St Angela’s Ursuline, Waterford

Blind Pride.

I come from – Poland
A country of complaints and groans,
The America of Europe.
The country of homo-free zones

I miss it,
Just the beautiful scenery,
The big red strawberries,
The pigeon filled city of life.

I come from Poland.
Where you get kicked out of your home,
Your city, your friend group,
For being different.

Where people only approve of the same insentivie indifference.

I miss it,
Summers hot day,
Giving my energy away to a peaceful slumber.
Winter white nights,
Gifting me excitement even though the cold bites.

I come from Poland,
Where smiling means you’re drunk, crazy or retarded.
Where when you’re actually “retarded”, you’re bullied.
Laughed at and not with.

The country of blind Pride and Power.
The country in need of a rebellion.

Ice Cracks

One day the ice will crack,
And you will feel as if you are drowning in a lake.
But thats ok,
Because you have friends that will help you out and have your back.

But thats the quickest way of learning,
By waiting for the ice to crack.
By waiting for those friends to help you out,
Until then just settle yourself in the burning.

Too Tight

That dress is too short
that tops too tight
your only 15
that doesn’t look right
wear some make up
no that’s too much
your so innocent
your such a slut
you should be yourself
but not like that
your too skinny
your too fat

What the darkness whispers,

With our shopping bag from Tesco.
Pulling our hoods up to cover our hair,
Keys between fingers and extremely aware.
Walking behind trees or crossing when someone joins you,
Picking up the pace when there’s someone behind you.
With the moon as our only light,
“You know it’s really just a part of life”.


The World I Live In

Last night I realised the world I live in,
How lost and small I am in it.
When told I wasn’t doing enough by Ms. Mcglynn,
When told I would be responsible for the death of my grandparents, a nitwit.

Last night I realised the world I live in,
When I had to wipe the tears off my face and tell myself to go on,
To put that tissue in the bin,
As I realised that the old me was gone.

Last night I realised the world I live in,
When my mother told me I can no longer see my friends.
I felt like playing the violin,
To go to sleep; it felt like the only end.

Last night I realised the world I live in,
When realising I would have to do it all over again.
To spend day after day within.
The biggest event of the day would be to order chicken chow mein.

Last night I realised the world I live in,
A world that’s harsh and cold.
Nobody I ever see where’s a grin.
And I don’t dare to be bold.


Unknown World

Life is strange, it really is,you never
understood it. But you never will because
thats how life is. Hard but successful but
success comes with hard work, you’ll never
understand the past but all you know
is that you want to go back to your past to fix your mistakes.
you’ll never understand the future because
you’ll never know it but you can only hope for
the best and thats life for you.


What it is

My problems are still problems
Even if you have bigger goblins
My pain is still rain
Even if yours is a hurricane
My fear still ruins my year
Even if yours takes up the atmosphere
My love is still a dove
Although yours is whats up above
My life is great and I know it is
But my mind isn’t all just cheer and fizz.


I Wish

I wish that people wouldn’t be so quick to judge.
and get to know you,
before they try to control you.
not to like you for your body but your personality.
i thought that my teenage years would be a breeze,
but I am not becoming aware of things i never noticed before
popularity, body type or size.
i’ve learned that most teenagers think the same,
and i wish that people wouldn’t be so quick to judge.


Golden Years

wasting away my teenage years,
that is probably my biggest fear
that when i grow old,
and look back on the years that were supposedly gold
i’ll wonder why?
why did i spend so much time on my phone?
or spend so much time alone?
why did i care what people would think?
and say no every time my friends would ask if i wanted a drink?
but it’s fine
i still have years that i can make mine.

Our World

We live in a world where the colour of our skin matters
where the cities are in tatters
where you can’t get away from this
where everything is a hit or miss
we have to be able to put up a fight
so people can get their rights for their own delight
whether it’s racism or lgbtq discrimination
we have to fight for our nation.


A Voice

A person’s mental wellbeing or health
Should never be determined by their wealth

Their stupid past decisions of lies, fights, alcohol and suicide
Its for them to know who knows and not for you to decide

Smiling is the easy part, just use your mouth and lift up the conrers
It’s hard when you smile and people don’t knows what’s behind the smile, the horrors

Their reasons for fighting hidden battles wasn’t their choice
And instead of helping you dismiss their problems,

say they aren’t valid and don’t let them use their voice.



The darkness whispers to you every night,
it tells you all the things you can’t do right.
It keeps you up and steals your sleep,
it frightens you and cuts you deep.
The darkness whispers to you every night,
but you continue to put up a fight.


An Old Building

I am coming from a old building
I am coming from blue tack stuck on walls
I am coming from sitting on a wooden chair all day
I am coming from having a teacher teaching me
I am coming from walls full of covid posters
I am coming from brick walls
But all of this is helping become a well educated person.

A Hard Smack

I ain’t really thinking of dying for COVID
Coming to school thinking it’s for the best
But realistically it’s putting your immune system to the test
To think they’d let me risk my own life For education
what’s the point when I can just have stay at home vacation
You could say education is good for us all
But when we’re all dead
It ain’t good at all
So please think wisely about putting us all back
Because realistically make a good decision unless it will be a hard smack.


People think if you look happy you are happy,
if you look good you feel good
but only i can truely know how i feel
if no one says anything you think what’s happening is ok
but that’s not always the case
i get praised for slowly killing myself
cheered on by friends and family
no one seems to care i feel alone so are my feelings valid?
validation is what i craved
i was running but not fast enough and i couldn’t get away
i love it but i hated it
it was eating me alive which is ironic to say
i wanted the control but not the pain
the praise but not the guilt
my biggest fear was loosing control but one day i did.

Since When

Since when did feminism become a word we shyed away from
since when did racism become normalized
since when was it okay to spit slurs
since when was it okay to point out insecurities that aren’t ours.
We can’t continue to live in the shadow of a society that degrades us for every little thing we do
we can’t live in a world where emotion is a weakness and confidence is a flaw
where everyone’s masked and feelings are not raw.
we just can’t. we’ve been doing it too long.

My Inner Thoughts:

I’m scared to visit certain countries because of the colour of my skin, the birthplace of my parents and the world I live in.
I’m scared to talk to about my religion because it becomes increasingly hated in today’s society.
My inner thoughts I dont like to talk about my feelings to anyone because I feel they’re going to say I’m stupid and petty
My dinner thoughts I don’t have the best home life but I would never tell anyone
My inner thoughts I’m not fully liberal, conservative right wing or left wing and I feel hypocritical and dumb for Talbot being able to make a choice
My inner thoughts.


Who Am I?

Who am i and where am i going
We are brought up by our parents, who are
our first teachers and role models
They teach us right from wrong and yet
their wrong somehow becomes our right
and our right their wrong.
They try to control us and tell us what to do
Because to them we don’t know nothing
Its their job to care for us but nowadays
they’ve become the reason for us looking
down on ourselves
They tell us to be smart, become doctors,
be successful, make money
yet they couldn’t do it themselves.
Their opinions for my future have me
questioning my present and where to go.
s hould i give into them?, rack my brain,
have my nose in my books
, quarantine myself
away from friends or what they call
‘distractions’ so to please them? Will that
please me? shouldn’t i come first? isn’t
my happiness their priority ?
Who am i and where am i going?


I hate school

no one likes you unless you fit in
they don’t like u unless ur ‘cool’
and if you’re different then you’re a fool

so you pretend you like your ‘friends’
who really backstab you and act all sly
they never apologise and always forget
you can’t confront them so you just smile

the teachers only like you if you get straight As
they pretend to care about your mental health
but if you ever spoke out on how u truly felt
they’d compare you to people who you’ve never met

slaving away for 6 years straight
if you don’t get into college then you’ve failed
pile of crumbling red bricks
isn’t school just great


A Wish

I sometimes wish they understood me,
No matter how much I try it’s still not good enough!
Is this how life works?
There is nobody to talk to,
No-one is able to give me the answers l want.
How would life be if I did things differently?
Will anyone be out there for me?
In this world all I can do is to ask.
Nobody is hearing my cry!
Deep down inside I have a voice,
But I don’t have the audacity to bring out the inner voice.
I see my pain is nothing compared to someone else’s .
Please o please someone tell me my worth!
Am I really who I think I am?
I always loved the mystery in life.
But now I need answers and only answers.


A Small House

I come from a small house out of town that nobody knows about.
I come from a family that has a laugh and loves me for me
I come from a rugby team that has only won 2 matches
I come from a school of gossip that I hate
I go home to all my great friends that will never judge me for me

Im in pain😢

Because I have nothing to gain 💔
If I tell😕
It will lead to hell 👹
My parents say they don’t care🤥
But deep down I know they do😴
So I’ll keep it to myself 🤫
A little while longer 😣
Until I’m ready for them to know🤯
It’s my choice and I’ll make it so


To this day

I struggle with school
To this day I want to go to the pool
To this day I want to go shopping
To this day school Is never stopping
To this day I want to go on holiday
To this day I have no more to say.



I live in ireland but i’m from france
if u think i can speak irish not a chance
i’m still up for the session
not even a question
u might think i’m messing
but i’m not
it’s all i got