St Joseph’s Patricians, ‘The Bish’, Galway

Moonlit Whispers

Another restless night, I roam,
My bed is like a sleepless throne.
Moonlit whispers call out to me,
Yet I resist their nocturnal pleas.
Eyes heavy, yet mind defiant,
In the night’s grip, I remain noncompliant.
Dawn’s arrival, a reluctant scene,
As slumber’s embrace remains a dream.

Do You

Picture you, I don’t know your picture, can you paint it for me?
And can you take out all the man that’s gonna taint it for me?
And can you take out all the girls that’s gonna waste it for me?
Or illustrate how you’re gonna get to all these places for me?
And if you can’t, then don’t worry G, you got time
But you just need to paint a picture, or just sketch a draft
‘Cause, how you know you’re going down the wrong road
If you’re in a dark place, and you don’t select a path.


I’m just a lost soul in the underworld
Controlled by those who obsess with their wealth
I don’t know how to find myself
Yet those who think they’re above me
Mould me to become what they need
Society makes you believe
you need to embrace normality
When what makes you special
is what you value yourself.



Perfect can come in a size or a shape
But to me is comes as a ball
All I can really say is that it helps me escape
When it’s at my feat the world comes to a hall,
But my hopes and dreams will never becoming a reality
All I can do is enjoy it while it last
My only wish is that it can stay as the normality
But who knows maybe it will disappear fast.


Cold Iron

In gyms where iron clinks and clatters,
A realm where muscles grow and matter,
CrossFit reigns, a fiery domain,
Where strength and sweat together train


Just One

Just a person in a world of many,
The many not happy that have everything.
Obsessing over wealth with no happiness.
Happiness is everything ,
but the truth is crazy in a world full of lies .


I find joy

I find joy through the imagination of the author
through the words printed on the pages
opportunities through the hidden meanings
excitement through the plot twists
I find empathy through the made-up characters
frustration through the form of the villains
satisfaction through the closing words
I find myself through books.


Forgotten Fakes

We all hear fake laughs
and see new clothes galore,
we all feel fake
when we walk through the door.
New hobbies, new friends,
turning mental,
We all forget
how our parents raised us to be gentle.
Nevermind the country
nevermind the gangsters,
We all know we’re fake
when we take in the factors.
Hidden intrests are all that we hide,
but what does it matter
if we turn our life to a lie?

Cutting Glass

Out there it’s so quiet
so calm
so soothing
Away from everything
Out there cutting glass,
my work
my sweat
my blood.


Galways greens fields and busy city.
The aran islands and the cliffs of moher.
The blue sky and the blue sea .
Eire square and black rock .
Gaa pitches soccer astros and basketball courts .
The rivers and lakes.
The quiet countryside filled with animals
the busy schools and traffic.
County Galway is my home



Pushed back hair, wimpy frame, and braces,

Their heads looking down to hide their scared faces,

Living in fear through their clear glasses

These nerds can’t go a day without a boot going up their asses,

Behind these glasses lays intellect that’s impeccable,

It’s just a shame that they always get kicked in the genitals,

Some day, these nerds will save the world

And this is because in school, they observed.




My father is a tradesman
Bears the wet and cold days
Bad back, Bad Pay
54 hours for 12 hours on Sunday.


The Call

Love is the call you get from a loved one when you need it most
From the dark winter evenings
To the bright summer haze
Love is with us wherever we go
From spending time alone swallowed by your dreary thoughts
To enjoying the little moments with friends
Love is truly appreciated when you grasp the understanding of the ever present word


To Be the Best

All I want is to achieve
Test results can always improve
Times can be faster than the week before
The thought is terrifying
Watching opportunities fall through your fingers
While others sit in your seat of success
My years goal is simple and attainable,
But the seat in the boat seems so far away
Up and downs, highs and lows
My motivation never falter.


Galway Halls

In Galway’s halls, where friendships are formed,
We study hard, our minds transformed.
But when the final bell rings, the game’s in sight,
We hit the rugby field with all our might.

With muddy fields and cheering crowds,
We chase the oval ball, amidst the clouds.
Tackles and tries, the thrill never ends,
As we play the game with Galway’s best friends.

Through rain and wind, we push ahead,
With passion and skill, we’re fearlessly led.
From school to rugby, our hearts align,
In Galway, our dreams intertwine.

So here’s to school days and rugby’s embrace,
In Galway’s spirit, we find our place.
Learning and playing, side by side,
In this city we love, where dreams collide.


Galway City

We come from a place where people sleep on the floor
and others sleep on the third floor,
some have too much money
and some are cold and slummy during the day
These are the streets of Galway
We come from a place where
we see people living their dreams
and people watching there’s fade away, These are the streets of Galway


Oh, the Wild West

Better than the rest
Where the buskers light up streets
With their cheerful music and beats
The atmosphere on Shop Street can’t be bet
And the famous Christmas market, let’s not forget
This is our home, it’s so pretty
I love living in Galway city


My world

I live in a world where if your different your weird
For a poem to be good it has to rhyme
If you try and be yourself your feared
Where money is valued more than time
But at the end of the day
There’s only one way to live your life
And listen when I say
The only thing that matters is to have a good time


Liverpools win,

Liverpool a great delight
Liverpools win, a great sight
Liverpools win, the game was tight
Liverpools win, on a cold anfield night

Europes conquered, like never before
The comback v Barca can’t be ignored
When Gini appeared the crowd roared
He came on and 2 he scored


Blue Skies

The sky was blue it was summer time
Farmers cutting silage all over the country
Combine harvesters racing to the fields
For harvest season wasn’t a long time away
Oh summer time, summer time, summer time


I wish

I could soar like a bird through the sky,
have an infinite supply of Nutella,
walk through a door that takes me anywhere,
experience the freedom above the clouds,
I wish I could own a pet dragon,
I wish I could finish everything that I started,
I wish I could finish this poem but I can’t think of anything else to write.


Rural Sketch

I grew up living in the rural countryside
With no one living by my side
Farmers working hard every day
Trying to earn their standard pay
Cows mooing birds chirping
Couples walking past always flirting.
Seeing happy families made me jealous
If only i could experience something as precious


Sport Crash

This was a sport I loved so well
It ended because of old fashioned fool
He is the only one I hate I hope he goes to hell
He is old enough to be grandfather he is a huge tool
He fat shamed and embarrassed me
He is the biggest hypocrite I’ve seen
As he is a fatest bastard there’s ever been
He was brought to make us better rowers but drove so many of us away, every word that he said hurt me more and more
The end


Where the Sun Shines

Where I come from the sun shines upon the bay,
A place of beauty that I see everyday,
This is a place that I love and admire,
Although this is a place that my heart does not desire.

A place so vast and blue,
A place where I can fly so high,
A place where it is just me and the sky,
My hearts true desire is to be in the cockpit up so high.


In a World

In a world of machinery and conflict,
Natures beauty fades more each year,
From shrinking woods to mindless pollution,
Our planet scarred by human wrath,
Only we can heal and cherish, to protect
And serve our planet.

The ball is a note

For players to play the most
Crowds cheering and whistling
While players are glissing
We play in the stormy nights
And windy days
We play for praise
We could play football for days.


Rustling Hustle

The rustling of tinfoil clouded my head
As the lunch bell rung, all the students fled
Back to their class, to their same old seat
In front of them lay a blank paper sheet
“Scribe your thoughts” the teacher said
As I stared at my vandalised desk, no ideas ahead
And so I think about what I could write
The only thing I figured is this utter tripe


Summer Wish

How I wish summer would arrive,
To melt away the ice,
That remains in my heart,
The golden sun and clear blue skies,
Would surely impart,
Much needed radiant warmth,
On my cold heart.


Mo Salah

Mo Salah Mo Salah
Running down the winggggg
Salah la la la la la la la la la
The Egyptian King



Football is for those who are skilful
Although some challenges might be painful
The sprinkle of water off the wet soggy grass
Whilst you try to make a decisive pass
Defenders typically big and strong
Who some are built the gorilla kong
The attackers getting all the goals
The goalkeepers stopping the ball as it rolls

Average School Day

Sitting in a chair 6 hours a day
Each day slowly feeling my imagination fade away
Waiting for the clock to let me leave
Heading home feeling a breeze
Walking up a hill that is steep
Lying in bed drowsing to sleep



Trying to make it to your desired reality
Instead heading towards your calamity
Soon to be Hungry, soaked and homeless
A sinner remains forever hopeless.


Soccer is a sport
But it’s more than just a game
It’s not just about scoring goals
The hype or the fame
Once you play
You’ll understand the claim
Soccer is a personality that has grown on me
And is not a feeling that you can just tame.

School is not too bad

Although I am delighted
I can’t but feel sad
When I watch man united
I like to play soccer
It’s fun to play with mates
And when it’s sunny
We don’t go home till eight
We like to play in public
If u don’t your a sublic.


Trying to make it to your desired reality
Instead heading towards your calamity
Soon to be Hungry, soaked and homeless
A sinner remains forever hopeless

Football Poem

a football is my habit
although I can’t grab it
kicking it away
can take the game to bay
take the coaches advice
or ye will pay the price
with teamwork and skill we strive
when we score we feel alive.

My Slang

Do understand
my slang
and my sense of humour.
3 nights at hotel
In the city of palms
I’d start a riot and no I’m not alright.

It’s cold

Ur hands are numb
Ur feet are almost too
The ball skids fast Along the frosty dew
Like a puck on ice
U receive ball
U feel like ur home
It’s nice


I hate school

I hate the concept of school I don’t want to go to an office job waiting for Friday to come I don’t like having to wake up early to go to school I don’t like the teachers always nagging and shitetalking on about assignments and homework for being late and for gonog to the bathroom I understand stuff easily but I can’t express myself properly I love excersise it clears my mind It’s a release of energy helps me clear my mind get rid of stress and I dotn have to explain myself to anyone.

The Rolling Hills

Over the rolling hills a light will come,
Tis the great gentle sun,
To see this view
Everytime at just a peep,
And to see you
In your deep sleep,
It Is but a dream for me,
That might never come true,
Nevertheless I’ll still have that sky blue.

Every Day

I go to school every day in Galway.
And I am enjoying ty.
But some of the days I feel that ty is a waste of time.
When we sit around in the classroom doing nothing.
It is hard to enjoy.
Although when we have trips and workshops there is a lot of joy.
I walk home after school and think about the day.
And I go home and wait to do the same again.


I Dream

I dream about this girl day and night
She is the sun in my light
I love her but she doesn’t know
All I want is her to see the real me
I love this girl ever day and night.


Adin Ross

In the streaming realm where stars arise,
Where gamers thrive and laughter flies,
A figure stands amidst the crowd,
Adin Ross, with chat endowed.

From humble starts, he forged his way,
With humor bright and games to play,
His journey started, young and bold,
With dreams and goals yet to unfold.

With Fortnite’s battles, he took flight,
Engaged his viewers day and night,
His wit and charm, a vibrant thread,
Through screens, his presence widely spread.

The world of Twitch, his chosen stage,
Where laughter echoes, turning the page,
Adventures shared, in pixels gleam,
In every frame, a streaming dream.

His passion, streaming’s pulsing beat,
Connecting hearts with each retweet,
Through highs and lows, he stood his ground,
In the online world, a king he’s crowned.

Collabs and friendships, bonds so strong,
With fellow streamers, getting along,
His energy, a guiding force,
In this digital universe, a powerful source.

Yet fame can bring its weighty toll,
A life on display, a challenging role,
With eyes on him, the pressure mounts,
Adin Ross perseveres, no doubts.

He shares his world, both bright and dark,
With honesty, he leaves a mark,
A streamer, yes, but more than this,
A human soul, amidst the bliss.

Through laughter, tears, and heartfelt talks,
He walks the path, through digital blocks,
Adin Ross, a name that shines so bright,
In streaming’s galaxy, a guiding light.

So here’s to Adin, bold and true,
His journey vibrant, his spirit grew,
In every stream, a story told,
Adin Ross, forever bold.


Up the pool

winning the cup
Salah running down the win
Like lackagh down dangan
Clangan is my inspiration.


That Guy

There’s this guy on the team,
you know,
Wearing the jersey,
feeling the vibe,
Hoping for cheers,
dreams to revive.

He’s our center halffff

He’s our number fourrrr,
Watch him defenddddd,
And we watch him scoreeee,
He’ll pass the balllll
Camp as you like,
He’s virgin van dijk
He’s Virgil van dijk