St Nathy’s College, Roscommon


Beyond the lake
And above the hill
A sun sets
A picture I take

Along the way
Blue fades to orange
While day turns to night
As the trees sway

Everyone can see
The natural beauty
And the joy it brings
From deep within me


Take Flight

In a land where dreams take flight,
Friendship blooms, pure and bright.
Gratitude fills the heart and mind,
Expressions of thanks, so kind.

Spread joy and love through the day,
Encourage others along the way.
Invest in moments, big and small,
And watch happiness grow for all.

No need for names to make it shine,
A poem for everyone, yours and mine.
Let it resonate, touch the soul,
In this world, let kindness take control.



i can’t remember the last time at a public pool
I looked in at some one with such a memorable body
good or bad that i think about it ever again
I never thought is that girl jeans a bigger size this year
when i am becoming friends with someone
it’s not how they are the have a small body or a perfect face
it’s because of there amazing personality
and the way they make me laugh
your will be remembered for the way you are
not the way you look



A  small town named after a tree.
Some think there’s not a lot to do or see.
It’s a town that’s home to many here or over seas.
A town full of joy and excitement.
A place where you will always call home
Knowing the business of everybody is the norm.
A town full of sport where people take great pride.


The Mix

Flour and sugar,
mixing with delight,
oven warmth,
a sweet insight
teenage chef,
baking with glee,
cakes bake,
a treat for me



There’s a place beside ballaghadrreen lots of historical things you know the place is called castlemore from generations long ago ancent trees bumblebees daffodils sitting in a row quiet time in the country side to let all your negative emotions go.

A Time

When going to school was exciting but then becomes a rare sighting
When reading books gets you didn’t looks
When enjoying school didn’t make you a fool
When doing your homework felt like no work

Rum and Smokes

I had a lot of fun when I drank all mums rum,
I had a fag that I got from my dad,
I stole a car and went down to a bar,
it was a bit of craic then I got sent back.

Men in Strife

In trenches deep, where shadows creep,
Echoes of War, secrets deep.
Soldiers brave mud and strife,
Trails of a vanishing life.

Thunder roars, gunfire cries,
Beneath the smoke, a nation lies.
A symphony of sorrow, a dirge of pain,
In the heart of battle, loss and gain.

Families wait, heart held tight,
Praying for a return of night.
War’s cruel dance, a tragic song,
In the echoes of conflict, where none belong.


Gadgets and gadgets
in the utility belt
A symbol of hope
where shadows are felt
Bruce Waynes alter ego
a creature of night
A symbol of strength
in the absence of light.



Go away you big useless people and good for nothing
Why are you so tight
Sell the club if if you won’t help
But you won’t because you are so greedy
Just like you when it comes to food
The size of your belly it looks like your going hibernating



I want to play County,
My least favourite chocolate is bounty,
I want to ne quicker,
And a better kicker,
I want to win a final with my club,
And celebrate it in the pub
I’d like to be fitter
And famous on twitter.


Simple Truth

If life
has no meaning
you’ll live without feeling
and school will not help you.
The only bane
to all the pain
is love
and simple virtue.



Score the goals tonight,
Let them know it’s Christmas time!
In red and black, our joy unfurls,
Feed the goals, to our Solanke world