St Joseph’s College, Borrisoleigh, Tipperary

Blue Light

The blue light in my face as bright as the moon ,
blue light in my face forcing me to lie in ’til noon.
That blue light in my face feels like my only source of attention,
blue light in my face is my brain’s overthink breakup prevention.
The blue light in my face full of boys who I bore,
blue light in my face they see me as just meat and no more.
blue light in my face that I still don’t put down,
That blue light in my face where my snapscore is my crown.

A Warm Spell

Leaves rustle softly
in the breeze,
Whispering secrets
among the trees.
Sunflowers reach
for the golden ray,
Painting smiles
on a brand-new day.

The Craic

Boys on the prowl,
Ready to paint the town,
A night full of laughs,
And memories to be found.

Drinks flowing like a river,
Laughter filling the air,
The night is full of promise,
Anything can happen out there.

The lads are all together,
A bond that can’t be broken,
The night is theirs to conquer,
And they’ll leave no stone unturned.

As the night draws to a close,
And the lads head back to bed,
They’ll reminisce about the night,
And the memories they’ve made.

Another night out with the lads,
Another story to be told,
The bond between them only grows,
As they continue to grow old.



A hurt adult, facing their past
The memories come, hard and fast
But they are strong, they will not break
And though they ache, they will not shake

For they have learned, to face their fears
And wipe away, their bitter tears.



Words written on the bathroom wall
Words you’d never hear our loud
Always about the pain
The undiagnosed trauma
People inflict upon you
Everyone can relate to.



Waking up at 5 in the morn
you’d nearly hope you’d get impaled by a cows horn
The farming life is hard and not a lie
but I keep going and don’t know why
The smell of fresh cut grass would give you delight
and the look of a new born calf
would make everything look bright
But falling in muck is not the greatest
and often sends you to a hatreds 🙂


What Other People Think

I wake up with one thought
what do people think?
I look in the mirror
what do people say about me?
I always think what do others think,
but never ask, what do I think?


Our Dreams Our Voices

Our dreams should thrive
but i strive to survive
cant even walk home alone
without being scared, looking down at my phone
i deserve a voice
equality is a choice.

Green Washed

Green is a color
that’s so serene,
It’s the color of nature,
fresh and clean.
The leaves on the trees,
the grass on the ground,
Green is everywhere,
it can always be found.

Roses are red, violets are blue

Life is a journey, and so are you.
Every step you take, every road you cross,
Will lead you to adventures, happiness, and loss.
But don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate,
Embrace the unknown, and appreciate.
For every challenge, every test,
Is an opportunity to do your best.
So keep moving forward, and never forget,
You are strong, resilient, and full of potential, my friend!

I Don’t Like Her

I don’t like her, but if she asks me for concealer in the bathroom I will give it to her
I don’t like her, but if I hear her crying I will put an arm around her shoulder
I don’t like her, but I will stand up for her if a lad is putting her down
I don’t like her, but I will congratulate her when she does well
I don’t like her, but I value supporting the women around me over everything else.

Alarm Clock Blue

Waking up is never easy
Eyes clamped shut begging the light off for another hour
Duvet tangled in a mass of body and pyjamas
Constant beeping ringing through the mess of a teenagers room
Parents constantly shouting up from the stairs
Go away
Let me sleep
For I can’t do another day.



You can smell the fresh cut grass
in the fields and the mooing of the cows
in the morning
a place that the work dosnt stop
from dawn till dusk and you’ll look forward
to the days ahead


Behind Closed Doors

Looking through the big green gates, feeling envious of the family behind those big green gates. They have it all, she has the clothes, shoes, everything a girl could want.
That’s what they say, ‘sure you’re rich you can buy a new one’ they say as I weep after I break my phone
Yes, I may have it better off than others but it doesn’t mean I don’t have to work evenly as hard if not harder than other for things that I have,
My mother left her family at 16 to create her own business and fund all the nice things we have.
My parents have ‘money’ but I have to work to buy my own clothes, shoes, hair appointments and a new phone.
I love my friends, I really do,
But they can be insensitive to what my life is like behind closed doors
Because looking through those big green gates is not the same life the people behind those closed doors are living.

A place of grass

A place that you hear the clash of the ash
a place that can get very rash,
a place that keeps people happy
a place that makes memories
a place that keeps communities together,
a place that is called Hurling.

Transition Year

TY is the year to do it all,
Between the trips and workshops we got it all, from doing bog jumping to theme parks,
from talks to reptiles this was the year that gave us our spark,
Ty is the year il never forget,
And it ms a year I’ll never regret!

False Flesh

If your body was a lie
I would die for life
And if you are in my rhyme
For you I would commit a crime



Sports are great, they make us feel alive
We run and jump and strive
To be the best we can be
And push ourselves to our limits, you see
From football to basketball to
soccer and hurling
There’s so much we can do
So let’s get out there and play
And have some fun today!


Da Boro

Thirty six games takes half the year,
Just for the Boro to loose a gear
To make the playoffs it’s takes a lot
Just to not block Hamer’s shot,
Next year we always say
And end up saying ” it wasn’t our day”
The pre match nerves and flares and flags
Shouting on the Boro!

School Shot Simile

The walls ar up
Just like the wall in my head
The word school sound
like a shot to the head


Tu iluminas mi camino
lleno de cosas por superar
sin ti esto no tendría sentido
solo te puedo apreciar