St. Munchin’s College

Art by Claudine O’Sullivan:

School and War
Moving through life is a battle,
Every corner you turn a battle commences,
From schools and exams to the point of graduation.
Multiple battles fought throughout the school duration.

After school the real battle begins
Laughter and joy,
Work and patience beginning the new life
Is the life we’ve taken
From relationships to death,
Multiple we’ll encounter.
The real battle commences
This is the hour.


An End
A Dagger, obelisk, or obelus
A sign of death
Jealous of the young that live on
The old that wish they were the new
Scared of what is to come soon
For death is near
But all will come to an end, sooner or later the new will become the old.


We learn, we study, we sleep
We wake up the next morning to the sound of the alarm beep
The day repeats in the same motion
Each moment the same lacking emotion
The spiral is the same
Nothing interesting to name
This is when one must try break the gap
And try fall out of this large trap
One must embrace what makes us who we are
Even if the truth may seem quite bizarre.


Time is nearly up,
and I can’t think of a poem,
but I’m not gonna give up,
that’s not how I was raised at home.

The bell’s about to ring,
And now I’m panicking,
So let’s just end this thing.


School, a place where we spend most of our teenage years. Yet for what? I ask.
Why do we learn subjects we have little interest in?
Why do we have such a narrow focus on exams? Just for a piece of paper with a high number?
What value is created by these scores? We are young men, no value to our attributes is created by this.
Why do we judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree,
A sporty person, on their ability to do calculus,
A creative person, on their memorization.
How do we break this wheel, that tramples over creativity and independent thinking?
Is our education system just as weak as we think?
To study for six years, only to forget it all?
When teachers scream at us for not having homework done,
Do we deserve to fall?
To fall into a place where we think we are failures?
Where any attribute but retention is forgotten?
I think not, and that we should answer our call.


Society’s pain and strain on the head ,
gain was the soul of beggars bread,
vicious circle of insecurities remain ,
taking hold of loves domain,
body and mind chiseled to perfection,
the ideal image portrayed to us is to have no imperfection,
imperfection and passion are the properties of peace ,
knowing how to fuel the glowing fire of happiness is what I just want to meet.


Never Stop, Never Rest
Corbally united are the best
We beat all the rest
Cause we never rest.
Never stop training
Putting the hard hours
To make that trophy ours.


We wake up, we sleep
We drive ourselves to be
The man we want to see
To one day be the man we want to be.