St. Finian’s College, Mullingar

Art by Christina O’ Donovan


The life we live is all in despair ,
Hearts of the broken in disrepair,
Tunes of the sorrowful are hums of new flair,
Those who think never have affairs,
Who block others goals and dreams ,
Their life will drive forward as if on a clock,
Taint of heart they will have the ideas of the faint

Might Never Last

It’s very confusing when it comes to love
It feels like heaven up above
Its a obscure feeling that bites very quick
As hard as a rock and as narrow as a stick
It comes in very different forms
But when it comes, its comes very fast
As fast it comes, it might never last


War is not who your government tells you fight
Because everyone has their own battlefield
And life is like a war there will be breaks

But the fight will never be over until there’s a winner
And the winner is never another person
The winner is just a victim in a non stop cycle

That will go on forever unless we change our view
On the world, on other people, on other creeds and races
No matter who you are the fight never stops


We met at the start of year,
But weren’t friends to be fair.
After Christmas, we started talking,
And our friendship was comforting.

Now we are besties,
And that is so funny.
We love to talk in class
And we don’t see the time pass.

A Pot

I am just but a pot ,
A pot for everyone to pour
Their own ingredients into,
Hold everyone’s ingredients without spilling,

Resist cracking under immense heat,
Supposed to stay clean use after use ,
Ingredient after ingredient,
But i am not a pot ,

I am just but a human,
I have a maximum of ingredients i
Can hold without spilling over,
I have a cracking point where i

Shatter at a certain temperature,
I have an amount of uses and ingredients
Before uncleanliness is definite ,
I am not just but a pot

Love Represents

Love represents both happiness and sadness
Dark and light, a mix of emotions
Its who you fight for and fight with,
Loving and hate are the same thing.

The purity of heart, the innocence of all,
The feeling of sorrow , the thought of
the prize at the end of the rainbow

The journey is hard, but the advantages are worth it
Take your time, and fights wont be taunted.
Feelings of love is like a sense of the heart,

Heart is a muscle, it takes a lot to work
But in the end you have the work

King Of Pop

I like Michael Jackson, he makes me happy and energetic.
His music encourages me to dance like a ballerina.
He (Michael) would be proud of me emulating
His technique and his unique style in his songs.

If he would be alive today I would look at him
Saying “my god he knows what he’s doing”.
He also inspired me about his dance moves
His sense of humanity, that i would not turn my back on.
I hope he understands and peace be with him.

My Beats

Yo bro i don’t know how to read
I’m as tall as a tree been growing since i was a seed
My beats so icy you’d think im jack frost
I knock you out id leave you lost

I’m so happy right now i feel so alive
Kick outs cant pass the forty five
So yeah im going to leave you with this
Don’t come at me or ill give you a kiss


Days are stretch long until the night fall
Shawty take it strong from my bong by the waterfall
I think this calls for a late night snack
At McDonalds vanilla milkshake, yeah ill pay you back


YO you give me chills
You know i be making them billy bills

You know im stronger than a forklift
Your granny is the one im going to shift

You cant catch me im a swiper
You gon be poopin wheres the diaper

You know i got 20k on my neck
Yo please dont disrespec-

Bars so cold i need a fridge
So imma jump off a bridge


Zappy sappy nappy hippy
Nanny quin lost her hippy
I told my best to stop watching mickey mouse
Well at least wait till i am out of the house

Don’t know what to do and don’t know what to say
But all i know is my hair will go grey
That’s my poem thanks for the listen
Now i’m going to go and watch Wanda and Vision


Man i love the album blonde by frank ocean.
I wish i could inject that album into my brain.
I wish i could live inside of that album.

I hope when i die that heaven is that albumon repeat.
I find so much pain in the fact that there will never be
Anything greater in the world than that album.