St. Joeseph’s Mercy Secondary School , Navan.

You Are Not Mine

I love you yet you are not mine
You are everything I see, everywhere I go, each thing I feel
But the universe provides us with no time
Love, like the fleeting touch of a raindrop as it falls from the sky
Stays not for long yet it is forever remembered
I want to ask you why

Why are you here yet not really there
Why can’t I reach out and hold you and keep you as my own
Why can’t anything ever be fair?
It’s getting dark again as I shut my eyes tight
I cover my ears, begging you to come
Begging as I hear distant screams ring through the night.

Why must we remain stuck for all time?
I cannot understand why it takes you so long my friend
Why do you think we are all well and fine?
I love you, yet you are not mine
Freedom, my friend, I call to you
From across the lands of green and grey

We are many I promise not few
Freedom, my friend , we call to you
We love you yet you are not ours
I see figures approaching, my friend

These may be our final hours
I love you, yet you are not mine
I close my eyes once more
Freedom, my friend.
I love you, and I hope you someday find the time
Time, my friend, I’m another life, to be mine.


You’re alive, now wake up
Open your eyes.
Trying not to look back
While trying to not look forward

As these days
Will be the days
That you look back to
But you don’t like the now.

The pain, the awkwardness,
All that gets you through is the thought of the future.
Forward way of thinking.
All I can say is that it is closer than it seems my friend.


We wake up and face the world we hate
The world filled with media
We go to schools we hate
Filled with people we don’t like
Smiles and laughs that are fake
The same conversations day in day out
With people we don’t have anything in common with

Leaving school to go back to homes where we feel safe
But do we really feel all that safe?
We talk about our days like we enjoy them
To prove that our lives were worth the hassle
to the people who us them
We live fake days during the day
But when we are alone we become free
The people we love, the realities we want to experience,

the characters we find comfort in all come to us when we sit alone
We are told to find comfort in others
But what if my comfort is all in my head
What if the people I find comfort in live in my head
What if my only escape is my imagination

With the music I love and relate to and the characters I love
We are told in schools to spend time with the ones we love
But we are also told to not to daydream
What if my daydream is the people I love

What then?
What should I do then?
I live more when I sleep then I do when I’m awake
I long for my sleep just to return home.

To Be Heard

In a world of such rage and terror,
Where money and power make a person superior
There is such a margin for error
Often making those who don’t meet the standards feel inferior
We listen and obey the word of those above
As they dictate how our life will flow

Their word is gospel and we its unswayable listeners
Society unwilling to change or grow
Our world is a war zone
Society the enemy and Stereotypes it’s weapon
We fight to be heard in the sea of politics and social standards
And it leaves me questioning,
Will my voice ever be heard?


As a woman I have to watch out
Be careful of my surroundings-
can’t go on a walk at night ,
God no I cant wear a mini skirt.
Catcalled ,
Followed and intimidated
That’s the life we live.
A nervous feeling in my stomach when I’m alone.
I hope it doesn’t happen to me,
No it won’t..
But it has happened to my mother
And my ma’s mother ,
Where is the change?
We all need to see it!

You Know Her

Five letters , make my name , make me? NO
A personality, a girl who looks in the mirror
Sighs over what she sees,
Do you feel like you’re enough? NO
Does the person you’re made out to be define you?
Too tall , too fat, too ugly.
” She’s so annoying ”

Do you know who she is ?
Do you know what she goes through?
How she’s treated ?
That she fakes her smiles but not her tears .
You know her
You know her name.
But you’ll never know

No Matter What

The day is cold,
But so are they,
As when the wind changes,
They are as bright as day.
The day is bright,
And the night is dark,
But no matter what,
They have a heart.
No matter where they are,
Or when there far,
They’ll always be part of your heart.


They say they love you then stab you in the back
Like it was easiest thing to do,
He said he loved me and of he goes.
Boys lie they know exactly what they are doing
And who they will hurt the most.
They do it anyways.

Don’t get me wrong girls are even worse.
Be careful who you trust
They can stab you in the back at any given time.
Moral of the story no matter what blood or no
They can and will leave you worse
Then when they found you.


They tell the young girls
Don’t go alone
Text me when you are home.
They attempt to explain to those girls
Why did he hurt her?
Did he know her?
Was she doing something wrong?

They fail to come to an answer that justifies his behaviour.
No answer will ever justify his behaviour.
The young child goes through her day
Anxious about her next move.
Not trusting the man teaching her class,
Not liking being looked at by any man,
Unable to confide in her father.
She thinks about the million dollar question,

What happens to these women after these horrible acts?
How did they feel in their final moments?
She can’t seem to wrap her head around it
No matter how hard she tries.
She refuses to accept the fact
That she could be hated by a stranger
Based on something as uncontrollable as her gender
Now that she is older
She has decided to see every woman,
That has been murdered at the hands of a man,

To see them
In every mountain
In every flower she passes,
To feel her spirit in every gust of wind,
In every drop of the ocean.


A Challenge

Dyslexia is a challenge,
Something I have to deal with,
It doesn’t get easier,
When the words dance around my page,
When I try to read a page,
It constantly feels like my brains stuck in a cage.
This disorder doesn’t define me,
My friends always say,
“You’re the smartest that I’ve seen”
I’m funny, I’m smart, I love making people laugh.
The days I feel dumb are the days it really sinks in,
“Stay positive”, easier said than done,
But all I can tell myself is to stay positive,
And try have fun

As A Woman

I walk as a woman. I mind my own business.
What’s wrong with what I’m wearing
To allow men to stare at me.
To catcall. To shout. To whistle to talk about.
Is it fair for me to be scared to walk
is it normal for me to be be scared to talk.
We have to normalise women are equals.
I am a woman and something has to change.
We are a fire and will spread
And you will withstand the blaze.


I have to be independent
Cause’ if anyone knows about my co-dependent humility
Then I’ll be lost at big seas of isolated needs and
Roots of clingy trees that
Latch onto every battered and suppressed thought in my head.
I fear this tangent about abandonment
will only isolate me further,
Maybe one day I can truly feel like me.

The Forest

I walk through the forest my least favorite place to be,
Youd think it would be my favourite but really,
I cant breathe, my legs are going slack,
My heart is pounding, my visions going black,
As i try to concentrate on the beautiful trees,
I cant help but think “is someone watching me?”,

No they cant be,
Its just your anxiety,
I tell myself this every time but now it doesnt feel right,
I realize that as the last thing i see,
Is the man running towards me with all his might.

Pizza Slice of Life

Table with people, a place of comfort,
A pizza on that table, flavours full and worth it
All grabbing slices, hungry for more,
Devouring with mixed faces, some unsure
Pepperoni, peppers, veggies and cheese,
All of these combos, endless possibilities
Grab a slice now, before it’s too late!
That pizza won’t last forever,
Like the opportunities you don’t take

Our Lives

In our lives there are so many
Who Inspire and Influence
And Innovate; our paths,
Our futures,
Our to-do lists,
Our uses.

The parents,
The teachers,
The mentors,
The speakers.
The friends.
The foes.

But when will i decide what i do,
What i take,
What i give.
What I will be

Red And Blue

Let me be me
Rose’s aren’t red,
Violets aren’t blue,
I don’t know who I am if not you.
Cause if roses are red,
And violets are blue
then why can’t I be just like you.

If you see red,
And you feel blue,
What’s so different between me and you.
Why can’t I be more like you?
Why am I conditioned to be another you!
Just because i feel red or feel blue
Doesn’t mean I want to be you.
I want to be free, I want to be me.

The Call Up

I got a call my mother said, they want you up there or so they said.
Blood sweat and tears, cramps knocks and digs
To be given a position to be put to bed.
The flare that was once there was burnt out was given no air.
With The half zip to represent my new found toxic affair,

But your on the team, you have a game
so do you me to plait your hair.
With the strands of hair braided with doubt,
Sat on the sideline, closest I got.
The flare that was once there was burned out, no air
That so called sports women dream was something I couldn’t bare


It’s your que, the spotlights on,
It’s your que, the music’s playing.
But where are you?
You’re still backstage.
You’re still backstage cause someone
Can dance You’re role better.

But then you remember,
Someone believes in you,
You were chosen to dance this role.
That you love to dance with your entire soul.
It’s you’re que, the music’s playing.
And where are you now?
You’re dancing on stage.


Walking around with a smile on my face,
Don’t know whether its real or fake.
Still the same happy girl I always am,
But I just got good at pretending.
Nobody knows that its all an act,
I sometimes get tired from it all
But I know ill always have to fake,
Because nobody can know the real me.


Too much
Too beautiful
Too nice
Too kind
Too stubborn
Too angry
Too headstrong
Too dramatic

Can’t take a joke
Just relax
Stop crying
Don’t tell anyone
Don’t be so loud
Too masculine
Too feminine
Too comfortable in their own skin
Too much of an individual for me

Happy Lamb

It was a clear day and the sun’s rays pierce the grass
A lamb sat, its wool soaking in the heat
And if I looked through a magnifying glass
I would see his heart pounding to a beat
The beat of happiness
He relaxed there with bliss
Oh how I wish
I was the lamb laying in pure happiness

Would You Listen

If animals could speak
They’d say why do you see us as weak?
They’d shout it is not fair
As you pollute the sea and air
They’d ask why you take without giving
Endangered would plead to keep living
Do you need to hurt us for your vision?
If animals could speak, would you listen?

I Have Travelled

As I walk through these city halls,
My fear and adrenaline in my bones falls
I realise this is it, there’s no going back,
For I have travelled miles and miles and track by track
I realise, I keep punching my life away for this dream I seek
Rather than nurturing the bonds and love I long to cherish and keep
I wish to achieve to impress my grandkids of how much I’ve done
But is it still keen if the love I had is none


I love Liverpool they’re my favourite team
Winning the champions league, it was a dream
From manes runs, to matins dribbling on the ball
From Alison saves and how is van dijk so tall?
Treat the scouser on our team,
Running nonstop and doesn’t run  out of steam.

To see Hendo lifting the cup again, oh its a must.
Klopp our manager in him we trust,
Robbo running down the wing to
Give the ball to Salah, our Egyptian King.
This is our team. Oh how they’ve grown
You’ll ever walk alone

Summers Day

A dry summers day,
The sideline filled with spectators.
The ball ready for throw up,
I’m on my toes.
The whistle is blown,
The ball in the air,
Gaelic football is my passion,
I have no other care

Saturday Morning

You start at a young age
It’s all just for fun then
You play matches and engage
Yawning when you get up at ten
To go train on a Saturday morning
You get older and its not fun anymore
It’s all about performing
You wished you enjoyed it like before

No Time To Rest

A dry summers day,
Its the middle of the harvest.
Tractors going full throttle,
Everyone trying to go the farthest.
All day and all night,
Adrenaline pumping through your veins,
No time to rest,
Its time to take the reins.


Lock down 1.0
Day and day out
The same as everyday
Life goes on
While we’re stuck in this place
Depression and loneliness starts to kick in
The day then ends
Then it’s the same again as yesterday

I Thought

Why do we have to be scared,
I thought people cared, never walk alone,
Some people never got home,
To fear for life, or having to fight
If this is our faith
Then something needs to change