St. Patrick’s Classical School

Art by John Rooney


Glory Days Again

A new era has begun,
Colm O’Rourke is the man,
He will bring the glorious day back,
And our trophies will be stacked,
Morris, Walsh, Hickey and Keogan
Stephan, Bray, Jones and Tobin
These are the players that will pull through
O’Rourke’s army it’s up to you.



Life is a game of inches
You earn them to travel miles
Or you can leave them behind
And never truly experience life.
Life is a game of inches
The margins are small
But I feel I am smaller
And the expectations just seem too tall.


What We Do

A lot of the time we feel not show
A lot of the time we think not express
A lot of the time we want not need
A lot of the time we have but don’t use
A lot of the time we see and don’t read
A lot of the time we go not travel
A lot of the time I stand by and not out.


My Poem

I write a poem
When I feel alone,
Trying to find out the unknown
I pick up my phone to find the answers
And there it is, I’ve found it
I’m not alone even when I think I am
I’ve always got people around me.



When you think it’s over
Try, try again
Is what they tell you
When you’re desperate for the end
No matter how you feel,
Keep your head held high,
Obstacles in your head,
Wave them goodbye
Rewards are what you deserve
You can get what you please,
Put in the work
And seek victory.


True Self

When the pressure to perform is high
And expectations arise
You feel you have to look good in their eyes
Finding where deep emotion lies
You will find true character
Far inside.


There is Relief

There is
An end to this
I promise you
Even when
It feels like
You’re breathing
Lung fulls
Of water
The surface
Is closer
Than you think.


The Cries

I sit outside the locked door praying for the crying to stop
I’m unsettled by the constant screams of which I cannot sooth
I wait in agony praying for it to end

But as the screaming stops and all lay still
I cannot help but feel more unsettled
For at least when you heard the cries

You knew someone was there.


No. 1

I went to the beach and found a turtle
I decided to call the turtle Wertle
I told my dad
He said it was bad.

A dolphin jumping over the waves
And children playing in the caves
I wanted to join in on the fun
So that is why this day is number one.


The Top

After the big game
I become accredited in fame
When the pressure of the kick
Comes down to a tiny flick
I have the wind in my back
So I gave it a big wack.



Navan is a great place to be a TY student
It’s a place where knowledge and experience are both present
We get the chance to explore, discover and create
To prepare us for our future, no matter our fate.


Time of War

The war is almost over,
Time to say goodbye,
And time to say hello.
The snow is melting on the ground,
Gone forever,
Just like the lives of these young men.


To See You

Despite the snow,
Despite the ice,
Just to see you,
I’ll pay any price,
Despite all the warmth
In my place
I still long to see
Your cold face.


School System

Our school system isn’t working,
When we leave in 6th year,
Into the world all we have is fear,
At the start of the year are curriculum is set,
But has information found on the internet,
We aren’t taught about money or about tax,
But a least we have knowledge with solar system facts,
We are told what to do and when to do it,
Where to stand and where to sit,
This doesn’t help for later in life,
Are school system is working,
It has to change, we have to fight.


Best of the Best

When I am awake
I can’t catch a break
I want a 12oz steak
But I don’t want no fakes

When I’m at the lake
I swim with my mates
When I play chess
I only get checkmate.


Tragedy Strikes

 There once was a child from Spain
Who loved to play footy in the rain
One day he tripped
And broke his hip
He can no longer play for Spain.


My Buddy Eric

My Buddy Eric sang,
My buddy Eric screamed,
My buddy Eric cried,
My buddy Eric smiled,
Eric has left us now,
For he has been locked up,
He claims he didn’t do it,
But we all know we messed up,

We always had fun,
But Eric did bad,
I can’t wait for the day,
I can embrace him and his dad.

Eric did many things,
We were best bros.
But now he’s in jail,
All I have is a pic of his toes.