St. Bricin’s College

Art by Pat Byrne



The blue of the sky
The blue of the sea
But any blue so beautiful
Like the ones in your eyes.



They tell me I’m a pretty girl,
Once I dance and spin and twirl.
They tell me I don’t have to stress,
As long as I wear a skirt or a dress.
My mom told me how proud she is,
Of no one, but her little Miss.
My dad told me I’m now a woman,
Way before my adulthood began.
They call girls pretty, soft, worth to be chased,
They call them sl*tty, liars, two-faced.

For others, it would mean disgrace,
But I wouldn’t mind a second face.
A second body, a second name,
While being treated just the same.
I still want to fill my mom with pride,
While always staying on her side.
I want a life without the stress,
Where I don’t have to wear a dress.
I want to dance and spin and twirl,
But deep inside, I’m not a girl.



I was born like a bird without freedom
They cut my wings where I’m from
To be always perfect for mom
The prefect little girl from where I’m from
At last I fly away from where I’m from
For I have finally my freedom
With new wings that couldn’t touch mom
Sorry, I have to fly, mom
But I still love you, mom
I need to fly and have freedom.


Mirror Within

Once someone told me,
“Eyes reflect the soul”
Everything you don’t say
Can be seen in your eyes,
But most of the people are too self-centred,
That they just don’t care.
They don’t take the time to understand you,
And most of the people want to be understood.



Money is Life
Life is living
Living is sharing
Sharing is caring
Caring is boring
Boring is dead
Dead is life
Life is money.



If you choose money over love, you are a fool.
Love is humanity,
It’s being us
Keeps us alive.
So don’t be a fool,
All I said is obviously not true.