St. Joseph’s Community College

Art by Claudine O’Sullivan


Growing Up

I watch and learn
To become a better learner
Weather it’s football or anything else
All I do is try to make sense
In life, in general
To visit the capital
Of dreams, hopes, thoughts and screams
That no one hears
But to shift through life on the slowest gears
I try to make sense
Of the future that we are made to understand
But what if all I want to do is stand?
In the same place in the same time
Is that such a crime?
In the end we are all humans trying to live life
To the fullest? Or so we’re told
We do the opposite and be bold
Our childhood once is now to be sold
Into adulthood we roam
Not fully ready our hearts to be sewn
Forever and ever
Until we find ourselves,
And as one become better.


Open Up

I believe men are kind
I believe men have a similar mind
I believe when men are alone, girls finally hear the unknown.
I believe men can feel
When they talk, they finally heal
I believe it’s important for men to vent
I know deep down, he is a gent.


“Big Man”

what I hate is when they try to be big and tough
and they think they have to be rough
but actually if they stop and think they can look after one another
and not be bothered what anyone else thinks
lads can be nice and don’t always have to fight
look out for each other and don’t always have to judge each other
if they stop and think
“would i like someone to say this about my mammy?”
the world would be better.



The whistle is blown
The ball is hit
All the players
Biting at the bit
Fighting each other
Taking on your buck
Pulling and shoving
Getting pinned in the muck
Some people think skill
Is the greatest strength
But getting in the their head
Can drive them mad “you’re bent”
They’ll be gone quite thick
Now you’re on top
Now the games begin
He’ll have a pop
Running rings round him
Thick as a wall
He’ll go for you
Forgetting the ball
When he hits
You take it hard
You’ll get him sneaky
Getting him bared.