Scoil Mhuire, Carrick on Suir

Art by Lynn MacPherson


Snow Washes Clean

When nights are cold
And Christmas begins to unfold
The lights are shining
And we are all fine dining
Gifts are given
And white lies are forgiven
Christmas time is truly a blast
So, live it up like it’s your last.



It’s an uncontrollable control:
I’m a walking oxymoron at 5am
Up and down my bedroom floor
To undo the instinct my mind condemns.
This room keeps these secrets,
My own four walls and personal mausoleum.
The less of me there is the more what’s there is worth,
I’m a sick superior to people with freedom.


The Horse Chestnut Tree

I sit under the Horse Chestnut tree and
Look up at the branches sprawling out,
I watch as the leaves twirl in the wind,
Up and down, in and out,
Each leaf representing a future for me,
To pick and follow through,
I look as they become clear to me,
And wonder which to pursue,
One leaf represents a life as an artist,
Another a poet and
Another a writer.

Some leaves are close and easy to pick,
While others are far and too quick,
As I sit under the tree wondering which leaf to choose,
I notice some leaves landing on my shoes,
I look up and see the leaves slowly wilting,
Losing their colour and one by one tilting,
Realising my decisions were made too late,
I jump up and try to restore my fate,
But I missed my chance, and the leaves are all gone,
Because it’s winter now,
And the tree has moved on.


With Me

You’re not heard, you’re not seen
But you’re still with me
Your memories, your smile
They way you laughed
And the way you loved me
My love won’t go away
It will stay.


Through The Impossible

When scammers stop calling
When junk mail stops flying in,
When they finally pass it to Kevin
When two parallel lines intersect,
When pigs fly,
When I find a needle in a haystack,
I’ll still love you.


Quiet Chaos

I sit and stare at the same four walls
Imagining all the ways I could escape
I watch the miserable students shuffle through the halls
As if their lives were held together by tape
Teachers telling us we have to be better
And improve our grades
Or there won’t be a college letter
Inside we blow up like grenades.


Home, In You

Friends are all you need,
Friends are who we greed
The love from a friend is what keeps us alive
Without friends, some people don’t survive
I love my friends with my whole heart,
So much I feel sorrow when we’re all apart.
Friends are the people we go to,
The people we feel at home with.