St Patrick’s College, Cavan

The Deep Dark

In shadows deep, where troubles play their part,
Life burys you upon the heavy heart.
A simple tune, a heartwarming song
Yet within despair, where resilience or failure grows strong.
In the windy storm, is always a glimmer of light,
Hope emerges, banishing the dark night.
Through trials faced, a resilient soul,
Finds joy at noon, life’s ultimate and only goal,
life is hard and we understand,
but no matter what,
we always have a helping hand.


Sitting in the bathroom
around Christmas whilst he was sick,
dad calls me down
I’ve a bad feeling about it,
he says the words “kids ur grandad has died”
my heart sinks,
like the titanic in the Atlantic
Life feels odd the day of the funeral
people happy and sad
I don’t know how to feel.


“Why can’t I?”

I would like to be like the rest,
Not caring what others think.
To have confidence like others,
To be brave and be myself.
But I can’t,
But why can’t I?
Is it because I’m scared?
But why?
Is it because others will judge me?
Or is it because they will make fun of me?
No it’s not that.
It’s probably because I don’t like the real me,
And I would like to hide it so no one but me would know.


I can be myself

around others, girls and boys, sometimes I can’t because I may be slagged, but I always try my best to, I am sociable and sporty, I have a great personality, I find everything I do interesting, I am proud of myself.


Oh, Cavan,

\a place so grand,
With rolling hills and fertile land.
From its lakes and forests so serene,
Cavan’s beauty is a breathtaking scene.

The people here, so warm and kind,
In Cavan, true friendships you will find.
With history rich and stories to tell,
Cavan’s charm casts a magical spell.

So let’s raise a toast to Cavan’s grace,
A place that holds a special place.
In Ireland’s heart, it proudly stands,
Cavan, a gem in this beautiful land.


The Mask

behind a mask
is never fun
but boys feel
|like it has to be done.


Mirrored Cell

They turned me down
now I love my nightmare
Gotta be seen
by somewhere out there
Now I sit here
in reflection chamber
fixing myself
so that all can savour


Playing football

Having the craic
Don’t think I’m very good
But I’m getting the nack
Sitting on the bench
Wearing the a jersey with a filthy stench.
I never get on but one day I hope
Instead of sitting on the bench like a troll
I’ll start a game and score the winning goal.



The heart of Ireland’s scene,
A game of grit, not for the mean.
Oval ball, field so wide,
In strength and strategy, we confide.

Every try, a moment won,
Underneath the setting sun.
From Cavan’s fields to Dublin’s side,
In this game, we take pride.

The moment

you step on that pitch
On that summer day
The moment you get that block that denides that definite score
When you run the pitch and create your own score
When the whistle goes and you wish it wasnt over.


I feel like trying to be perfect is not real.
I find it hard to accept imperfections or vulnerabilities as human.
I think being invisible is easier than people knowing things about me.
There are things about me that I will keep secret.
I choose to feel pian, I think it makes me tough.
I don’t know if you understand what I mean.


Scrum Down

In the scrum they stand strong and tall,
The props who give their all.
With muscles like mountains and hearts of fire,
They push and drive, never tire.

Their job is to anchor the scrum,
To hold their ground, never succumb.
With power and technique, they pave the way,
Creating opportunities for their team to play.

They bind, they drive, they push with might,
Their presence on the field a fearsome sight.
Through mud and rain, they battle on,
Their determination never gone.

So here’s to the props, the unsung heroes,
Their strength and skill, nobody knows.
In the heart of the scrum, they take their place,
A vital part of rugby’s grace.


Man I (Festo)

I try to be perfect and approachable,
To be honest and reliable.
But in all honesty I’d like to stay alone,
In peace with my thoughts to keep me company.
For they are the thing that know me best,
And i can always count on them.
Since I’m afraid of getting judged I don’t want to be seen,
But at the same time i couldn’t care less of what others think.


Killy Garlic

Ah, Killygarry Gaelic, a team that shines so bright,
On the Gaelic field, they show their might.
With every kick and every pass they make,
Killygarry’s spirit, they proudly take.

Their skills and teamwork, a sight to behold,
In green and gold, their story is told.
So let’s cheer for Killygarry, with all our might,
A Gaelic team that fills our hearts with delight!


Mr Me

I’m here today to talk about me, Mr Me
I like basketball and gaming because that’s just the way I sway.
I have a girlfriend that I love so much
I’m very caring and kind that’s why she doesn’t mind dating a guy like me because of my friends and fame there’s so much more I need to live in check before I rewrite the script,
I don’t care if you don’t really like me
I know Bankstone right beside me
They say it’s love, but I feel despised
I see the pain, I could read the lies all between the Lines.

The Best I can

I want to be the best me but the best me isn’t a very social me I think anyway. I want to make me proud. But that’s very fucking hard when not to many people are being trying to do that. I hate the way I get judged but that’s just life. Every day it’s in going to be better but then u just can’t be arsed to do it.



i love to walk

and what we do is talk
i cycle my bike on the road
my sister is so bold
that she needs to be told
to be nice
so i can have my rice


I like playing ball

When the ball drops
The ball stops
My ears pop cuz the ball stops
I from cavan but I’m not from Dublin
But my money stays doubling
So don’t go stealing or I will be feeling
Your balls , cuz when your balls stop working
Because nobody likes having no balls



This is where the grass and trees
glisten in the frosty morning,
This is where you can hear the engine
of a New Holland driving
through the rough hard ground.


I am short but tall inside
I like sports and all thats true
I like to code

You’re a sports star

With skills that take you far
On the field or court
You always give it your all, no retort


He’s drinking on the weekends
in da garage with the cans
singing and a dancing
till their throats are sore
then to take a smoke break
and going back for more
waking up in the morning
with their faces grey and hanging
a heart attack of fry ups
cos Cavan’s always banging.

The Craic

I love playing football but it disappoints sometimes
Like in the county final no ball that came was near mine
School football as well we didn’t win shite
We made the semis and didn’t even put up a fight
Although all this didn’t go my way
I was still doing alright at the end of the day
I made the county team and I was over the moon
But the training will be hard and we’re starting soon
But at the end of day I can’t way for more
There’s lots of good things like craic with the lads and cans of coors.


A poem about school and rugby

In a field of green, a boy takes flight,
With a rugby ball, he finds his might.
Tackling opponents, running with grace,
On the field, his worries he’ll erase.

But in the classroom, challenges arise,
Numbers and words, a struggle in disguise.
Yet he perseveres, with heart and soul,
Knowing that knowledge will make him whole.

So let’s cheer for this boy, both strong and bright,
A rugby player, a scholar in his own right.
With determination and a spirit so true,
He’ll conquer the field and his studies too.



Hi, my name is new. I just moved here from Australia a year ago today actually. I lived in Australia my whole life in Sydney. In Australia I played football my whole life and football was my life. Since I’ve moved here I started to play gaa for my local club. I really enjoy it and have a lot of fun. I’ve also meet a lot of people since I’ve been here, going out on the weekends with my friends just into town sitting around chatting.


My Views on Masculinity

To be a man, you should be able to comfort a woman, not slut shame her and all that. You should be able to provide for her, be there for her, care for her and be able to have some mutual love with her. You have to have went through some form of improvement, be in a peaceful state of mind, be able to fight for yourself, be able to talk to somebody when you know your down. It doesn’t have to be a woman you gotta talk about your feelings, it can be your father, brother, brother from another mother as they say, or someone you can connect to. People have masculinity wrong these days and it’s sad how people actually believe that crap. Some people just don’t have father figures, causing them to believe that crap. I fell into that trap myself. Sometimes the people that know what masculinity is, is your mother. They always have it right, but us teenagers just don’t listen or take in the information they give us. That is what I believe what masculinity is.


Practicing every evening

No such thing as craic
Always out kicking the ball
I just want to kick back
But even though the work is hard
It’s always worth the deed
For when the final game is played
Our teams cheers are all I need


Sin Título

The smile that appears
on my face,
has to do with the smile
in your eyes.


Football training

Practicing every evening
No time for craic
Going to every training
I need to kick back
But even though it’s hard work
It’s always worth the deed
For when the day of the game comes
The end cheers are all i need



As my life goes on I get more mature,
I have good days and bad days,
my personality high and low,
my friends come and go
but I still keep my head up high.


What He Loves

Love the pints with the lads it’s such craic
Fun is definitely something we don’t lack
Getting warm and cozy on a cold night in the pub
We’d stay the whole night if we could.

When it starts to get late and the boom box starts booming
And the shots start looming
The last thing I want to do is go back to my bed

The GAA, a sport so grand,

Hurling, football, across the land,
Cavan’s pride, strong and true,
GAA brings excitement, through and through!

Da Wall

I like football
I play half back
I run until I hit a wall
I have the craic