Rockbrook Park School, Dublin

The Fighter Ego

The man who fought and had his heart sink
Time and time again until it shriveled and shrinked
The man who was always regarded as a sinner
Soon felt stronger than the world like a true winner

But this made his confidence grow so big and powerful
He felt like the world was his to devour
So he got knocked back again like Bable’s tower
Life started hitting like a heavyweight

So now the man awaits his fate
He doesn’t know who’s there for him he thinks the walls are closing in
There’s no resolve if he cant win
But he will soon see the journey was the best part

Give him reason not to stop his heart
To not allow himself to grow distant and cold
For starting a new journey will never become old
Finally facing victory’s glowing shimmer

The Mechanism

Is it more important for us
The mechanisation
Or the destruction

We are causing to our planet
That is suffering
All the consequences
Of our degeneration.

What is Life

Is life meant to be dreaded
With our hopes and dreams being shredded
While our loved ones slowly die

And our children cry
But what is life
Should life not be enjoyed
Instead of falling into an endless void.

A Chance

From place to place I’m expected to come in first place
But what they don’t know is I’d rather not go.
I’m expected to do this do that,
Not come last and remember the past.
To make it as easy as the movies do I’d have to fake it
But if I got given a chance i would make it.

I’d like to be taken from place to place
Not be expected to figure out how to get to space.
If only i be supported to do what I’d like
Then I could truly call it my life.
If it were my life I would be able to strive
Revive what I feel I’ve lost.


For whenever I see Happiness
I think of love in the people that put the means to our lives
Sharing the same passion to others is what gives yourself a meaning
To all of your madness that may be inside,
It means nothing can escape to your feeling of crappiness.

When the mask that your wearing is tearing to pieces
I’m thinking of how many times, my shoes were stepped into creases.
Happiness, would come to say hello once again
But remember that your life is more than seven cents.


i get home from school feeling miffed
Ma says hello
Under my breath i call her a git
Up to my room
Not long to chill
Just want to lay down

I have to get to work to hear shrill
Shrieking’s that they want their money back
I am but a teen
I just work at the concession shack
At least me and my mate are on the same shift
A customer comes up to me with “i didn’t like my movie”

But when I’m feeling glum i just think about my girl
And how she really is a gift
I think about her birthday how i want to get her a pearl
Baby, she likes the arctic monkeys

Just like me she walks talks and acts like me
I need her like i need her
Like Eminem needs his Hailee
I realise that how life is a gift and how
If i lost any of his id just want i to


When I was told that eyes are the windows to the soul
It made me feel cold
I looked to my mothers eyes’
Full of warmth and love

Then my fathers which were filled with mirth that seemed to shove
These are nothing compared to the eyes of the Mr. and Ms. of the Yard
There eyes seem to be judging of any Tard
Then the cold brutalising eyes of the locals

Which seemed so vocal now
Then the eyes of the students came
Full of sadness, regret and…Shame

Sun Up

From sun up to sun down, people pass me by
Whether i know them or not it never feels quite right
What are they looking at? what do they want
We use the term friend too loosely,
They don’t even know what it means.
Friends don’t hurt other friends
They don’t think they just do harm.


As i sit here alone in isolation
With the urge to leave without hesitation
Like the gas from a can.
The continuous feeling of boredom like I’m back in school
Please give me freedom
From the door of my bedroom to the presses of the kitchen
They’re my boundaries this is no expedition.

The Vacuum

My vacuum cleaner’s broken
Sits in the garage gathering dust
Beside dad’s old red car,
Oxidizing an orangey rust
I need trust with rust
Where i must be careful.


The Life of a teenager is like a bolder
You stay were you are until someone pushes you and
That someone can push you to a safer place
Or to terrible fate
That can bring you to an indecisive space.

A boy called Roy

There was a boy
He liked to play with a toy
He liked to eat chips ahoy
His first name was Roy