St. Brendan’s Community School, Birr.

Art by Rob Stears:

Cursed Bed

He gives his friend a shake,
And screams I’ve made a bad mistake.

The only other sound’s the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.

The friend is romantic, green and deep,
But he has promises to keep,

Tormented with nightmares he never sleeps.
Revenge is a promise a man should keep.

He rises from his cursed bed,
With thoughts of violence in his head,

A flash of rage and he sees red.
Without a pause I turned and fled.

Why do They

Why do the men of the world want to destroy us,
We must be perfect, we cannot show emotions or
We are hysterical and we cannot be smart
You are a slut, you are a prude, we cannot win.
I walk down the street with the fear of catcalling,

Rape and murder. I tense when a man walks by,
Checking for my escape routes. I live in fear,
I live in terror. I’m too quite, I am boring.
I don’t wear makeup, I am ugly. I do, I am fake.
I’m too loud, I’m annoying. I cannot win.

Lyrical Rhyme

A lyrical rhyme is an ode of feeling ,
A strong bond or connection for words of meaning,

A rap, rant, or change can do,
Anything that A poem can pursue,

A lyrical rhyme can inspire and change,
The order of thoughts can be easily arranged,

A lyrical rhyme can make your day,
A little inspiration can go a long way

Past Twenty

Always forced to put up a wall
Only fifteen and id be happy
If i make it past twenty at all
Life is hard when your judged by your skin
Broken down and built up it’s always been grim

Poked and prodded for passes i can’t wait
Until I’m better then the lineage
Going to have to have multiple sons
Just have to hope my families lives
Are a bit more fun than this


Family, word with too much meanings
For me to transmit quantity of feelings
Is compounded by people
That give the opportunity of live a life
They bring you an education
Transform you into a nice person
Family, for me carry love and be successful
But especially, helpful.


In the august breeze the sun came down
For it was my friends who put on a frown
We laughed and played but it wasn’t the same
For it was the autumn breeze the ruined the day
As it was in the field that there was hat
That would indeed take me away

As I had climbed with all my friends
For it was me who slipped and hit my head.
It all went silent and it all went dark
For it was the autumn breeze that started this all
The autumn breeze that made me fall

Today’s Teenagers

All teenagers are lazy, useless,
Unreliable and depressed.
At least that’s how society sees us.
It doesn’t matter that we are up
Every morning at seven am

Our minds keeping us awake until four
We’re selfish, and too sensitive,
I just wanted someone to talk to.
We might be attention seeking and loud,
But that’s what’s expected of me.

Society raises us to be this way,
And it’s these people who will wonder
Why doesn’t my child talk to me anymore
We’re too busy making up for
All the mistakes you’ve made.


I never thought there could be an object
I rely on so much but can’t bear look at.
The object that hangs in the corner
Of my bedroom reflecting a light.

The object that I look at to seek
Exceptence but all I see is failure.
People tell u to look in the mirror
And say “I’m amazing” or “I’m beautiful”.

But when I try these words of encouragement
Turn into ideas of which meals to skip
Or Google searches of how to loose weight fast,
That is when the reflective object turns into the enemy.

Suddenly we find ourselves picking ourselves apart.
Desiring a body that we think will bring us happiness
But right now all its doing is tearing us down.

It comes to the point where each mirror,
Each window and reflective object
Can ruin our day with a glance.


Pressure on academics
Stress from sport
Failure in life
Pressure, stress, Failure
This is my world
At home, in my mind, in school
From my family, my teachers, my friends

Pressure, Stress, Failure
That’s the process
Repeat and repeat, my minds exploding
I can’t breath and I can’t think
Pressure Stress failure
The expectations
They never end


I walked into the kitchen
Where I met my parents
Far apart
Tears going down
My mothers face
Something was up
She looked a disgrace
A bad vibe between them
Keeping a secret from me
My fathers face
All upset and flustered
The look he was giving me
I screamed sobbing
You don’t have to pretend
This is not the end


Shouted and screamed at
For simply walking
Sneering and gawking
Without thinking about the effect
Living like an insect
Feared if being stepped on
How is it fair
That men live with no care

The Truth

I hate when people get drunk and tell the truth
And won’t remember it the next morning
Letting all their problems out to you
it’s always with a warning
Nobody really knows and please don’t tell ,

The next morning they’re left unwell,
Strong men left vulnerable
Putting all their feelings to a side,
But when the drinks come around
There’s nothing left to hide

Wrong From Right

I want to walk down the halls
Without being cat called
I want to do the things I love
Without having to be judged
I want to live my life
But I just don’t know
What’s wrong from right


We played minecraft
My friend fell in a ravine
And I had a big laugh
His loud and high-pitched scream
He walked 3000 blocks
To get back to his stuff
But when he got there,
He had had enough
Or so I thought,
However he’s just bad
And fell in the same ravine
And got really mad.
He shouted and sreamed
And broke his controller
And it’s still that way
Even though he’s 20 years older.

Simple Taste

A man of simple taste I am
For simple is what I live for
I only eat drink and sleep
And never complain or ask for more

I love to play and sing with friends
And go walk in my street
I always go for coffee
And talk to new friends I meet


Music is the key to my success
Music is the key to my depression
Music is the key to my mammy
Music is the key to me
Piano is here I am happy

Dog Days

I wandered through my house one night,
Not knowing why everyone was sad,
I jumped on the couch,
I was wagging my tail,
Than I remembered that
I felt pain in the morning
I remember barking and whining
But I saved her
I saved my owner

What Hell Awaits

I’m sick of hearing these years are the best of my life.
If my years in future shall be filled with more strife
I don’t want to see my fate,If I’m to be honest,
These people must be stuck in their own minds
Deluded enough to believe these years were enjoyable.
They deny us the human longing for independence and tell us
We are complaining if we point out that fact.
If I am told these years are supposed to be fun
I shudder to think what hell awaits us

Next Morning

We wake up in the morning
To go to a day of school boring
From a day of learning
To a game of hurling
English,Irish,maths longing for home
Because no one wants to write a poem
Once home the dreeding homework Is done
We go to sleep dreeding going back the next morning


Kids are forced into school
Into uncomfortable situations
To a point where they can hardly breathe.
It causes stress anxiety why send children
To school for six hours confined in a classroom
Where they are told when the can go to the toilet.
It’s destroying us. They say this generation
Is one of the worst in history but that’s not our fault.
It is the school system it is broken if these years
Are the best of our lives then we must be
At the top of a very small mountain.

The Farm

This is where the cow calves
Where the sheep lay when they lamb,
Here comes the new Holland over the hill
Silage will be cut while the sun shines
Me and my grandad in a race again time
But still manage to get it all done fine

Pitter Patter

Pitter patter, pitter patter From the corner of my eye,
I see the diarrhoea splatter find dark blue dead,
And I feel my heart die, before I could do anything,
I wheezed and laughed but then I reported the body,
Into a meeting we go where was dark blue dead,

They all asked found him in admin, he was doing math
I think saw purple head over that way It wasn’t me
Or lime green he was far until he killed
So who could it be, who left dark blue shot
it is such a wonder they didn’t get caught
We tried to narrow it down, but as suspected
They claimed a self report, and I was ejected


I like meatballs
I like them small
I want to be tall
I walk the halls
My nose is huge
I payed them dues


I eat a lot
Maybe too much
But you know what
I love to eat
It’s who I am
So I will keep doing it

Late to Win

Running to dressing room
Already late
The whistle goes the ball is in
We all want to win


Fortnite is my life,
Fortnite be my wife,
I love you forever,
Together we’ll go to the Nether.

A Cat

There once was a fat cat
Who loved a rat but
Sat under the mat
While suddenly he got
His life together
Now lives above the Mat


That fat twat eats
Like a rat eating
Like to be seen
And nothing lean