Scoil Mhuire agus Padraig, Swinford, Co. Mayo.


Green eyes looking at mine
Innocent but so guilty
Act as though
You’d never hurt me
Bet you didn’t realise

I scarred so easily
And now here I am
Broken completely
Destroyed by the fact
It’s my reflection

Lifeless Eyes

You are an expert at sorry,
And keeping lines blurry
Never impressed by me
Acing all your tests

All the girls that you’ve run dry
Have tired, lifeless eyes
Because you burned them out
But I took your matches before
Fire could catch me


Sitting in silence, not a sound to be heard,
Behind the silence,
A sea of thoughts deeper
Than any ocean imaginable.
Expectations of me, in the present
And in the future.

Feeling trapped, finding it hard to breath,
Drowning in the silence,
Eventually i can’t breath….
A thing called school

I wake up in the morning
I jump straight out of bed.
Drink the tea,ate the egg
Off I go, no delay to be had.
Into the school, cheery as can be,

Grasping the day God has given to me.
Books and biros, copy’s and pens,
The strongest weapons they always said.
Time for break and the hunger is on me,
Have a feed and no hurt will be on me.
Off we go again, pen In hand,

It feels like today no fun will be had.
Until along comes lunch and all the joys it brings,
Coffee and a bun as well as a few sweet things.
On drags the day till ten to four,
And off I go home, no school no more.
Tomorrow off we go again, same auld thing,
Does it ever change? Back to work you’ll hear them say.


When i first met you i was only a pup
Peeking through the door and my tail shot up
I raced towards you , knowing you were the one
My sunshine my rainbows and my lifetime of fun.
No other dog is as lucky as me
To be loved and protected by such a family


As I rest my head
As I lay In bed
I dream of you my love, but you’re dead
As I close my eyes
And by surprise
You are there
The shine in your hair
The glimmer in your eye
Reminds me of the million stars in the Sky


Why do I have to be perfect.
Its what my parents expect
But I am not perfect

And without that realization
Life would be a regret
No joy for who I am

Just envy for who I could have been.
You are perfectly imperfect
For who you are

Miserable Morning

Hail, Sleet and Snow,
When will I get home?
Tired and Wired,
Feeling Uninspired.

Red Warnings,
Miserable Mornings.
Looking forward to the break,
And sit by the lake,
To bake a cake.


The music’s bopping
The tunes are popping
Kick offs coming
The hopes of winning
The players grinning
Punches thrown
Then points flown
Games won


Sitting in silence,
Not a sound to be heard,
behind the silence,
A sea of thoughts
Deeper than any ocean imaginable.
Expectations of me,
In the present and in the future.
Feeling trapped,
Finding it hard to breath,
Drowning in the silence,
Eventually i can’t breath….

Rinse and Repeat

Don’t read please
At school, having hop and jump about
Get home and snooze
Horrible feeling and sad
Try to chillax but can’t relax
Rinse and repeat and rinse and repeat.
Wake up not pleased

My Days

Roses are red violets are blue
I drive a Fiat and she goes pow
I find life hard as a young farmer
Still in this aul school with a bunch of townies
Who don’t understand my lingo
Or how I want to do an apprenticeship
Work hard and live a good life
While all the others want college degrees