St Joseph’s Secondary School, Rochfortbridge


The clock has ticked down to dinner-time again
I’m alone
Cold lasagne on the plate. It’s been the same goddamn lasagne for 2 whole years. Every day, at 6 o’clock.
But it’s not just lasagne that I see anymore. There’s a whole world in there – a paradox of feelings, taking me to distant angles and thoughts that are only ever there in my dreams.
You say a pile of meat, I say a pile of hope and imagination. To the germ on my fork, this lasagne is a whole universe, a vast space of rolling cheese-comets and vast plains of pasta.
How many maggots could I feed with this monster on my plate? How many buckets of wonder could I fill? How could any being be beautiful enough to consume this wonderful, confusing lasagne?
Well, it does taste pretty good. I could hardly let it go to waste, could I?


Give me Strength

God i wish i had the courage to think
I wish i had the will to stop the drink
The caffine coursing through my veins
I havnt slept in days
Im tired
Im tired
Pleas3 help me im tired
Let me live without fear of judment
Let me live without fear of shame
Let me live in a world without hunger
Let me live in a world without pain
Conflicting thoughts run through my head back and forth
Like a dog chasing nothing
But if these i confront these perelous demons i fear i may end up dead
I cant speak freely
I cant act freely
I cant dress freely
I cant think freely
Not worth my while to be me
Far to much to lose so i will let it be
No matter how sad i am i am a slave to the imaginary judgers that plague my mind
But all i wish for in the end is a little more time



Panic, It’s class and my friends aren’t in,
Panic, People are laughing behind me,
Panic, I hear my name,
Panic, I want to go home,
Panic, I can’t go home,
Panic, Someone’s calling my name,
Panic, Their saying they like something,
Panic, Is it honest or not,
Panic, I’ve to speak infornt of the class,
Panic, dodjvndjwkskcodwkwkskxjxndjdndn


What Love Is

I don’t know how to explain it, It’s like a feeling of safety,
Like getting a big warm hug, from your uncle or auntie,
Feeling like your on a high, instead of a low,
The nicest feeling, you can get in your soul,
Love is magical, beautiful and bright,
The kindest thing, and the loveliest sight,
But be careful with love, it’s a powerful thing,
For love can be scary, and ever so daring.


A Safe Space

This is my safe space, this is my home,
A side of me that no one knows,
Expressing my true self when I’m alone
Writing my true self throughout my highs and lows,
Lying to myself out on the street
Without these lines I can’t be me,
A part of me that’s incomplete,
Words on a page being my best influence.


Broken Connection

Have I lost connection from my close friends, to the point our relationship rides to its end.
From years ago I very much miss how our cheerful moments lost in the mist.
Is the distance between us too far apart, where we’re too late to restart.
I must begin to keep my relationships stronger
and become a closer friend, so I can keep my relationship last longer.


Who I am

I know who I am
I am football
Football is all I have
And it’s all I’m ever ment to have

Kicking a ball around
Making it go around and around
Brings me joy
It brings me love

Playing football is life
It’s all Iv every liked
Iv always been slagged
But that’s because they’re all bags

Slagging hurts
It always will
But just two foot their son
And you will live.


Stormy Night

Leaving a girl you love, oh the sorrow it brings,
like a stormy night, with tears that sting.
you’ve kept your feelings hidden, afraid to speak,
but now you must leave, and your heart it breaks.
you’ve shared so many moments, laughter and tears, but now u must say bye, without any fears. you’ve grown to care for her, deeply and true, but you’ve got to go, and leave her behind, too. the memories of her, you’ll always keep, and though you’ve left, your heart will never sleep. And when u think about her your heart will skip a beat, and wonder what we could’ve been, but for now, you must move on, and let her live her dream. leaving behind the girl you love, and more. you’ll cherish the memories, and hold them tight, but for now, goodbye, and goodnight.


It’s a kip
The schools fierce weird
The classrooms stink
And a first year with a beard

The students are odd
Dont know what to think half the time
Someones bags been zip locked
Oh- shoot that’s mine

The prefabs are cold
You wouldnt be long getting frostbite
And if your hungry weve a canteen
But the foods very shi-

I can feel my brain melting
As I watch people roll in the dirt
Oh god please help me
I’m gonna fail the leaving cert.


Fields of Green

In fields of green, where cows graze free,
On Irish soil, a farm for me.
With siblings close, in laughter’s charm,
One brother strong, two sisters warm.
Amongst the herd, our childhood spun,
In harmony, beneath the sun.
On this dairy land, our hearts unfurled,
A family bond, in an Irish world.

Nothing worse

Than a pen painful to the very end.
A brush or pencil will do well other wise it’s just hell.

So much pressure
No Mistakes with a pen it’s up to fate.
Sure pens are a useful tool
but I don’t know why there used for school.

Gaelic football

A game so grand
Played with heart and skillful hand
On the field heroes unite
In pursuit of victory shining bright

With every kick and every score
The crowd erupts they all adore
The passion the speed the thrill
Gaelic football a joy to fulfill.

I Will Never Forget

One thing I’ll never forget, is when you took your last breath

You made me a promise, I just wish you were honest

You may not always be here
But I’ll always rember your laugh and cheer

I love you lots
And you will forever be in my thoughts.


Lipstick on a pig

Growing up you see your sister do her makeup why is she doing that u ask for beauty she says
At this young age you take what she says and put it in the back of your mind as you grow older and society standards get colder you realise there is a certain way of looking a way of presenting yourself to others when you see other people you wonder why can I look like them and it dosent matter how much makeup you put on or how you do your hair you learn to realise you will never be like those girls with the pin straight hair or the sausage curls with glossy pearls or perfect teeth with dimples on each cheek you’ll forever realise you’ll never be like those girls because your just putting lipstick on a pig.


Through Thick and Thin

Insecurities and societal norms,
She’ll rise above weathering any storms ,
With a heart so pure and dreams so bright ,
She’ll shine her light, spreading love and delight


Open Hand

Amidst the whispers
of stigma,
the plant
stands tall,
Five green leaves
an open hand
a beacon of resilience and possibility,
reminding us
that even in the face of adversity,
there is potential for growth,
healing, and change.



A place I miss so much
All the people, the places, the sun and such
But I look around and I couldn’t be more grateful
For the move and the change that have made my heart full
For the people that now surround me
The places I’ve been and the places I’ll be
When I look at the world around of me
My grin that spreads is wild and carefree.


No Regrets

Don’t wait for tommorow
Do it today
If tommorow doest come
You won’t regret a day



As the wind blows into my ears
I prepare for my final moments on this planet
I have been shunned out by my peers
And my fate is truly set

I prepare to fall
From this great big bridge
“Ill wait another 20 seconds”
I was always scared of dying but this could be a fix

For every second that passes makes every second longer
I stand closer go the edge getting ready to jump
I put one foot over the edge forcing myself to fall
I cant believe that this is it i cant wait for it go be all over

As the watee rushes closer
Faster than an f1 car
I begin to wonder
Is this a bad call?

I begin panic
Regretting my leap
All i hear is static
As the water creeps even closer

Thats it, im going to die
Its all actually over
I hit the water violently
Smashing into the liquid

Goodbye forvever
I wish you cared
I cant belive this is what it came to
I wish i wasn’t so scared.


I am a very venerable person
With a depicted reality
After losing people you love
And no characteristic
for a woman in sight
Maybe will this be different
than any other night.



Life’s simple,
just be happy,
Play, laugh,
and keep it


Fresh morning air

With no worries and no care,
Horses calling asking to be fed and people balling saying please five more minutes in bed,
But as you through your leg across you have all gain and no lose, as you get down to the gallop horses starting to rear people trying to steer,
Then your off as fast as you can trying to remember the bosses plan, wind in your hair with no worries and no care.


The Game

The sound of the ball hitting the net
Touches someone’s confidence
The game so fast
Teams wanting dominance

Sport always touches someone
Where they have never been before
An all Ireland Final can make you dream
Or make you remember what life was like before

As you take the final shot
Your heart jumps a beat
Everyone watching with mouths open
Your team goes home in defeat.


Quad Bikes

Riding quad bikes with the lads, what a thrill,
Roaring engines and adrenaline, we can’t sit still.
Through muddy trails and open fields we fly,
With laughter and excitement, reaching the sky.

We tear through the dirt, leaving tracks behind,
Feeling the freedom, the wind in our minds.
Jumping over hills, feeling the rush,
Our quad bike adventures, an adrenaline flush.

With our helmets on and goggles in place,
We conquer the terrain, at our own pace.
The camaraderie we share, the memories we make,
On quad bikes, my friend, we’ll never break.

So let’s rev up the engines and hit the road,
Together on quad bikes, our spirits explode.
The thrill of the ride, the joy that it brings,
With the lads on quad bikes, our hearts sing.



Imagine finding out your superpower is a curse.
The thing you have been praised for all your life,
‘Your so empathic’, it’s a great trait.

But as you get older I have realised its not.
Everything I’ve said or done lives inside of me
It festers and scarpes along my insides causing physical pain
‘Did I hurt this person?’ ‘Do they hate me now’

I forgive they boy who hurt me without a seconds hesitance.
Just so I don’t hurt his feelings
One day
One day I’m going to get angry
And all these emotions will boil out

I’ll say,
I scream as everything I’ve pushed down for others sakes come clawing out of me
Nails dug in my throat, forcing these words out

Or maybe I won’t.
Maybe I’ll continue to be the perfect daughter.
The best friend who allows her boyfriend to date her best friend.
The girl who is ‘sound’ as she doesn’t complain.



Rugby is a game of skill and power
Only the best can strive and tower
With scrums and plays
You can spend your days
Having fun and getting strong
Rugby is a game of skill and power
Don’t turn it into something sour.



Oh Dublin, what a sketchy place,
Bunch of travelers causing trouble in the local Mace.
Then there is the president, an artefact of the past,
Needless to say he will die very fast.
We move to clondalkin, where the scumbags are,
Having street fights and getting rowdy in the bar.
Finally, tallaght, a shoppers dream,
Coffee shops and overpriced ice cream.
So there you go, dublin is a kip,
If you are doing a tour of ireland, dublin is a place you should try to skip.


Do you like her hot or cold
How are we to know
Whether or not she will be hot or cold
Mullers you little gem

Rusheen taken by surprise
As sleep crosses her mind
She dozes off to sleep
Rusheen you little lazy bean


Emosh Dump

I hate how you unload everything on me
Why do you do it if it doesnt help,
I never know what to say,
I always try to help,
But you never listen to me,
Ive tried my hardest to help,
And to stop you,
But you always try it anyways.


100 Burgers – A Love Story

I want 100 hamburgers
I want 100 burgers with 100 fries
I want 100 cheeseburgers
I want 100 cheeseburgers, up to my thighs
I want what i cannot have
I want 100 too many, for children cry

I want 100 hands to pull me under
I want 100 children to feed on me, for i am a slut
I want 100 hamburgers
They want 1 hamburgers, i am hamburgers.


Sunshine Spell

Flowers and
a sweet
together joy



I sometimes dream of whoppers
Lettuce as green as a grasshopper
Oh my, the taste beautiful as clean dishes
The shine radiates like I wish she takes my forgiveness.

I pray to Christ every night in somber regret
I’m stuck in lifelong debt
For now I think about whoppers to soothe my pain.
I have lost everything, I had nothing to gain
But I still have whoppers, they have not died in vain.



In the Village of Blarney
There’s one magic stone.
They say when you kiss it,
You’re put in “the zone.”
You talk and you gab and
Your words are so glib
That it matters not least
If it’s truth or a fib.
So it’s lie through your teeth
Or its truth that you own.
It’s all in the gift
of the kissed Blarney Stone.


The Face

The face of man is bad
The face of man is sad
The face of man is good
The face of man is misunderstood