Scoil Mhuire, Carrick on Suir, Tipperary

Rising Light

As long as the sun still rises and
the moon still glows
I will always remember that I once knew you
As long as bees still hum and
flowers still bloom
I will always remember that i once knew you
I will always know the wind still gently kisses
your cheek while I’ll never kiss it again.


Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall I can’t see myself at all
I see the flaws I see the marks but nothing else
As hear I the glass shatter my confidence does too
People see what I can’t but I never know why
The glass on the floor my heart is too
I feel broken and bruised but no one can see
The glass on the floor in wiped away my smile is too
I found a new mirror but why don’t I feel new.


Rich Boy Blue

I was in a situation with a fish boy
Little did I know he was rich boy
Next there was joe joe
But I didn’t get his bow bow
I ran away from him
It was not slow slow…
Then I got with Chris
He was my first kiss
Next there was SK
He belly flopped into the sea, so I said sea ya later and bellyflopped outa his life
I was not gonna be his wife..
Then there was Blakie’s bestie
He was kinda zesty..
Now we’re back to the start
With the fish
He’s such a catch.


What it Seems

My future seemed so bright,
Till i walked alone that night.
The words they said to me, should never be allowed to be.
They hurts the things i love and made me want to soar away like a dove.
Men’s words can break my heart and make me feel like i am an object at a mart.
The dark is not scary, but it is what men say and do, is what frightens me the most
I wish to run away and have my freedom out to the coast.
Away from them and their degrading words,
I wish to fly far away with the birds



Walking home at night is such a fright
We are not scared of the dark
but matter of what’s in it
what’s in it that can hurt us men
gangs with slang
that can hurt us
more that we’d like.



When I was younger I was hidden,
Hidden behind the pain, behind the torture.
Behind the lies.

As I got older I seen the truth,
The real monster that comes out of him,
Every time a drink goes near his lips,

My bestfriend was ripped away, those who I’ll never see again.
I’ll miss you forever, I’ll love you always.



On the cold evenings I go out at five
Giving milk to her just so she can thrive

The yellow 2140 tag on a perked up ear
Calf season is the most fav time of the year

Rain, hail, sleet or snow
my white head calf will always show.
The fluffy black body the cute white head
She’ll always be mine until she’s dead.



My small fluffy dog
Though he’s not that small anymore
But still very fluffy
He’s almost like a bear
I love to give him stuff to wear
He like to play with his toys
Sometimes he smells abit bad
But it’s grand because I love him.



the time of year that brings people together
the nice warm feeling despite the cold weather
the family around the tree with love
and the ancestors looking down from above

forever the day when all is bright
the way you feel on christmas night
could brighten up the darkest day
and make all the hatred go away x



Growing up men are told that ‘big boys don’t cry’. So they don’t.
They are told that you need to be strong and brave to be a man. So they are.
Or are they?
They are told that you need to be muscular but not too muscular because then you’re showing off, be smart but not too smart because then you’re a nerd.
they say that us women can cry and she will helped but men always have to be okay or else everyone’s perplexed
Men’s suicide rates are higher than woman’s and we still wonder why? Maybe it’s because we don’t let men cry.
Yes, girl’s support girls but girls should support the girls too. Maybe we should see things from there point of view
Maybe it’s not about gender but just a being a human is hard. As we are Equals and we are all scarred



I’m tired of being haunted
by passed memories
Being haunted
by past situations
by past loves
I’m haunted.


Wake up, training, eat, school, study, sleep
Wake up, training, eat, school, study, sleep
Wake up, training, eat, school, study, sleep
When I say I had a shit day
I’m talking about the giving out to I got in maths,
Or the girl who took my seat in the first class,
Or how long i spent hoping the class would go by fast,
I’ve already forgotten about the smile my bestfriend gave me when I said good morning,
Or the girl who planned our next outing with me when the class was boring,
And the chocolate bar I had at break,
And the test that I absolutely aced.
It’s easy to see everyday as the same, just another day with a different name.


The Whistle

From the car drive as my mind is telling stories
I warm up on the pitch
it all clears my worries
As the whistle is blown
As the game goes
I don’t even think about home
I now feel at home
the final whistle blows
I go on home
All the worries are back
I don’t feel at home



Being a girl is rough
We always have to act tough
Everyday living is repeat
Yet always feeling as weak as a leaf
Somedays are better than others
Yet always feeling the need of a significant lover
This is whats its like being a girl
Living in this world.


Carrick Jam

From the town of Carrick
Always stuck in the traffic
Waters always gone
So it’s time to sing a song

The towns new plan
I can say I’m a massive fan
The place will be better
And will have everyone together.


Swirl Pool

My mind is full with thoughts
My stomach twisted into knots
All my doubts entwine
Ignoring every sign

Always trying to amuse
Hiding every single bruise
Fading away like the tide
Always searching for a guide


They Lurk

Into the school gate
Where everyone i hate
Sits and waits to pounce
Everyone gets a going but
No one is knowing
Of what goes on at home
Or are they alone.



love is the lazy cow
love is a vanilla iced latte
love is a kinder cookie bar
love is a walk and an iced coffee
love is the smell when you walk through the door
love is the smile on the baristas face
and love is the have a nice day on your way out the door.


I love

Playing sport all day, everyday
“You spend too much time at the hurling pitch” some would say
It’s my happy place
And it always puts a smile on my face.


Sports is life

When I play I feel alive
it teaches me to be a team player
at all times
if it wasn’t for sports
i wouldn’t be writing this
It has a positive effect on my life