St Kevin’s Community College, Dunlavin, JSCP wRAPparound


walled in meaningless words forced in
no freedom walking in a pit of despair
“sit still don’t talk” feels like murder in the air
the only escape is the end of the day but memories
of the walls stick with the feeling of despair.



Halls of whispering burdens weigh,
Dragging boredom through the day.
With books and tests, a lifetime crawl,
These classroom lights we feel so small.

The teacher’s voice, a droning hum,
The bell that rings will not come
Graffiti drawn on desks and chairs,
We dream of freedom, but no one cares.


Sure, the lessons were tough, and the homework a bore,
But we faced it together, hoping to soar.

These broken down passions, boxing  and bikes
the cycling the gym that cover the nights
it blocks it all out, the school and the rain
the dread of the homework.
It blocks out the pain


Oh, school, a place of pain and despair,
The language of shame, the torture we share
From math to science, and history too,
Where will this take me? What will I do?

In classrooms filled with meaningless sadness
The spotlight of shame shines on our badness
From the top to the bottom nobody cares,
We just want to dream, but nobody dares.

This Decaying Kip

It has one name
Dunlavin the only thing dacent
is the gaaa pitch
and the road out of this hole
we drown pints
and craic and women
Avoid the junkies
love hunting and working
We go on living
it does be some craic
farming is savage
with a broken back
This decaying kip
in the country side
the peaceful views
my savage bride.


Killing Rats

This is we’re at
This is where it happens
we’re out here killing rats
shorting foxes dying spasms

At Kevin’s big Kip hole
Bad love tractors
Some lad stole

Tis better to have the crack
then have no crack at all.
And love to kill the thing you love
Just to watch it fall.


I come from dunlavin
hate school
can’t wait to leave
the kip on d weekend
Ya better believe
I do go jiving and
knock back pints
a bit of da crak
on Saturday nights
love a bit of gambling
the flutter horse racing
and poker few weman
you know what I’m facing.