St. Mary’s College, Arklow

Art by Sketchy Inc



I have a blonde friend
She is pretend.
Our friendship must end
So I must spend
Time alone
Sad to the bone
Now I am on my own
And I am changing my tone.
I’ll miss my blonde friend.
Even though she is pretend.
Our friendship will never end
Even though you were pretend.


The World is Loud and Wide

The world is loud and wide
The colours are bright and blinding
The noises continue through the night
There’s never a rest in my head
Full of thoughts and mess
Of confusion and self-doubt
Full of noises and brightness
And of blank and bold lights
But as the night draws out
And as the day falls still
The silence engulfs me as I drift
Gently off to a world of silence and slim.



When she sees him in town
She turns and walks the other way
Her heart beats at an erratic pace
He glances in her direction but takes no notice
Of the girl in the alley with a frantic face
Surrounded by people but in her own place.


Other Half

I’m happy when I’m with you
I know you would say
“Let’s not make this sappy”
So I’ll try not to.
You are my home
When you’re not near I feel alone
You make me laugh even though you’re half daft,
You buy me Percy pigs
In my room we have our own gigs.
We are soul-mates
No need for dates, for you
Are my best friend
My sister from another world.


Story Of Us

I want a love story
Like the ones in a fairy-tale
Where we savour each other’s glory
Beginning with you in a suit
And me in a white veil.


Boxes, Boxes, Box

My phone came in a box,
I stood in a box,
My shoes are in a box,
I think outside the box,
I will die in a box,
But when I look at you,
All I want to do,
Is give you a box.



I may seem crazy for noticing
The small bits about her
But how could I not when
Her eyes sparkle like diamonds
In the suns light
And anytime she laughs
She snorts and lights up
The whole room.

How her hair looks just as
Soft as the clouds themselves
Or how she swears
When she’s joking
And lights me up inside.

Maybe I’m just jealous,
Fellow girl to girl
But I can’t help but wonder
If she notices the small things
About me too.



shards of glass cut my skin, digging out all my
problems all the emotions that circle my mind
nothing I can share.