Scoil Mhuire , Ennistymon.

Artwork by Pat Byrne


Beautiful as her
She was so beautiful
She has always been
With her beautiful blue eyes
And her soft blonde hair

Everyone wanted to be her
Everyone wanted to lover her
And it was always her
And i have always wondered

What would feel like
To grow up that beautiful
My skin was full of scars
Scars i would never rid of

And my eyes were sad
I just had that look i guess
That darkness look that makes
Everyone around my run

Run like i don’t mean anything
But above all that
Oh my scars
Those nasty and awful scars

Something she did to herself
Something that hides a story
No one would ever understand
Never accept

Something i has to live with now
The guilty
The marks
The questions
No one would ever look
My arms the same way

But then she was so beautiful
So ethereal
So amazing
And i was so jealous
I had always been

Sometimes i felt that
When i wanted to kiss her
I just wanted to be her
And get so close to her
That we would be the same body

And then
I could be as beautiful as her
And my scars would hide
In those beautiful blue eyes

Who I Have

Paddles always move too fast
I find myself
Plunged into darkness
Cold and unforgiving
As the rocks below

Body is spiralling
Mind past consciousness
Inhabitants float away
As I reach out

Morphing to piranhas
Should I swim different?
If I change colours?
Will they believe?

Fading and washing
Vision starts to shout
A weathered hand
Made from light above

It reaches,
Connects, whispers,
“You are my child,
You are saved”

The Book

Whose book is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite happy though.
Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,

I watch him laugh. I cry hello.
This book is unique, one of a kind
There is nothing else like this that you will find.

The most beautiful, funny thing you’ll see
Something that is worth of a keep.
The book is thick, mysterious and deep

But he has promises to keep.
After reading, reading and reading so more
This is one particular book that I adore.

These Years

These years are supposed to be the best of our lives.
The years we spend worrying about what to wear.
Figuring out who or what we like.
Wondering if he likes me back
Trying to get everyone to like us.

If these are the best of our life is it worth it?
Yes these years will get better.
We will figure out who or what we like.
We will figure out our style,
What we want to do with our lives.

We will figure out if he likes me back
People say life is short but it’s not
we have so many years to live our life.
These do not have to be our best years.

These years will help us for the better years.
Life will be hard but it will get easier.
That’s what I hope. And if it doesn’t?
Something’s wrong.

A Woman

I just want to wear a dress
Why can you only think about caress
I just want to wear ripped pants
But I’m told I can’t cause the boys
Can’t keep it in their pants

I want to walk alone
But I’m told I’m prone
to being taken and violated
Because as a woman
I’m seen to being a weakness
A burden for the men to carry
An accessory to their world
I am a woman
A person

Your World

The world is harsh.
You wake up every morning
And waiting and moaning
For feeling good not only today.
But endless war in your soul
In your world

Make you to hate your foolish existence.
However, we trying to be positive
Dream about planet without dull promises.
At least, we are alive.
Hope everyone is okay now.

My Birthday

Four AM I made a stir
Out I came like Jesus, resurrecting from the stone
Weighing a stone
Brought home to rome the streets of Lahinch
To the dirty dogs home,
I apodted a chubby dog named Vegas

The Next Morning

School is a place of education
It is where kids come to learn how to read and count
For some, school is torture
For me, it is an escape

My favourite part of the day is lunch
I can chat with my friends and I feel comfortable
When I go home and go to bed
I can’t wait for the next morning


Snuggling us all day long
Never doing anything wrong
Eating rabbits, birds and mice
Always being very nice
Fluffy fur and black hair
Wouldn’t bite if you dare
My dog Poppy

Ninety Minutes

Ninety minutes
Two teams
Pushed to the limits
All for a trophy
In the premier league
A players End all
Not bond skyfall
It’s football