St Mary’s Secondary School, Newport.

Art by Shane Gavin:

I Heard of  a Night

I have heard of a night,
That was filled with such a beautiful sight

It was a place where everything was nothing,
And there, everyone felt like something

It was a place where everyone is calm.
Yet, I’m still stuck waiting in lines,

That stretch out endlessly for miles,
All just to get something to eat

Even thought there isn’t a seat
I stand there hours on end,

I don’t even know what’s there
But I hope that is going to be kept somewhere.

I heard of a night,
That I would do anything to escape to

Although I know I would never be there
I dream of this place when I’m at home


I come from the stars burning bright
In the dark, black light,
Unseen in the day but shining at night
Forever showing but not always glowing

They shine with passion, an everlasting compassion
When the darkness arrives the stars collide
You are the flame lighting up my fire
Oh the bright, glowing stars.

Because of Us

We are killing the earth,
We are hurting the earth,
We are burning and melting and flooding the earth.
We need to help the earth for our people,
Young people, old people, poor people, rich people are in danger,
In this world that is becoming stranger,
Because of us,
This world is dying
Because of us.

Love is Blind

Love will turn you into a skewer,
Love will skin you with a potato peeler,
Love will summon a demon on you,
Love will never have mercy,
Love will make you fight to stay alive,
Love will pick you up when you fall,
Love will make you feel full,
Love will make you feel at home,
Love will never forget,
Love is beautiful

You Cried

As if I wasn’t meant to care
As if I wasn’t supposed to cry
As if I should have gone home
And put my music on to blare.
As if all that was said was bye
As if it was a common occurrence

As if you understood what it was like be alone
You cried when she broke up with you
Well I’m sorry for all of that
I’m hope you’re not too shaken,
But don’t call yourself my friend,
When you stab my back in the end

Ray of Sun

Like a moth to a flame,
I’ll remember your name ,
The memories and thoughts of you
Although I’d rather forget,
I can’t let go yet,

Please tell me what I should do
Because with each passing day,
And every sunray,
I just hope you’ll remember me too

Deep Breath

I realized that to be alive I had to be less afraid,
I’ve never been afraid of darkness,
I’ve never been afraid of snakes,
I’ve never been afraid of spiders,
But I’ve always feared the unknown
I’ve never been afraid of loosing him,
I’ve never been afraid of loosing them,
I am afraid of being alone

Without risking things, you won’t learn anything new,
If I hadn’t risk so many things, I’d never en found me,
I’d never found you
So take a deep breath and
You’ll find yourself stronger than
You ever thought before
So I did it, I lost my
Fear and I gained my whole life

Here To Stay

There was a time, nothing really mattered.
When life was a game and responsibility was a fairy tale.
When you could sit around all day without a care ,
And no-one would bat an eyelid
Then one day it all will change.
Like a wave knocking you off your board
With expectations, reality and rules.
No longer can you relax and play.

Now you must grow up, be a man they say,
The words you must be strong echo through your head.
Something has changed. And nothing will be the same
You now have things to achieve,
A need to somehow prove yourself,
To make people proud, to do you’re part.

Your family, friends, they may feel the same
But you don’t know, you never ask and they never tell.
Its not something you can describe.
Nor something you can wish away.
It’s a feeling, a world, a place, and it’s here to stay.

The Wedding

The day of the wedding was a day to remember.
The culmination of so many months of planning,
Preparation and anticipation and f anxiety
And of interest in what it would be like.

As the days counted down and the day drew closer,
It felt surreal. What would happen when it finally came?
How would it go? Finally, the day arrived.
People gathered outside the church, some I knew,

We headed inside, for the long wait.
The husband stood anxiously, on the altar
She finally came, as happy as could be.
The father was tearful, his only daughter now married

They carried out the ceremony, it went by fast.
The rings, the readings, the vows, and the kissing,
The man and wife left the church, their first moment together.
There was the photos, and a bit of the drinking!

We headed to the reception, looking forward to the evening.
The wait wasn’t too long, the service was! The meal was delicious,
Everything you could dream of, except for the feeling sick.

And now for the dancing. I danced with no end in sight,
But I never tired. The dancing went on and on and on
I left at last, a day I’ll never forget!


The garden is my life, here is where
I find my religion or faith,
My soul is in the soil this very earth,
My god is the soil he gives the plants the hope to survive,

This is the hope to survive, to live, to thrive.
The garden is my kingdom here is where I find my hope,.
Autumn is the best time in the garden as it is a transition
between the fruits and warmth of summer and the bleak winter.


Summer days gone
But never forgotten
Miss the bright nights
And the hot weather
Now summer is gone and
The cold nights are arriving
Summer summer come again

Follow The Light

I saw a light and that light shined
So bright it lit up the darkened sky
I wish I could fly to the light
But I’m stuck where I am
This place is dark this place cold
I’m stuck and cant escape
All the anxiety’s way me down

As I walk through the halls
All the balls coming at me at practise
Sending me into doubt of my 1st touch
Doubt is a way of weighing one down
And sending them to negativity
The mind is a complex space
You can get lost if you don’t follow the light

What is Love

Love can hurt
Love can pain
Love can please
But love is seeked
Love is love
Love is meaningful
Love is hard
But love will always be everywhere

It’s These Things

It’s slow walkers when your in a hurry
Its when you need to buy something but you don’t have money
It’s people giving an opinion without being asked
Or having to listen to something but you don’t give a crap
It’s when people Insult you and couldn’t care Less
Or when you come home from school and your room is a mess
Those are the things that make me upset

Crazy Love

Love makes you crazy but it can also hurts sometimes
Love is a good feeling that you can find everywhere
Sometimes you can think that you have find the right person
And then you realize that it wasn’t the right person.


Three of them, Four including me.
Some older, some younger,

Some stronger, some weaker,
Some smarter, some dumber

Some unbearably annoying, some boring,
Some steal, some get stolen from.

We bicker from time to time,
But the underlying condition is that in the end,

No matter what happens,
We stick up for each other in times of need.

Climate Change.

The worlds beauty seems to lessen more and more each day,
The edges of our planet are beginning to fray.

It’s getting much hotter and harder to breath,
As temperatures rise and so do our seas.

Weather patterns change and animals are dying,
Famines run rampant our resources crying.

All of this sadness and all of this pain
People still claim that we’re going insane.

We need to take action and stop it right now,
so that tomorrow is not our earths final bow.


Love will summon a deceased Koala,
Calling to your home at the dead of night,
Love will find arson in your serenity,
A warm yellow window of candlelight.


Dance is something I enjoy,
But constantly comes with the fear of being a boy ,
An art form which is a work of art,
Can give me a pain in my heart,

Fears of being judged circle my brain,
With a passion I’m just trying to attain,
I wish people could be more open,
So boys in this art form are not being stolen.

Better Tomorrow

Every person has a different story
Every day a new chapter being written
Everyone praying they write a story of glory
Most only get a line of sorrow
Many hope for a better tomorrow
You got to think once in a while
Is this all just a cycle of trial?


We don’t notice colour right?
Colour is everywhere.
Green grass, blue skies
Red roses, yellow sun
I notice colour
I notice it everywhere
Colour of my skin, colour of my eyes
I wish i didn’t know colour as well as i do

There Once was a Girl

A dream full joy and love who never think that nothing will go wrong.
She was a bundle of joy which had turned into a bundle of anger.
She was named before she had spoken and bruised because she had a open mind.
She had thought no one will let her down but how wrong was she now.

When she leapt for things people knocked her down because she thought to try
People glared instead of cared and never gave her a single kind word
But that never stopped her as they might have tried
to chop off her wings but she never gave them a single feather.

He Will

He’ll make you feel loved
He’ll treat you like a queen
But underneath he’s not what he seems
You’re his pride and joy
But he’s really not your boy
You’ll fall for his act
And that’s a fact

From A Girl

From a girl who’s never truly been happy,
to a girl who’s heart still managed to get broken,
That day in October her mind was truly awoken.
from therapy to school, it was a constant cycle.
And just to be happy, she prayed to those disciples.
and for her dad who completely drove her mad,
I hope she gains some strength,
as she’s come a far enough length.

The Jump

I line up for my jump, I feel the breeze hit my face,
The knots in my stomach rolling around.
As I get closer to my mark it’s
As if the knots were getting tighter and tighter,
The adrenaline kicks in as if it’s swarming my body

The time comes for the moment where I jump.
I run with the wind powering at me, each step making a stomp
For when I hit the board I leap hoping I get a new PB.
For then in the end I land with my feet touching the sand
And for know I know my new PB out stands.


I come from the farm land of Annagh
Where the cows grazes and the calf run
The John Deere purs up and down the field
Sucking diesel like it does exist,
While the harvester blows the grass
Into the big Smith trailer,
And up on the pit the jcb is flat out,
Getting it all done in time for the dinner


We can look to the ocean and see
it’s beauty despite seeing how it floods,
We can look at fire and admire
its glow despite feeling it’s burn,
And yet when we look in the mirror
we see nothing but imperfection.

The Pitch

The pitch is the place I go to play
To meet my friends everyday
I love the way it makes me feel as it helps me heal
I hate the ups and downs as it makes me frown
But overall it is my town where I go to get a crown

True Faces

I come from a place that
everything’s about race
And if u do something wrong
you get shamed upon
When you live in these places
you see peoples true faces


Striking the sliotar
With a broken hurl
Hoping it won’t curl
Over the bar
Nearly smashing a car
Putting us ahead
“Aboi the kid”
Shouts my coach


Farming keeps me busy and keeps me off the streets
All I want is milking cows in summer mornings
Driving machines and cutting silage
fighting with the father and making up 5 mins later
going in for tae and a few slices of tart
this is me and this is all I want

Care Free

i miss the days i felt care free
Summer days were the good days
i miss going for walks on the beach
summer days need to be preached
Wish i could freeze time
and enjoy the warm breeze one last time

A Walk

Going for a walk a lot of things to talk about,
but you cant quite get them out of your mouth
the clouds are grey, tis going to rain
as your watching the horse in the field
wondering what it would be like to feel freedom
in your own kingdom with nothing to worry about
not a thought in your mind just something kind

The Sidelines

From years and years on the sidelines
with fear to scared to be who you are when your here .
scared if you do and scared if you dont .
finally someone who wont shut you down , wont call you a clown .
someone who cares and wants to be there .
forever you person but their not really here .

The Club

Belting a sliotar of the wall
Putting on a jersey feeling proud
To represent my town and club
And going out after too the pub

The Field

The field is the place I used to play,
The field is the place I go today.
The field is the place I go on walks,
The field is the place I go on long talks.

I Try

I try to be
I try to live
I try to see
no way to be
be myself
I could I would but if I should
I don’t know

Road Ahead

The road ahead is long and winding
with a steep hill up ahead
in the back of my mind i believe ill fail
as i know what the path will entail
but all the while ill stay defiant i cannot be kept down
i may fall fall and fall again but one day ill reach the top

The Tide

I’ll tell you this for free
You really should hear
It wasnt meant to be
I had too much fear.
I wanted to help
But I couldnt decide
All I could do was hear his yelp
While I watched the tide


All day everyday
It’s like a play
I dare to dream
I dare to be
Today Of all days
I want I need Life


Summer days to winters nights
To frost bite to long nights
The breeze in the trees
From poverty to high ends
I love this country but it doesn’t love me


Born on the third
Abuse I’ve never heard
My mothers not amber heard
My life has been happy
I dont want to get sappy


The dull sounds of Teachers Talking
Makes time go slow feeling like it’s stopping
To my sudden disarray
I have found myself at the end of the day

County Final

The match match was a draw,the birds went caw,
The sliotar in the air I jumped in the air like a hare,
I ran like the wind and when I got in front of the goals,
I felt the pressure and drove it over to win the County final


I come from somewhere
where the grass is green.
I come from somewhere
where the walls aren’t clean.
We do something’s that can be mean


Sport is in the blood
Played by all in the neighborhood
It Creates a sense of pride and joy
It’s inclusive for all to enjoy
There’s ups and downs
Visiting many sports grounds
Being the talk of town
After losing and going down
Or winning and holding the crown

A Mistake

A mistake can define me,
I cannot fail,
I have to make sure that my team does prevail.
We’re blamed at the back,
when we’re poor in attack.
Every time that we clear it,
More pressure – we fear it.


Hurling it is a top notch game
Love an ol fight or a few slaps
Playing with the boys gets me out
Hurlin keeps me out of trouble


I love playing basketball
and Chillin with the boys.
Basketball keeps my mind in line
and my friends have me grounded.
They are the two things I love most

After All

After all you’ve done and all you’ve said
I seem to think it’s all in my head
No matter what you’ve done to me
I will love you for eternity

And when I need you you aren’t there
But I don’t mind and you don’t care
But when the tables turn around
just know I won’t leave you on the ground .

Another Soul

I will always love the ones that do not love me
It makes me sad that they don’t see
How great we could be
Lots of love to be shared
But no one ever really cared
There will never be another soul
You are the only one that makes me feel whole

Better Than You

I hate slow walkers
I don’t like people who pretend
To be someone they’re not
I hate people who think
They’re better than you

Training Yourself

Again and again five times a week ,
in and out dancing about.
Training yourself to be the best
while getting very little rest.
Seeing your friends and your teachers
while doing what you love ,
while you parents go above and beyond
For the sport you love.


I can’t write poems
Even when I’m at home
Words are too hard to rhyme
I just don’t have the time
Ink black blue or red
They make me want to go to bed
Letters on the page
Might as well be deranged


Chocolate is yummy
It feels good in my tummy
Its better than honey.
You can have it on toast
Or eat it when on the coast
I love chocolate the most!

The Shops

Go off to the shops,
Get me some chops,
So I can make you a stew,
It may be a lot, but maybe do not,
Block up my loo.

I Hate

I hate the way school makes me feel,
I hate the way we are all dressed the same,
I hate the way we get up to early
I hate the way teachers make me feel.