St. Mary’s Secondary School, Nenagh.

Art by Lena Hnatiuk:

The Sea

I wake up and dream of the sea,
And all of the things i could be.
The second I see the blue surf,
All my worries are washed away.
But I know I can’t stay there,
Because I need to get back to reality,
And the second I leave the sea,
It all hits me like gravity.


I remember the day you said to me
That our love is one of destiny.
Now each day our love does grow,
Like an endless pile of snow.

From our rose cheeks our love does show,
Our hearts together in a bright glow.
Our love as deep as the sea,
Our love is one of mystery.

I adore the ways you speak to me,
My heart is locked with your key.
I dream of the day we can dance at night,
Me in a dress oh so white.

The many a day I have texted you,
Smiling cause our love is true.
You are my one true love
As I am your beloved dove.

Thoughts in the Sky

Looking up at the sky
Wondering what’s about to fly
That’s blue most of the time

And grey on the days its ready to cry
My emotions are like the sky
I want to be that bird

Ready to observe
Looking at everything go wrong
And thinking it wont be long
Until i fly down

Ready to face my fear
Remember my mother saying
“Its just life dear”

Wont be long till i can hover again
I want to be a bird
My emotions are like the sky

Don’t Look Back

Don’t look back at
The hurt in the pass
Don’t look back at
The issues that you had,
Don’t look at them
When you are trying to escape
Even if you are trying
Just look at yourself
Trying hard or not trying at all
Being save while being brave,
You just need to look at yourself
Feel that you are still on the earth.

A Man’s World

‘Boys will be boys’
That’s what they say
Don’t make too much noise
They tell me each day.
Don’t raise your voice,
Sit still and listen.

Leave that to the boys,
It’s not a competition.
But it is, everyday.
In every possible way,
In a world designed for men,
Where do I fit in?

A Challenge

Walking across the road on your own
Can feel like more than a challenge than life on its own.
They don’t realise the fear they create

When they fixate and try to initiate.
I’m not asking for it if I decide to wear a dress
Nevertheless you have no right to suppress.

End Of Day

Dead tree
Feel the need to pray
Lead me
Yo the end of the day


I love my sister dearly
But i fear deeply that the demons will appear
They love to jeer
And interfere with that intelligent mind
They take over and consume
And make me presume
The distance becomes great
But she will forever be my mate

The Clock

I look at the clock in relief to see
That this long dreaded day is over thankfully
The school week we all dread and hate,
A very hard environment
To be positive and create.

As Friday afternoon hits,
Our faces all swap
The weekend is here
It’s time to flop.

Relaxation time has arrived
And the socialising we all love,
Has a positive effect on us all
And all the people above.

On the Field

Filled with fear
Preparing for the big match
With expectations from our peers
The fear on our faces
Waiting for the whistle blow
We nod at our fellows
And bring on the big show!

The Gates

As soon as you walk through those gates,
You are pinned against your mates,

Be smart, be pretty, be better than the rest,
Imagine if we were told ‘just do your best’,

When you turn thirteen, your told you could do better,
When really this is all a completely new endeavor,

Your young, active and have the world at your disposal,
But all I wanna be is to be vocal.

In Spain

I was a at a beach in Spain
When a bee stung me
And i was in pain
I then got some water,
As the weather got hotter
I then grabbed some sun cream
And i put it on my back
After that i was hungry
So i got myself a snack
I went to swim in the sea
And had a cup of tea
I went home at nine
But i had a great time


I hate the pressure
The constant need for validation
The hate I give myself for not “doing good enough”
It ruins me

The “its just a stupid test”  “no need to stress”
The loud beating of my heart when I see the results
The “trying to hide” disappointed face on my parents
It ruins me

Others Will see

When you are in school
You have to act cool
But if you don’t work as well as a tool
Everyone will call you a fool
But what’s the point of
You pointing out something
When at the end of the day
For everyone it means nothing
So just be you then others will see
And they can be themselves too.

I Hate School

I hate the pressure to do my best
I hate walking up before sun
I hate the teachers that think their fun
I hate the way they treat us like were young
I hate the homework
I hate the tests
Even though i try my best


I sit in this prison cell
Told when to speak where to walk and how to act
In this modern day totalitarian fantasy
That is the Irish education system
The only crime is having any original thoughts
Or god forbid creativity
Our prison officers are power hungry maniacs
With an arts degree from some prestigious IT I’m sure


Love everyone but myself,
I love my family,
I love my friends,
I love my boyfriend,
I love my house,
I love my pets,
But i cant seem
To love myself,
And i cant seem to
Figure out why.


County Final

I was playing a county final,
I was late for the arrival,
I then got ready,
Began to stretch,
And then i checked my watch,
The match began,
And the nerves were high,
But we ended up winning,
And we were on a high


I have a dog
She loves the bog
She runs after a frog
She saw a hedgehog
I saw a hog
She saw a lot of fog
There is a flock of sheep
I heard a beep.

Here She Sits

Here she sits, in her usual spot
I call her name, whether she can hear me or not
She is very loud and loves her toy rat,
She is my deaf cat.


If you play sport,
I will support
But if you are short,
I will snort

Oh The Hate

I hate school
I hate getting homework
I hate when the teachers give us homework
I hate getting tests
I hate getting up for school
I hate when the teachers are cross
I hate my uniform
I hate learning stuff