Ardee Community School, Ardee, Co. Louth


Everyday that passes by
I can never seem to get you off my mind
6 years have came and went
But you’re still stuck in my head

It seems that you have moved on now
And you’ve even had a son
It’s strange to think there’s someone out there
That know that their dad is there

It seems as though you’re happy and content
With your artificial home
I’ve never received any of the letters you “sent”
I waited and waited until there was nothing left

No more hope
No more what ifs
No more chances
No more pain

But still I long for your in brace
Someone to hold me when I’m about to break
Someone to walk me down the isle
Someone to make me laugh and smile

When I was young, you were my Superman
But I was blinded
When I found out about that terrible man
I refused to believe it for my dad was Superman

But as I grow the more I appreciate my Superwoman
The woman who will always be there to pick me up
No matter how much we yell and bicker
She will always be my biggest fan

I have often been told that I have an old head on young shoulders
When really I’ve just been let down too many times
But even through it all I still thank you

I thank you for letting me down, as I’m now stronger than ever
I thank you for leaving so I know my family never have to live in fear of you or your anger

I don’t know what the future holds
Soon enough the cards will unfold
But I know I will be fine
And maybe one day you will see
All the pain you have caused me

But for now I have laid my monsters to sleep
I’m no longer ashamed of my past
And I hope one day you will find peace

Faith Dennis

Unhappily Ever After

You lie in bed,
Staring at that empty space beside you.
Wondering who will take its place,
Hoping to come soon.

Time passes and you find them,
Your perfect person.
Days, months, years blur past,
Marriage, a child and one on the way.

On the way yet, never arriving.
They always say sweet sounding words,
Born an angel.
They say the smallest coffins are the heaviest.

The loss, it hurts, it hurts like hell.
The pain is far too much for your “perfect” person.
They drink to forget,
Or perhaps to remember.

To remember a time before,
Before the pain, the agony, the loss.
Leaving or days at a time,
Returning, a shadow of themselves, drowning in drink.

You lie in bed,
Staring at that empty space beside you.
Wondering if they’ll come back this time,
Hoping for a break.

Although you are alone,
You feel… relief.

Relief that there will be no broken bones.
No scarlet bruises, no bold blood stains
Tainting your white sheets.

At least not tonight.

You lie in bed,
String at that empty space beside you.
You think to yourself,
“This is it”
You are unhappily ever after

Kayleigh Fagan


He came home from school with bruises all over his face,
This happened for no reason other than his race.
He entered his room and started to cry
And wondered why the other boys made him want to die.
He wanted to talk, he wanted a friend,
He could barely walk and contemplated the end.
He wanted to go, he wanted to escape,
That is the last decision he would ever make.

Daniel Mulhern


Beautiful continent in the world,
The hottest as ever. Sahara desert.
Africa, the largest river is located… River Nile

Africa, where people die almost every day mostly HIV Aids,
Lack of malnutrition and war. Young girls are rapped and killed, SUDAN.
Mother Africa, the ancestor of all people of Africa.

Africa, where I was born,
In the war and poverty,
I love Africa my country,
I will save Africa.



Life was easier when we were young
It was all laughs, love and lots of fun
We cared for each other
Race, sexuality, where you grew up and where you’re from
None if this mattered when we were young
As we got older, things started to change, racism and homophobia
The fun and love, the feeling of being safe and surrounded by friends, it began to fade
As time went on you begin to wonder, is it me, am I the problem
It felt like my life was beginning to plunder
I keep looking back, on the good old days
Life was so much easier, so little pain
Back when we were all the same
It didn’t matter where you came from, your colour or race
We all had fun
When we were young

Dean Smyth


We all find ourselves lost at least once in our lives
Whether it’s being lost in a book,
Lost in a playground observing the crowd just to find your parents,
Lost for words,

Or just lost in a space where you feel out of place, we feel different.
We feel left out, we feel abandoned and can’t seem to find where we want to be,
Scared and vulnerable and losing hope in ourselves and try to change just to fit in.
Losing our self in a sea of egos and poor self-image.
But it’s when someone discovers you are lost
And shows you who you truly are,
Shows you that we all get lost and were not alone,
That’s when you have been found.


“Gratitude in your Attitude”

Gratitude in your Attitude.
A rhyme we are countlessly told as a teen.
But what does it really mean?
We are told that these are the best days of our lives.
But what kind of life do they perceive?
A life were we are stuck behind a screen.
Stuck in the 21st century machine.
Expected to walk, talk and look a certain way.
To hide behind a persona we display.
They say we are the “lucky ones”.
But they forget the price we pay to look a certain way.

Faith Dennis


“So you worship Satan?” my mother said to me,
“No Mom. I don’t. You don’t see what I see.”
“My music isn’t noise it’s a beautiful thing,”
“Shut up boy, it sounds like a bee sting.”
Metal is my life, but no one understands,
What my life would be like, if I listened to other bands
It keeps calm when I’m feeling mad,
It guides me through the times that are sad.
When the bad things come and fade-in,
Just blast some Iron Maiden

Luke Nolan

People Think

People think they have it easy,
They say what if I do
Then same people have no idea
What goes on behind their view
People think that we’re entitled
They think we have no cares
But they have no clue how it feels
To have a loved one not be there

David Murphy


It ruined our reputation
But we didn’t care
They gave me life
They were everywhere
My depression was cured
My life had a meaning



Teenage years are told to be the best years of our lives,
If this is true why is our society committing suicide with knives.
Going to parties and concerts to try and fit,
When most teenagers don’t get to do it.

All the exams and pressure,
Are leading teens to go on the sesher.
Parents always getting into rows,
Even though they exchanged vows.

Teens left to do it all,
Leaving them to fall with no one to call.
Following the teenage culture,
Leaves them to not think about their future.

Our society needs to get better,
So there will be no more goodbye letters.


The Best I Could

The junior cert results where good
I tried the best I could
When I opened the letter I was scared
That’s because I cared
When I came home, I was happy
My junior cert results were not crappy
When I got my PlayStation back
I got my laptop and did the boot hack

Bryan Okah


It was the best idea
We thought it was harmless
It ruined our reputation but we didn’t care
We had the perfect cover up
Our memes were being shared everywhere
We were laughed with and about
But we continued to have no doubt
But it gained us a lot of clout
We were the meme lords of 1st year
We wanted everyone to hear
And to keep your standards low and memes near


He Is

He is the only one that is always at the butt of the joke,
He is the one that can’t understand why he is being made fun of,
He puts up his shield and acts like that crap rebounds off him,
But when he is own, isolated, those words filter into his thoughts
Words that you could not imagine to another human being
But these people think it is acceptable to speak such vulgarly to on another,
But the fact is we are all always at the butt of the joke,
We all can’t understand why we are being criticized for being different.
There is only one explanation and that is that we are all vulnerable
And going with the flow is the norm now.
That is sad,
Don’t be sad,
Be different.

Myles Aver


Christmas is near,
Because Santa’s almost here,
I asked for lots of gifts,
And we’ve got huge snow drifts,

Marshmallows are roasting,
As my toes are toasting,
While the fire is lighting,
And no children are fighting,

What a beautiful sight,
On a Christmassy night

Grainne Finegan

The Sun Shines

The sun shines bright,
On a summers night.
As the children play and
Dance with delight.
As dusk draws in,
And the night time begins
The parents settle for their nighttime gin,
As the mouse in the bin does a great spin.

Aoife Dillon


Friends are brothers
That we choose,
Those who offer you the hand
When you find yourself lost

They are the doors that open to you
And the roads come together,
When you need
His arms are extended.

Diego Moreno


I like to play football
It doesn’t matter about the weather
If it’s sunny it’s obviously better
I play every day until sunset
I play even when I’m upset
You need to be very fit
I would risk my life in the kit

Daniel Clinton

What to Say

I can’t think of what to say
Except big up Danny d from qway
He sends basketballs my way
Had me shooting shots all day
I got lots of food to eat
While I’m busting nasty beats
It is thanksgiving so you know I’ll eat the ham,
Peanut butter jelly please don’t forget the jam

Cormac Murphy

Martial Arts

I always feared the bullies
I felt fear at the centre of my core
Now I’ve learned martial arts
And I have no fear any more

I now stand against the bullies
I defend myself with pride
They now don’t bother me anymore
And I no longer have to hide

Rory McCabe

All this Time for Nothing, Everything

I never seemed like much in my early life.
Maybe a bit eccentric or obnoxious,
But everyone was like that, right?
I didn’t know what people liked or did not.
I just did what I liked, not thinking about it much.
Nobody really wanted me there, not much to mention.
I guess I was loud, I loved seeking lots of attention.
I dealt with a bit during school.
A collection of moments, all in a big pool;
Of numerous name calling, maybe physical contact,
And still after all these years, I still remain intact.
I hold secrets to myself, some my own family might not expect.
I’m told one day they’ll find out, which is not just me that will affect.

One day, one day,
I was expected to be a man.
One day, one day,
They’ll know who I am.

CJ Daque


They’re ungrateful and they’re hateful
They judge and they always hold a grudge
They shame and they blame

But most importantly they destroy,
They destroy our future with their selfish harsh ways
But they are our generation,
And we are losing them more and more each day


The World

The world we live in today,
Focussing on money and materialism
When we need to stop and think
And enjoy being here
Why worry about buying a new Gucci belt?
When you had a chance of only 1 in 8 billion of being here
And you were chosen

Stop and think about how lucky you are of being on this world,
Yes, life can be hard but you reap what you sow
Change your attitude to life and reap the benefits of life

Renars Ozolins


I am gone,
For a second everything is far away,
I’m in another world,
My world.
As if everything I have ever said and done,
Every decision I have ever made,
Has lead to this,
Nothing is pushing me back,
And I am completely,


I’m Not

I’m not a dosser
If you can’t tell
I’m on this page
Looking swell
My name is David
But you can call me jibby

David Jibona


David is a culchie,
One day we were mitching
And we went out to shed.
We saw the school tractor;
It was a small red machine with a trailer on the back.
David was so scauldy with what he found
He hopped straight on and flipped his collar up
Then said well there hey.

David & Aaron


I would curb stomp him,
Milly rock chop him,
Put his head in a lock,
Pop his face with a glock,
I might just odd perks killin me slowly,
Feeling like I’m Kobe nobody can hold me.


My Poem

Here is my poem,
It makes me really happy,
It might be a bit simplistic,
But I had to make it snappy,

This is my anthem,
So please do not be yappy,
As I could not make it mystic,
I hope it made you happy.

Liam Kerrin


Water is clear
Water is always near
Water is in a tear
Water is better than beer
Water is nicer than gear
Water is on our sphere
Thank god, water is here

Jay Carney and Daniel Clinton

The Game

When the ball is kicked
The players are picked
When the ball is thrown
The whistle is blown
And the crowd roar
When you kick the point
The team want more
And you don’t want to disappoint

James Rogers & Harry Butterly


I wake up, I go to school
I go to school, I go to class
I go to class, I sit at the back
I sit the back, I put my head down
I go back home, I lie on my bed
Too distracted by my head, I go asleep
I wake up

Ryan O’Mahoney


I always wanted a dog
Man’s best friend they say or in my case girl’s
After school one day we went to look at a litter
Seven fat little lumps slowly moving around an enclosure
No males were left so we had to accept the opposite gender
The owner picked up the chunkiest one and it was settled
A collar was placed on the chosen one
A month passed and we went to collect our furry friend
Names had been thrown everywhere from Rosie to Daisy
We finally decided on Millie
Millie is now four years old
She is fluffy
She is cute
She is gentle
She is tolerant
She is more bark than bite
She is my best friend

Layler Meade


Man it’s been a hustle
Grinding at this gym pumping all these muscles
Man I’ll be in these streets
Listen to these beats
I can rap I can spit
You gotta admit I’m lit you spit

Oisin O’Brien & Aaron Levins

He Is

He is a warm Summer’s day
He is a cold Winter’s night
He is the freshly fallen leaves on an Autumns eve
He is the clouds in the sky on a rainy day
He is a glistening snowflake on a peaceful Winter’s day

He is clueless
He is confusing
He is stubborn
He is clumsy
He is unavailable

As I’m writing this I realise how foolish I am for thinking a boy who doesn’t give me the time of day
Is perfect and amazing, it makes me realize that now’s a day,
Girls expect too much and boys would rather be playing videogames
Or playing for county than deal with a girls drama.

Most boys are in it just so they can add another girl to their list of achievements

And girls are expected to be fine after being used for her body,
Day after day expected to pick themselves up and get over it.
Told to stop being dramatic.

I observe the years below me and realise that they are the same if not worse and it worries me.

What will happen when a girl is used too many times for her to handle.

What will happen when it all becomes too much for her.


My Dear Mother

To the psycho who birthed me
And raised me to be the best
Which she believes is herself

I thank her for helping me grow as a person
And also for cleaning my crap
Whether its from my nappy or old fake friends of mine
She will always help me out

She the most amazing woman there is,
And I know that’s for certain,
Cause she is the one who raised me
Well sort of…

But anyway I love you mom
But i’m still not buying you a Christmas gift
I don’t have any money as “money doesn’t grow on trees”


Brown and Blond

Brown and blond that is her hair colour
She is selling dog collars
Such a brawler
Infectious smile
Eyes like the nexus
Bought her a necklace
Acting reckless

Steven Adeyemo

In the Sun

As I lay in the sun
Before the game begun
Thinking of this run
And the girl no one could outrun

Before the day was done
I finished my run
I couldn’t believe I won
And nothing could be done


Ginger Nut Biscuits

I really enjoyed my ginger nut biscuits at lunch,
The slippery butter really made a big crunch,
All I wanted to do was munch, munch, munch.
When the teacher seen my lunch she clutched on her brunch,
All she wanted to do was punch, punch, punch.
As I finished the ginger nut biscuits, I felt a need of hunger
I decided to make a hike to delI licous, as the chicken fillet rolls are so delicious
I accidentally lunged the my juicy chicken fillet mayo roll and she ate the whole
The only thing I had left was my hairy mole

Louise & Jack

The Love of my Life

Walking down the tunnel at Oriel.
The wind whirling and whistling through tour hair.
The hair on your arms stand tall while you stand slouched,
Knowing that if you make a mistake it will cost you,
But if you win you are a hero.
One week you are a god,
The next you are a villain.
Hundreds of eyes starring through the back of your head,
And many others watching online.
This is what I love,
Football is my life.


Waiting for that Day

Once I had a friend who was so happy and full of life
Walking around with friends not worried about
What people think then one day she met this guy
Little did she know he would change her life
But not the way she expected
Time grew longer and her friends grew shorter
As she was told that disloyal was being friends towards
Other guys of course it was all lies
She then believed that being jealous was love and he
Was only jealous because he loved her
She had her head down walking through school corridors
Afraid of being spotted by her lover and being
Accused of looking at another guy a way her lover didn’t like
She always said to herself maybe one day he would change
Maybe he would learn what love actually meant
But she was waiting for the impossible to happen
Time went on while she is still trying to stay strong
Because he always said he would change
So now she is just waiting for that day



Why is today the present
Because tomorrow is a mystery.

From when you turn off your alarm
To finding the right charm.
Exploring school with the daggers tip of the pencil.
Remembering sensibility doesn’t come from below my hip
Getting home to relax.
While playing always covering your tracks.
Wondering about tomorrows mystery
But always remembering yesterday’s history

Ciaran Baylon

Small Boy

There was a small boy
Who liked playing basketball
He wished he was tall
He even got in a brawl
He even drank milk
People didn’t like him because he was a ilk
But the boy realized ok
He even got a bay



The knife in my back
Is nothing compared to the knife in my heart
You have betrayed my trust
I don’t know where to start
My soul is filled with a sense of disgust
You’ve torn me part by part
We will never be the same
And it’s you we have to blame



As I watched them desperately try to score,
All I could do was think more and more,
About how could we possibly get a chance
I watched the number sixteen glance,
From right to left and from left to right,
Could I muster all my might,
He gets past one then skips past two,
All he could see was a crowd of blue.
Just before the ball smashed the net,
My forehead was completely covered in sweat.

Jack McEvoy


I don’t want to rant but
I don’t know if there is any other way
For me to say this
I don’t think I’m beautiful
Or amazing in any way
I don’t think I can be the kindest person
I don’t wish to be loved by everyone
I don’t want to ask you to like me
But I just wish that I wasn’t alone
That I had someone
I don’t want to ask you to understand
I don’t want you to tell me you feel the same way
I don’t wish to be told that you care
If you don’t care just don’t talk
I don’t want you to hurt me
Just tell me the truth
I don’t want to be told I’m weird
I don’t want to be told I’m too young to decide
I don’t want you to say not to label myself
I don’t want to be told I’m wrong

Katelynn Tighe

They Say

They say it’s the best years of your lives,
But how can one person speak for everyone?
21st century kids just stare at screens while there missing out on their own lives,
Anxiety levels have risen and teens are losing ambition,
Says are parents that lived different lives to us,
Technology has taken over into an addiction,
We lose ourselves in reality when were on are phone,
That we miss that important things in our lives.



The short girl sits alone,
On her throne she cry’s,
As the love of her life said goodbye
For one last time.

For every time she see a dove,
It reminds her of her love.
She lays down on the bed,
And stare straight ahead,
Where she falls in to a bed sleep,

Thinking of her man, she couldn’t keep


The Game

The referee blows his whistle,
And the ball is kicked,
The pack goes left,
Line speed is quick.

He tries to catch the ball,
It hits the ground,
The collision is quick,
The hit makes a thudding sound.

The ball is passed out through the backs,
The men move fast to secure a try,
We’re pressured out to the side-line,
It was the try.

The hooker steadies himself,
Throws the ball,
Caught in the line out,
Engage in the maul.

The big man grabs it,
He carries the ball,
He rams on through,
And the match is called.

We score the final try,
And win the match,
It’s an amazing win,
Let’s be ready for the next big smash.

Cillian Murphy


The bells are ringing
Carollers are singing

The sleigh rides are fast
And everybody’s having a blast

The lights are flickering
Friends and family bickering

It’s festive all around
Christmas is here

Naoise Duff

Let Me Down

I was nothing but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things were getting hard
Then you go and let me down like that
And ran away from me like a cat,

Since then I’ve been doing well
Found a girl nicer than you
Sings just like Adele
And looks better than you

Kyle Gillespie

Canteen Gossip

I listen closely to the gossip,
I really try to keep it in my head,
Annoyingly it some how passes through me,
They patronize themselves in a way,
I don’t know how,
Some feel like they need to be heard,
But some don’t know how to put it,
They try and think,
But always gets it,
In a …. Flutter.


The Barbecue

I eat burger
I eat chips,
I would murder
Lick my lips.

Got some wings
Spice them up,
Eat them fresh
With 7up.

Got corn on the cob
With some salt,
Not on the hob
Or I’ll be at fault.

Sean Devaney

A Man

There once was a man
With very large hands
He grew up in the farmlands
Beside no mans lands

Ben Clarke

Junior Night

Junior night was upon us,
To go out we needed a bus,
Out with the lads,
Hoping we didn’t become dads.

Across the room we saw a 10/10,
But her eyes were set on Ben,
Ben was with his girlfriend,
She wanted to put that to an end.


I May Not

I may not be Channing Tatum
I may be a fool
I may not be the best at everything
I may not be cool

I may not be the kid that always smokes or drinks
I may be the kid that always sits and thinks
But this is who I am
The kid who may be a fool
The kid who may not be the best at everything
The kid who may not be cool

Shane Halpenny


I live in a world where there are people.
I live in a world where I can be myself.
I live in a world where everyone is different.
I live in a world where not everything is fair.
I live in a place where anyone can be anything they want to be.



A large family filled with joy.
A large school filled with mischief.
A house filled with different stuff.
A world filled with different genders.
A place where I can be myself.
A place where I can make friends.
A world where everyone is equal.



I was walking down the corridor,
When I seen a boy alone,
I asked was he ok,
And all he did was groan.

He was lonely and sad,
But seemed like a nice guy,
and when I asked him what’s wrong,
Turns out he’s just shy.

Adam Farrell


There was a man who was big and tall
Soon later he had a fall
He woke up in hospital
Confused a little

Oisin Lynch

I Am

I am generation snowflake,
I am what I make,
I am a mistake,
As some people may uptake,

I will be different,
I will succeed,
I will be significant,
I will proceed at full speed,

I can do this,
I can be what I want,
Life can be bliss,
I will flaunt.



Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Driving a Mercedes at the age of eighteen
All we hear is radio ga ga, Radio goo goo, Radio ga ga
So c’mon, take a bottle, shake it up
And you’re a very sexy car, very hard to please
See me ride out of the sunset
Baby if you’ve got to go away
Since the world’s been turning
You are my fire, the one desire
Bam! The stuff that I bring here is my hobby, hobby
Trust I seek and I find in you
Love of my life, don’t leave me, I-love-you.

Aaron, Ryan & Frank


Hm-hm, jajaja (QDH)
Jajajajaja (Mero, brrr)

Bam! Den Scheiß, den ich hier bringe, ist mein Hobby, Hobby (Hobby, Hobby)
Seit Tag eins war’s schon immer nur mein Hobby, Hobby (Hobby, Hobby)
Heut ist es mein Beruf, doch bleibt mein Hobby, Hobby (Hobby, Hobby)
Ich bin da, wie gesagt fick’ ich alles Bruder, bam! (QDH, brrra)
Den Scheiß, den ich hier bringe, ist mein Hobby, Hobby (Hobby, Hobby)
Seit Tag eins war’s schon immer nur mein Hobby, Hobby (Hobby, Hobby)
Heut ist es mein Beruf, doch bleibt mein Hobby, Hobby (Hobby, Hobby)
Ich bin da, wie gesagt fick’ ich alles Bruder, bam! (brr)

[Part 1]
Bam, bam, baller’ wieder Parts für ‘ne Milli
Beiß’ dich wie ‘n Piddi, kick’, fick’ mies, Diggi
Bretter’ wieder Rapper weg, Bra
Ist der MermI da, komm, teste ma’ (go, go)
QDH überall, Überfall gibt’s wieder mal
Tijara-Para, Kies, will eine Visa-Card
Enes Meral zerfickt mal wieder Lagen
Digga, will RolI only-gold tragen, ja (brra)
Ich bin von unten gekomm’n (hey)
Du Pisser, jetzt bin ich in Form (wah)
Gibt Leute, die gar nicht geglaubt haben
Dass dieser Mero jetzt endlich zerbombt (ja, ja), bam



Poems suck
Idk how to write them
So this is my poem
Im also a bit dyslexic
So this isn’t fair
So you u know what
I don’t care

The end


Man United

Manchester United the best team in the world no one can deny
Liverpool are good, ha that’s a lie
Martial Rashford Pogba and De Gea too
I also hate arsenal their back line is poo
Van dijk this, van dijk that
Reports in training says that hes a twat

Mourinho the traitor is gone now too

Doesn’t matter he will be sacked in 2022

Lee Mccormack and Conor Mcnally