Tempelogue College, Dublin


Whose vinyl player is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite sad though.
It really is a tale of woe,
I watch him frown. I cry hello.

He gives his vinyl player a shake,
And sobs until the tears make.
The only other sound’s the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.



What, which, why, How.
do you find or perceive your purpose on Earth.
For if there are endless opportunities,
experiences and people to meet
how do you even come to an idea on what to do in life.
Very much like a tide of opportunities
you can get lost in it without finding land or shore.
If you come across your North Star be thankful,
as many people’s North star
is really a shooting star passing you by.


Down In the Slums

As we pick ourselves up from every defeat,
We lose a bit of ourselves that we cannot get back,
We look to form a pack,
But we can’t even begin to form an attack,

Our defence is in shambles
And our clueless coach just rambles,

We try our best,
But sometimes that’s just not good enough.

Down in division 11 like down in the slums,
With every win we replenish our hunger,
And regain our confidence,
And then another week another loss.



Music banging through the walls
Mini skirts and jeans in a room so dark you don’t notice
Spilled drinks on the floor and people spilled from the drinks
Lads cheating and starting fights
Girls crying and dancing on tables
Smashed glasses with more people getting smashed
Bang of hash
Let’s have a gaffer.



I hate this life,
Its toxic.
Toxic relationships, toxic friendships, toxic expectations, toxic judgement
I drown in constant pressure.
All of the toxicity has one root in common.
People stare, People glare,
people don’t even care what’s going on in the mind of a teenager.
They as me what i’m going to do with the rest of my life.
They ask what are my intentions? What are my goals?
What is beyond my comprehension?
And as they ask this I ask myself.
Will I survive long enough to get to my future?
Or will I become overwhelmed with the toxicity?
There’s a reason they refer all the slagging and nagging to toxicisity.
It rots the brain. Its poison. It kills.
Toxic gas is designed for one intention.
It kills, more than the pills we young men take to hide all the pain
that fills our system and fulfils our satisfaction.


Beneath the Pale Folds

Ah the ends of Dublin a sight to behold,
from Tallaght to Lucan stories untold,
in Clondalkin and Rathfarnham, history resides,
while in Templeogue and Saggart
adventure hides,
from Firhouse to Rathcoole
beauty unfolds the ends of Dublin
where magic unfolds.

Wild and Free

In the realm of teenage boys, wild and free,
Messers roam, rebels without a decree.
Their laughter echoes through the endless night,
With mischief in their hearts, stars as their light.
They dance with chaos, chaos their muse,
Leaving trails of laughter, sometimes a bruise.
Yet in their madness, a spark of fire,
Untamed spirits, never to tire.

School a joke

Stuck in this place
Feels like a race, everyone on my back
I’m Running out of time
Feels like committing a crime
Tryna make some money
She be calling me honey bunny
They be putting pressure
Even though I’m gold treasure.


Silly Boys

Us silly boys decide
how to convey our pride
All we do is have a laugh
and pretend to look tough
and the rest who are astray
will suddenly become our prey.
Girls on the other hand,
don’t really know where to land,
At face they make each other feel good,
But in secret, they all become each other’s food.
So to conclude this final line,
Be yourself and you’ll be fine!


Been depressed since day one
haven’t been happy this ain’t fun
trying to fix the shit that i begun
ive been striving through the shit
trying to get better with every step
keep on getting on my feet
and knocked back down
waiting on my friends to help but they all frown
being going through the same shit from day one.



When i wake up in the morning and couldn’t be arsed
I think of all the sleep i’ll get once it gets dark.
As i cycle into school I’m shaking with the cold,
I think of all I could be doing once i’m back in bed at home.
I survive to lunch ready for my daily roll
i Can’t wait to enjoy with my dear old foes.
It’s finally 330, The bell has gone
All i can think about is my nice cosy home.


Emotions in Sport

When you begin to play,
you start enjoying it day by day. |
You fall in love with the sport, a
nd you spend countless hours
on the pitch or court.
You are playing your sport
and you realise you are fantastic,
and this makes you feel ecstatic.
You move to a better team,
So you can accomplish your dream.



Boys are caring, with hearts so pure,
Their friendships strong, they’ll endure.
They stand up for what they believe,
With compassion and kindness, they achieve.

So let’s celebrate boys, one and all,
For their spirit and resilience, standing tall.
With dreams and aspirations, they will soar,
Boys, the world is yours to explore!



Through life and death,
and from suffer to joy,
relationships are our only saviour


The grind

putting effort in
is the only way to get there
You can’t get better
if you are not doing your best
doing the best you can
will make the best you can better


Behind my door, I sit and hope,
to one day see the world.
I see happy faces in the streets and think when will it be me.
beyond the window here I sit listening to the laughter and joy.
I want to join but feel misplaced.
In my solitude I sit in silence waiting for my time to simply be.


On the Pitch

With ash in hand and a sliotar in flight
15 students together in fight
Teachers coaching and teaching
But not in school
Against your rivals, the crowd would cheer
Public or private, it was all the same
Diffrent clubs together as a team
School hurling should not go unseen



Makes me come alive,
more than they’d ever now,
cuz when i find my flow,
I’m apart of the show.
sports makes me find myself
for its the place where i question my integridy,
i am able or will i be a failure
Sports brings out the real me.


In the arena, the battleground of might,
we dont matter, only the light,
the undying hope we succeed,
and go home knowing we didnt concede,
sport is like war, but even without death,
we stand to loose much more than just a breath.


Concrete Roar

A man named Tim, beneath the M50s roar,
In a bin, he called home, nothing more.
Concrete above, trucks go by,
Underneath the vast sky,
Tim’s bin life, a story to adore

Hidden Depths

In every heart
there are diverse pains,
you never know the depth
their stories hold,
quick judgement is a killer,
don’t let your soul be the weapon.



Many people can be considered Quixotic but other people can be considered Exotic
Many people have an Ideal person they want to be but that is not the idea
in their conception they want to be perfect but in my perception there is no perfection
everyone is distinguishable in their own way and that is what makes us extinguishable
We are who we are don’t let anyone change that only you can and that is what it important
That is how we survive.



Life is like a rollercoaster, the ups and the downs ,
the highs and thws .
Can you pick yourself up and go again , can you try again

Life is hard but it’s all about perseverance .
Things can’t be handed to you .


thinking about the future.
wanting to be like my dad.
to work hard for my life.
but i dont know how.
i dont like school so
maybe the site is the way to go.



The voices in my head, they just wont go away,
You’re worthless, You’re a disgrace, no one loves you just die,
and they get to you and drag you down,
till you’re 6 feet under,
into the ground,
but this is not the end,
this is not where i stay,
cause im in control,
not the voices striving away
no i will not die i will survive,
cause this is just the start,
of the race i will drive.

Secret Garden

Deep in the shadows, where secrets grow,
A landscape of need and desire.

On dimly lit streets, where crime dances silently together, murmurs linger.

Echoing down abandoned pathways, a symphony of sirens wails.
When doors are closed, shadows dance.
They find their path in the script of the night.

But in the gloom, there is a cry for light to defeat the never-ending night of crime.
Hope is a resistant seed that grows strong to purge wrongdoing from the alleyways.


In Darkness Deep

In darkness deep. where fear resides,
We wander lost, our doubts untied.
Suffocating in silent dread,
All our insecurities go unsaid.

We strive to grasp a fleeting guise,
Scared to show off our true size.
Hiding behind a facade’s embrace,
The war inside leaves no trace.

With every glance, we seek acceptance
Desperate for other’s deference.
But within our selves, a storm does brew,
Raining terror and fears anew.

Humility, a terrifying foe,
Brings forth fear when confidence should flow.
We wrestle constantly with our fragile pride,
In darkness deep, where fear resides.



He always wondered,
Every emotion felt as if it it had to be analyzed before being felt,
His father had died last week and still nothing,
When would it set in?
When would he break down in tears,
Maybe that would fill the emptiness within him,
It had been years.


Highest Flame

From the highest flame on the fire,
To the bottom of the forty foot,
A young mans spirit plunged,
Down from the glory of his fire,
All the way to the deepest depth,
It makes a similar story,
what its like for men today,
As true realisation hits,
And his joy fades away.



I love hanging out with my friends
Wether that be going to a party or just a casual thing
I don’t want it to end
It distracts me from the negative thoughts and only brings positive thoughts
The laughs and joy that comes out of me is the best part of me
I love having fun even if it’s dumb
I’ll always find it funny when I’m with my buddies

Chicken Fillet Roll

In templeogue where the mould does grow
The chicken fillet roll goes on show
White crispy roll and lettuce superb
Then eating whilst watching phineas and ferb
A culinary delight don’t you know

Misogyny (haiku):

From shadows it creeps
Misogyny’s offense does seep
And the hurt is peaked


Behind the Mask

I looked in the mirror and into my eyes
But all I see staring back at me is lies
This life that I have created for myself is perfect in my head
But it all comes down on me while I’m laying in my bed
This character that I have created is perfectly fit to give people the impression that’s I’m a perfect fit
My costumes are clothes
My words are a script
But no one really knows the reality behind the mask


A Thousand Digs

Atmosphere riddled with animosity
hostility that butchers like a knife
6 years till your free
the best years of your life

harmonies sung of hatred
memories consumed by strife
to wish of a deathbed
the best years of your life


Crowded Street

I stepped out into the crowded street
All the flares and chants from the stadium
almost like a group of aliens,
screaming some ancient cry
the sound of when a goal went in
could fill a million tins
I miss being in there with my friends
supporting the team I grew up with



It is powerful beyond measure,
there is more to it than just pleasure,
if you are lucky enough to experience it …
think of it as a sacred treasure.
love is a flow, it will always come and go,
but when you are in love I am certain you will know.
I am in love.


I love flyefit.

i like going out with the lads.
i don’t like what bad people do to me.
i hate nothing.
I love Jesus.
I like going to the church.
I don’t like having to get the confidence to confess.
I still hate nothing.
I love improving myself to be a better man.
I like the hard work.
I don’t like getting up and doing the hard work yet i do it anyways.
I still hate nothing.
Hating things is bad and loving things isn’t.
Hate causes death and love doesn’t.
Life isn’t easy but death is.
So strive to live.
I love protein.
I like eating the protein.
I don’t like cooking the meal.
Do what makes you happy.
Ignore the scumbags who drag you down.
They’re all bots anyways.
Never back down and never give up.
Praise the Lord.

Green Passion

On fields of green, where warriors tread,
They battle fierce with every thread.
With skillful feet, they weave their way,
Through challenges, they boldly sway.

Each pass a strategic move in the fray,
As fans erupt in fervent display.
The ball, a symbol of their might,
In this soccer war, they fight the night.

With each goal scored, a victory cry,
In this beautiful game, passions fly high.

Back in school

Everyone there is a fucking fool
I don’t even know what to do
Probably gonna fail the leaving cert to
Schools a fuss
Walk into class with a nico buzz
So depresssed
Man dont even wanna get dressed


Disposed Individual, Higher Self.

I’m awake and fully aware,
Of every little thing that is opposed
To my supposed soulless difference
That a choice and opinion of those surrounding
It might be told, it might be whispered
It may not be portrayed
It’s seen amongst those who observe themselves higher
And looked down on by those similar to me
I am face to face with this
And it is very obvious
But what I struggle to understand
Is how self is a patriarchy
How individuality is the crime
And how I hate myself despite this knowledge.



the Town with Grey Skies

in an ideal town an idea lives,
an idea where everyone can strive,
But there’s only so much life can give,
To the masses who can only roll a dice.

The town in which we live,
Exists only bright grey skies and green grass
And days; depressed and gloomful,
Doesn’t make things much better.

We wish we could escape the
Stench and sloppiness of condensed,
Packed buses with a hope of it not raining,
And another of making it to the weekend,
But it’s all so draining.

The weird thing is I wouldn’t trade it
For anything else. A life outside of here
may seem like the ideal idea but in reality,
it comes full circle,

With the ideal town in which the idea lives,
A town in which we could all coexist.
But in reality, we would never want anything more from
That which causes us such grief and boredom.


The Ball

When the ball is thrown in and the whistle blows,
We are here to put on a show.
The speed of the ball
The ache of a fall
When the time is up, after all
We cherish our wins
But we learn from our losses.



Drowned by the craic,
By expectations,
By who I say I want to be.
The outside of my shell is manufactured,
with little more substance than the common thoughts around me.
Stuck in an endless battle between who I am and who I try to be,
forever wondering if my true identity is worth being uncovered.
Buried, with no longing for recovery.


When we get comfy,
we let down walls.
it’s only when these walls
come down,
we can be ourselves


The Rules

Treat others as you like to be treated
Treat others as you like to be treated,
This is the guild lines,
The way we have the listen to this repeated,
But to me that is fine,
And when we go to class,
We sit and listen for an hour,
We grow in mass,
And like a seed to a flower.


As I walk through the lounge
I get dirty looks |
from all the boys
looking me up and down
and I just want to hit them
but I know violence isn’t the answer
so I just mind my own business
because they don’t matter to me.


To the Manortown Born

From my schoolboy club manortown
to st Patrick’s wasn’t a smooth sailing
journey had lots of ups and downs
but I am thankfully enjoying football
Again from being released for being too small t
o being a reasonably tall person shelbourne fc
misjudged me and I am now back at my best.


An Spórt

Sport is like an escape
An escape from the pain
An escape from the chaos
An escape from the world
An escape from reality
An escape from it all…


St Judes ’08

We’re such a mean team.
We play in Div 1
We have so much fun.
We will win championship
and not throw any tantrumed fits.
we will finish every match with 15 men
definitely not with 10.
i love playing with St judes
i love eating food.



Loving for some and memories for a lifetime
fields of green where passions scored
in stories told legends are made
in footballs beat they find their heart
with memories to last a lifetime
some more memorable then others
but they all stick with you
one way or another.




Hobbies come in all shapes and sizes,
From sports to books,
And bakers and cooks,
And painters who make the page bright,
All these hobbies fill us with delight.

Musicians make music short and long,
To make us sing and dance along,
Our hobbies shape who we are,
They brighten our lives like a star.

And when we practice them we thrive,
Some would even say its what keeps them alive,
Even though from the outside your hobbies might look small,
But to you your hobby could mean it all.



Talking about Spain is my favourite thing,
If you haven’t been there, just search it on bing.
I am not at home this year,
That’s one of the things I used to fear.
But now that I’m abroad,
I just continue with my life as driving on a road.



There once was a man named Johnny,
In Folsom Prison, he stayed, oh so funny.
Life behind bars,
Counting all the endless stars,
In prison’s, his dreams turned to honey.


School is a joke

at 7am i woke
going to the bathrooms people asking for a toke
all the teachers don’t even understand
so bored I’m drawing on my hand
my friends all taking the pi$3
I’m just thinking about my bed that i miss


A man named Bren, trouble’s best friend,
In pickles, he’d always descend.
Mischief was his game,
A wild risky flame,
Trouble found him around every bend