Tulla Secondary School, Co Clare


These empty halls, devoid of color
We are here, to make the worker
Day by day, these passing hours
Boring, unengaging, are we still still ours?

Stuck in a tall, uncaring, loop
people these days, made to stoop
who of you know yourselves?
who of you are yourselves?

oh but, there stands flashing bright lights
righteous souls, save us from our plight
people or things, whom we know
they bring us such joy, but do they know?

when i look up at the bright starry sky
so free, so far
i think of what i could be
and think of where we are.


A Quiet Room

In a quiet room, a silent fear,
A truth held back, so crystal clear.
But courage rises, breaks the night,
A simple phrase, “This is my light.”

No more hiding, no more lies,
A heartfelt truth, no more goodbyes.
In the open, standing tall,
“I am me,” the bravest call.


Holy Cress

In the garden of faith, a statue stands tall,
Mary, the symbol of love, grace, and all.
Cress seeds we sow, with hope in our hearts,
A tribute to her, as growth imparts.

Tiny seeds, like whispers of hope,
Sprouting forth, on a divine slope.
Mary’s presence, a guiding light,
Nurturing our souls, day and night.

As cress grows, vibrant and green,
A testament to the love we’ve seen.
Around her statue, a living wreath,
A symbol of faith, belief, and peace.

So let the cress seeds flourish and thrive,
A reminder of Mary’s love, alive.
In this holy garden, we find solace and rest,
Blessed by her presence, forever blessed.


The Breeze

I love the flowers
I love the trees,
I love the breeze,
and i love the bees
I love the summer
and I love the spring
I love to hear your voice sing,
I love when you are around
I feel like love is all around.

the world

turns to white, a magical sight,
as winters embrace brings pure delight.
the air is crisp, the sky so clear,
natures lullaby whispers in our ear.
blankets of snow cover the ground
creating a hush a stillness profound.

A Friendship

A friendship should be fair
with lots of fun here and there
they bond like a river wild and free

their laughter like a joyful sound
through every storm they stand as one
their friendship like the morning sun.


always making me giggle,
then giving me a mixed signal.
making me feel wonky,
when your such a donkey.
making my day then tearing it away.
i wish you would care,
instead you just leaving me feeling bare.



Is good friendship is great friendship
is more important than ur bank rate.
u never realise how good u have it
until they leave and u are a lonely rabbit.
friendship is something u should cherish
because you never know when it might perish.
life is full of little tricks
but it will all be okay once you have ur chicks.


Pet dog pet cat,
Pet smelly old rat,
Pet bees pet fleas pet squirrel in the trees,
Pet pigeon pet parrot pet budgie pet hen,
They all lived together in a really cool den,
It was chaos it was madness,
it was great fun too,
I think I’ll start sending them to come and live with you.

Each night

When I close my eyes,
my insecurities come to mind, like my thighs.
I try my best to be as confident as can be,
but then I turn into a person that is not me.
I haven given up trying to slim them,
but it never fails to sink into my mind.
When comments are made,
I want to fade away.
At the end of the day,
does it really matter what I weigh.

Cry for help

Sometimes the hardest part about mental health
is not yourself struggle but seeing other people struggle.
A cry of help in their eyes,
laughter still coming from their mouth.
Always trying to help other people,
not letting people help them.
Being okay with others,
not being okay with themselves.
In need of someone to take the first step…
for them.

Stepping Outside

I hate going to school,
feel like im loosing my best friend.
I also feel like im losing myself
I dont like eating anymore
Iim always tired
i feel a pressure to be good at everything i do,
I hate growing up
it’s so painful.
I hate how some people think is so funny
to make fun


Putting makeup on everyday is exhausting,
Covering up all of my insecurities like frosting,
Hiding behind a mask everyday to hide my feelings,
Trying my best to hide,
To cover up that I just cried,
Putting on the mask everyday.
To try look pretty in everyway.


I hate you

I hate having to feel I hate my emotions,
I hate how we all judge with assumptions
I hate how people think they know everything about you
I hate how I smile and everything about myself
I hate how the awkward conversations start
I hate how little confidence I have
I hate how long it takes to wash and dry my hair
I hate how I don’t hate you at all.

What’s inside?

The same game played over and over,
Hiding the truth behind a face of lies,
Like that of a zoo enclosure,
People peeping and trying to get a rise,
From the crazed animal that sleeps inside.
The truth hidden from view,
Just curl up in a ball and hide,
Nobody is allowed to see the real you.


I love frogs

When they crawl
slimy and green
cant be seen,
they hop all day
in the bay,
and in the night
they’ll give you a fright.


In crowded train, a clash of souls,
Fists thrown, tempers lose control.
Cabin walls witness rage ignite,
Dark shadows cast in heated fight.

Words pierce air, sharp as a knife,
Struggle clenched, strength ignites strife.
A clash of chaos, fueling hate,
As train cabin echoes their debate.

Silence shattered by the fray’s din,
A battle fought, no one can win.
In this metal circus, tension strains,
A fight within, a universe refrains.


Is nothing without it experience
Life is interesting with chaos and random
Life has fun in its surprise but also tragedy
Life is hard and unpredictable it tries to help you and try to hurt you
Life is unfair confusing with no clear paths
But in the end

Life is what you make it.


Is a great game
It requires talent and hard work
You must be strong mentally and physically
You must work hard in training and in matches
To achieve your goals
You must tackle
And you must score aswell
It is a great game


As a climber, I think climbing is a lot like life.
Every route is different.
It has its own unique challenges and problems that need to be solved.
Even when you feel its too hard, or you cant figure it out
If we work at it, keep trying and falling,
We might figure out how to move up.
Sometimes we won’t, but that’s fine too
Since its all about the journey, and not the conclusion.



you always try your best
then you will never have to wonder
about what you could have done
of you’d summoned all your thunder
and if your best
was not as good
as you hoped it would be,
I gave today
all that I had in me.



Clipper was a hard man
who drived a lovely berlingo van
he is as hard as can be
and he is big into the agri
he is a bit contrary
but no better man for the dairy

He is mad for the tokes
but not for the jokes
His head blocked out the sun
So now i cant have any fun
He has a fairly big head
I wish he was dead.


Sweet Spell

In fields of green, where wildflowers sway,
i wonder will the day ever slay,
the gentle breeze whispers
through the trees,
as birds sing their sweet melodies.

Mirror Mirror

In the mirror I dont see,
Everything I dream to be.
I see the fat on my hips,
and feel the cracks on my lips.

My head is filled with lies,
As I stare at my ugly thighs.
The instagrammers I cant escape,
Because everything I see is fake.

I live in fear,
Of the comments i may hear.
I want to be more,
And not be called a whore.

As Im standing in the cold,
I wish that i could fit the mold.
But in the end, there cant always be,
That vision that i want to see.


Poet Tree

Oh poetry what a tree
makes me think about me
long and hard i don’t know why
maybe it’s hardwood who knows why
beneath the bark is a simple log
who’s bark protects him,makes him feel strong
But if that barks broken he feels shy he can’t decide why.
Maybe that barks a shell and people just can’t tell.
That the simple log is also part of the tree.And that tree is me


I was bullied all my primary school time
came into secondary school
it changed
they started to leave me alone.
I met a fantastic group of girls
| genuinely couldn’t imagine my life with out them
sometimes my best friend annoys me
but i annoy her and its all love.
I met a boy
made me feel like the most special girl in the word
just like how my dad made me feel when i was younger.
i adore him and my dad
they are the strongest people
i know including my mam
shes so strong for what shes going through now.


Every morning I go on the bus
It’s white and old
I get on, the driver says hello to us
in the frost, the windows feel cold

As we arrive I stop and say,
“Thanks” to the bus driver and start my day.


If you always try your best
then you will never have to wonder
about what you could have done
of you’d summoned all your thunder
and if your best
was not as good
as you hoped it would be,
I gave today
all that I had in me.

Own Goal

when foot meets ball an unfortunate sight
an own goal made to the opponents delight
the thoughts flood my brain while only silence remains
a terrible mistake made only by me
it will always stay in my memory.


a game so fierce and bold
where legends are made stories unfold.
with ash in hand and sliotar in flight
players fight with all their might
the clash of the ash
the roar of the crowd
in tulla the passion for hurling is strong
a sport thats cherished where heroes are made

Best Times

Some of the best times
you will have
are by chance
and it just happens
and worked

To Run

I like to walk i like i like to run
i like to have fun
all day everyday
nothing gets in my way.

As I sit

As I sit here in my weary bed
many thoughts come through my dreary head
adventures from the day
alll pass through without any delay.


He gets out there and hustles
he does his very best
its all about the teamwork
and winning is his quest