And that I have lost his.

Whatever our souls

Are made of,

His and mine are the same.


The Climb


There’s always gonna be another mountain,

We gonna always have to make it move,

There’s always gonna be an uphill battle,

Sometimes we’re gonna have to lose.

Ain’t about the path were taking,

It’s ain’t about What’s waiting on the other side.

It’s the climb.


Land of the Free


I come from the U.S., the supposed land of the free.

A land of discrimination, Capitalism, power lust and greed.

Where right outside my window, sleeping on the street,

Lies families, denied by a corrupt system, their basic survival needs.




Outside my window I can see

A frozen land

A wasteland

Were the only life that exists is me

As I put on my suit of armour to fight the freeze

My mind prepares for the battle ahead

I venture out to this new land

To search for what I know

But the only thing I recognize

Is all this god damn snow


Dedication and Hard Work


I come from a place of dedication and hard work

Where the way people succeed is answers on sheet

But I don’t succeed like others

I learn from pictures and colour not words in book

Not cramming the same blurred lines

Again and again

I struggle with spelling and reading

Does that mean I won’t succeed




I come from a place where green is everywhere,

It takes over your senses,

Nothing is left bare,

The air is crisp,

And the wind is strong,

The birds chirp loud,

And you could fall asleep to natures song.


Your Life


If someone tells you, you can’t do something

You do it anyway

Don’t listen to what others say

You need to do you

And that’s more than ok

If they say, it’s 1 in a million

You take an extra step and do 1 in a billion

Be with who you want to be

Even if it’s not what people want to see

Your life is yours

Don’t let people take it

And never feel like you have to fake it


I Sit Here


I sit here on my coach thinking on what I could’ve done

Only a month ago the pools were open

I wasn’t trying I was only doing it for fun

I dossed and paddled not training hard

I treated my coach and her plan with complete disregard

I didn’t care if I lost or won

And now that it’s gone

I sit here thinking on what I could’ve done


Fight till the Last Whistle


Eleven men versus eleven men

At war until the last whistle

Fighting for every ball

A goal in the distance

Trying to score the most goals

Ronaldo versus Messi

Manchester United versus Liverpool

Fighting till the last whistle


‘A Cactus View of a Dog’


A cactus is me as quiet as bee.

But dog o’er there as thirsty as can be.

I want water to but human says no as dog is more important than you.

The cactus was said as fairness was gone he wanted to be dog but dog was gone.

Cactus needed water but he couldn’t speak,

At least dog could curl up and try to speak

Human would come running while I still be sobbing

Dog had all he wanted while I was slowly crying and dying.


I look to the sky and say what fun will i have today

I will go outside and get some exercise because it makes me feel nice

And then I will come home and play on my ps4

Because I don’t want anything more then to have fun with my friends

Until the end that’s why I’m not afraid to hit send




In a place called Tramore

There’s a lot to do then lie on the floor

From walks on the beach

That is bright as a peach

Or for a bit of action

Make some traction

On the mini golf course




There once was a man called Phil

Who lived n a place called Dunhill

He was hit by a lorry

Walking home from the quarry

And now he is roadkill


Ea is Trash


Fifa is bad

It makes me feel sad

But i still play

Because when I pack Ronaldo I go ‘ yay ‘


EA Bums


Fifa is crap

It makes me want to commit

Pro clubs will be the death of me

Because favour titilayo is crap at life