St. Angela’s Ursuline, Waterford.

Art By Jacob Stack:


Light shines through a window,
Illuminating my sorrow,
The moon, in her star lullaby, stares at me coldly.
I want to cry but I can’t,

My lips curling up in despair,
This is the end, of a day,
And tomorrow, I wake up again
With the memory gone, a smile plastered
On my tearful face.

Dear Dad

You were always seen as a hero
But as I grew up you’ve become a zero
I want to hate you but i simply cannot
I wish I could slow down time and make the world stop
Once everything is frozen I will have time to think
About why you didn’t stay, I’ll write it on paper with ink
But I’ll just throw it away and go on with my day
Only to be reminded again when i see
A young girl with her dad as jealousy fills me

Where to Start

Overtime I have a slight
understanding of myself.
I’ve grown apart,
I barely know myself.
I used to be confident,
Not anymore.

Now, embarrassment,
I only worry more and more.
I’m learning to be my own person
And not listen to anyone.
Not to hide behind my own curtain,
I feel I’ve already won


Send me to school,
I will be judged
My hand writing is messy
Those girls think I’m weird
My test score is low
Here I am judged
When I do sport,
I will be judged

My form is not right
They don’t like my togs
My time is too slow
Here I am judged
When I’m with friends,
I will be judged

My outfit is ugly
They think I’m annoying
My life isn’t interesting
Here I am judged
Put me on earth,
I will be judged

Myself, I am critical
People may think the same
Life is not court, yet
Here I am judged


I love my friends
That live in all ends

They make me laugh and cry
And make me feel sky high

We always sing
They always ring

They make me happy
And also kinda sappy

I love them the most
I’m not trying to boast


I love my scars
Both mental and physical
I love how they tell a story
Of how I worry and feel
Like nobody else worries
Or feels the same
I love when I spend time
Galloping through fields

And all the rhymes
Of the horses hooves
Drowning out the rhyme
Of the noises in my head
Confusing me wondering why
Everyone I love is dead
But mostly I love the joy
I feel with my family


Thoughts are circling around in my head
Just like a washing machine around and around .
I struggle to get some clothes clean.
To pick out my thoughts and clean them
Out of my head if only I could.

This is Me

I try to be happy and
Put a smile on my face
But really on the inside
I feel like is a disgrace
There is one thing,
And One person
That makes my Life
Seem like a dream .

My mam is my world
Her heart is as pure as gold
She is there when I laugh and cry
And Will always be there
Until the day that I die .
Dance is what I do to get away
Th people there are always
What make me want to stay

Dance is my passion
I am grateful for everything
My dance teacher has Done ,
We always have the best fun
So this is me I am happy to be here
I love my friends and family
As they are always there for me


I’m Fine.

I live in a society which thinks
I’m a threat because I am
The colour of their tea
I’m fine

My school wants me to attend a
Compulsory Mass and join my hands and
Bow my head, but they never ask me
I’m fine

He keeps watching me like I’m property
If I tell they would say I was asking for it
Because my skirt is above my knee
I’m fine, but I am not okay.

Every Day

I think about you every day
And the way you made me laugh .
I think about the pain
I feel to loose you really fast .
My heart will always feel broken
And will never be fixed ,

I wish we could go back in time
And make the moments last
I wished I could of hugged you one last time
And tell you how much I loved you .
I wish I could here your voice one last time .
I just hope you know I love you


How am I supposed to feel safe?
In a world that was created for men
In a world where I cant go outside without fear
Where I’m constantly scared of danger that’s near.
How am I supposed to feel Safe?
When I’m scared of everyone, everywhere.
When I’m constantly feeling self conscious.
How am I supposed to feel safe.


Love will set you up for public humiliation.
Love will put you in some of the worst situations.
It will have you chained,

Unable to escape and begging to be free.
Love will make you look at her and him
And make you say “I wish they liked me”

Love will make you realise your insecurities.
Oh, sweet love and all its impurities.
Love will keep you going, keep you barely getting by

Love may be the most dangerous toxin.
The experience of love makes you
Question everything about yourself throughout.
Love will make you take the easy way out.

Lucky to be Me

I am lucky to be me and how fortunate I am
I may not have a lot , but grateful I am
I’m accepted by family and friends all around
They like to think that I can be sound

I admire my mam for doing it alone
I’d love to make it up to her ,maybe give her a loan?
I enjoy the little things how big and small
Lucky to be me so fortunate and quit tall

I Know Me

The destruction of reputation.
One word and I’m ruined.
False accusation turning me to the villain.
After months of self hatred
And anger the truth sinks in.
They are only living in my world.
Nothing more than a background character.
They do not define me, I know me.

Our Lives

We always want something in our lives,
It’s like there is a big hole that we need to fill,
And the more we try the bigger it gets.

It will never close.
We all want freedom,
We all want to grow,

We all want laughter,
But these are things we can never have,
Unless we battle out the bad.


I can see the way they stare at me
But it’s never about how nice my hair looks that day
Or the way my shoes are as blue as the sea
Instead I feel their eyes following my figure as I walk

Staring at the way my leggings stick to me
Whispering their opinions as if they matter
As if my body exists just for their satisfaction
As if I’m not even a human being with feelings

Crowded Head

My head is crowded
I cant get out
Too stupid, too smart
I cant get out
I’m pushed not inspired
I’m far too tired
Go home to study all night
It doesn’t feel right
I’m still young
I just want fun
But i cant get out

The Story of a Sick Man

When my dad was there,
He woke up feeling glee,
Went to the loo,
Couldn’t take a poo
Then realised he had diabetes
His wee was yellow,
His hands shook,
He couldn’t hold a book,
Then realised he had another disease
He was sad,
Hand writing was bad,
But said f it
And decided that it was time to be a dad


We are burning. we lit the fire and
Gave it all the fuel to burn us all down
Yet we somehow try to fix this mistake
Of ours that made them money but not us.
It didn’t make us rich? we keep burning.
We will never stop burning.
We’re told to use more sustainable items yet

They can take a twenty minute flight to their favorite place
Its our fault we buy fast fashion what else are we supposed to buy?
Most expensive or limited edition? how can we afford that
When they have burnt our planet and our money.
Making the money we made working almost useless.
We have no power. we will stay burning
Until they start burning and the heat is too much. we will be ash.

Go Insane

“I feel like I’m going insane”, she tells me,
I sympathise with her, we cry for a while.
“Go insane”, I tell her, “but promise me you’ll come back after wards”.
She agreed. She still looks beautiful when she cries


I am here chained and alone
Nobody to interact with
Only when they come out
To tell me what I did wrong.
I just want to sit with ye and
Be loved not watching from the back door
I wag my tail to see you
Can we leave the past in the past
For whatever I did wrong
I just want to be loved

Different Way

I think back to everything you did
Some years ago some recent
Some only that I know by stories
And I want to dislike you, to hate you
For what you did because how could you
I try to but I can’t. I’m over reacting aren’t I,

It doesn’t even matter anymore. Others have it worse.
Some days I feel a pang of sympathy for you,
Your childhood made you this, your family
But that doesn’t excuse how you deal with it.
I feel bad when I see you alone eating in the kitchen
I wont be like you. I have you to thank for that
But I wish there was a different way.


As Autumn begins the days get darker
The leaves begin to fall
The evenings get cooler
As I wake in the morning
There is no sun it still feels like night
Unmotivated to get out of bed
And ready for the day however
I know I need to think happy things
To get myself motivated
I think about Halloween
I think about Christmas
I think about hot chocolate
Those little things gets me through the day

Please You

I can write the way they thought me
I can learn off essays too
I can learn many languages but none to get through to you
You can see me “blossom” red
But in fact I am blue

You’re blinded by your rose coloured glasses.
You can’t see the way I write to my friends
About what my ideas that never end
You don’t see the way I recite an argument
When it’s not something I was made learn

You don’t see how I reflect and glimmer blue
Like the first sheet of ice in winter or the sea in summer
All you see is a carven copy of what you need from me
I enter a new version of myself to please you
So I can continue my life do not be you
But to do what I want to do

Ticking Clock

I hear the clock ticking,
Oh look there’s a butterfly
Oh I’m sorry what were you saying?
So they repeat, again and again and again,
I listened once but what has changed,
The message is still the same,
‘This is our goal’, ‘This is what we hope’,

And yet nothing done, all this time
We’re still just sitting at square one
Another day and another speech,
More clapping and congratulations,
And again and again, I know it by heart now,
We want the change but your supposed to tell us how.
But I come back and it’s still the same
And now I don’t come back the next day.


Sitting down under a tree
Watching them all play,
Twiddling my thumbs again
Like every other day.
They leave me there to gather dust
Like a doll on a shelf,
But really, at the end of the day
I only have myself.

Greater Good

Starved in a cell put through hell
Terrorist’s the people who defended our land
Bobby Sands How dare you speak like that of his name
Of those who stood up for my rights and yours
We wouldn’t be where we are without them
Too many to count them were laid to rest
Fighting for the greater good of our land

Growing Up

Growing up is a scary thing it’s a hard thing to do
Not having the support of parents
And entering the so called big bad world
Growing up is a part of life we all have to do it
Although it can be hard remembering
We have each other is the most important thing
Everyone goes through hard times and the fear of growing up
But we will always have each other to help us through these times

The Unfortunate Event

I went downstairs for food
Walking into the kitchen
I saw my parents weren’t in the mood.
So I sat down where they were sitting.
“What’s wrong ?” I said.
Your brother is badly hurt.
There were many thoughts running through my head.
I wiped my tears on my shirt.
“What did they do-” I said confused.

Long Day

When the doors open after a long day
A small dog just mopes there in the way
The bigger more confident one comes leaping in
Getting all the attention, leaving them to feel like a sin
Pushed to a corner, all forgotten about
And when tries to make a noise gets hit in the snout
Feeling worthless until
The girl comes home nothing is then done against her will

Love Comes

Love comes in all different shapes
It may go two ways or just one
It can make you the happiest person
In the world or make you feel
The worst you’ve been
Sometimes it’s fake
Sometimes it’s real
It will drive u crazy


He left before dawn
Without no excuse
He broke my heart
But didn’t assume

That’s A Rap

I can rap,
Wait but i might get stuck on a mouse trap.
Hold on my bra strap is coming off.
I can handle it cause im a tough.
But my hairs looking a bit rough
Well i like swimming.
Cause im always winning.
I like writing with my pen
I’m fifteen not ten.


I’m writing this poem,
Oh boy I’d love a moan
I love singing
While my phone
Is loudly dinging,
I love socks,
Did u ever
Have chicken pox

About Me

All about me
I can jump really high
I can make fart noises with my legs
I have a love island addiction
I love Guinea pigs
I hate everybody
I only eat chocolate
I hate poems
I can do the worm

Like Dislike

I twirl my hair when I get nervous
I only eat foods one at a time
I can jump really high
I don’t like cats
Big dogs freak me out
I have brown hair and brown eyes
I hate school

The Ploughing

Girls off their face to fit in to place,
The music is sounded the children are pounded
Everyone mangled what more could you want
Other than a cheap Carlow jersey in the wrong font
Or a cow and a rich farmer of course
On the ball till you take a great fall
They fire the gun the ploughing is won
And Holy god what a great day