St. Joseph’s Patrician College (The Bish) , Galway

Art by Mark Conlan:


Our Lonely Battle

Conforming to society, is dying within,
From talk to walk, to get in line with your brethren.
Our adverse reactions are not uncommon,
as we try to make ourselves feel common
It is like we cannot stand out or we will face bad mouth.
Being different isn’t right or wrong,
society a tyrant,
that hides in plain sight,
waiting for you to join and take flight.
People are like walls they enclose us, they isolate, make it feel dark,
when all you need is some
brightness, encouragement, a spark.
All you need is light in your life
to break society to stop the strife.
If not it may create a scar one that shows
the raw emotional loss
from the brutal battle
That you poignantly lost.
As conforming to society, is dying within,
From talk to walk, to get in line with your brethren.
Soldiers we are but our battle isn’t against death.

My Own Thoughts

Thoughts wondered my mind lonely as a cloud,
My brain surrounded with a huge smoke of worry,
The chair can be a dangerous place.
My own thoughts drowning the buzzing of the barbers tools,
I say it is a dangerous place to be,
Because you can feel ever so lonely.
Your mind is a crazy thing,
It is amazing when you run with it,
However, as they say, ‘Not everything is perfect’
It’s scary when you let it drift,
Overthinking things leaves you with only one thing,
You’re broken heart, with a rift
So the next time you are there,
In the lonely barbers chair,
Don’t let yourself wonder,
Instead, of your barber, become fonder.

This Feeling

His eyes light up when they meet mine,
Everything falls silent, The air grows warm,
I focus on one thing and one thing only,
How amazing I find you.
Our faces become closer as if it’s sudden, because I’m not paying attention to anything except the fact that you amaze me.
Our lips touch, with simultaneously feeling warm and cold, whilst feeling comfy as well.
Life becomes something else, something happy, something I’m thankful for with all my heart.
I love this feeling.

Bright Shining Light

Life is a hammer, picking at broken glass
You may be broken, but it’ll go at you
But there will always be people, thinking about you
People do care, even if you don’t see it
But during the worst, you gotta believe it
It’ll all be over soon
Just look at the moon, The bright shining light
Even in the darkest of night


Everyday we wake up, looking to start anew
Breath of fresh air, cup of tea
Going to school, meeting friends
But there’s one thing that bothers me
Discrimination exists
Black Lives Matter, just want racial equality
LGBTQ, just looking to be treated by society like everyone else
Feminism, fighting for women’s rights
Why can’t everyone be treated the same
Men told to ‘Bottle up their emotions’ and ‘Hide it away’
‘Man up’ they say, why can’t we cry
Suicidal rates, rising and rising
More people with mental illnesses everyday
The world ain’t right, that’s a fact
People dying in war everyday
Soldiers, civilians suffering day and night
Terrorism, gangs, why can’t their just be peace
Climate change, threatening our existence
How are future generations going to cope?
Corrupt leaders, corrupt politicians
Power-hungry demons just wanting control
A message to our people, a message to our future
We have to act fast, we have to act now


Where there’s food on the table
My thoughts are at bay
knowing I am blessed, to rest another day
I fell into the arms of those who love me
Forever & always will be, in my heart they stay
Pride in the place I stay, who is there to stay
Knowing I can walk with my head up High, heart behind, with lighter skies ahead of me
I’m a happy lobster, what else can I say
The home I have is all I’ll ever need
In my heart they stay, whom love so dearly,
forever safe within your arms,
away from harms way
Unconditional love, I see know, so clearly
“I love you too” was before so thin
Life is strong, life is healthy
Over the fog, I’m able to stay,
Ahead of the game, It appears
from you, made possible, please god stay

Mind thoughts

We’re all born and fed information from an early age
Good or bad makes no difference to our minds
Shaping our beliefs and our day-to-day life
growing-up and beginning to understand, we should start anew and rebuild our belief system
becoming who we want and achieving what we want allowing us to become the greatest versions of our self’s
Which to me is what everyone should strive for in life, achieving greatness and then beyond


Staring at the ceiling every thought in my mind,
Anxiety and stress not a good one I could find,
The rain on my skylight window can keep me awake each night,
But for you it may seem like all is alright,
The cloud above my head darkens my sight,
And behind my open eyes my brain is alight


Love is great to the good and bad.
Sometimes the unlucky are not so glad,
To be stuck in an endless pit of pain, forever left with heartbreak and strain.
The lucky can sometime be able to escape,
Darkness and terror of a depressive state.
Scarred and left with an emotional chart,
True love will find its way back to the heart.


Love will kick you down
Love will give you a frown
But love should give you joy
And love you should enjoy


Roses are red
Vioets are blue
Corona is spreading
Or maybe just the flu
I adivse you to step back
Cause it moves in packs