Regina Mundi College

Flowering Bud

Love blooms like a flower in the spring,
A precious gift that makes hearts sing.
It knows no boundaries, no bounds,
In its presence, true joy is found.

Through love’s journey, we may stumble,
But it’s in those moments, we truly humble.
For love is patient, love is kind,
It mends the broken, heals the mind.

So let love be your guiding light,
A beacon in the darkest night.
Embrace its power, let it grow,
And watch your heart forever glow.


But how can?

Maybe I’m annoying.
People don’t care to listen.
I’m a burden.
I waffle my way through the day
Where everyone wishes I would just
Shut up.

But how can I
When I have so much to say
So many things to do
The urge to create.
The undying need
Bursting from my soul
To be great
At everything I do?

But how can I
Quench the creative fire
When the clock is ticking
Every hour
Not enough time
Tick, tick, tick
To do everything, everywhere?

But maybe
For now,
I’ll settle
Write some words on a page
So that maybe
Will read them
Some day.


when someone says period i don’t think of punctuation
i think of shame, embarrassment, secrecy
i think of glancing around wondering if every girl is the same
i think of berating myself, “why am i so ashamed?”
“it’s normal,” they tell me. “be proud!”
how can i be proud when i think im going to die for 8 days every month
i think of my future as a woman, a future i don’t want
i think of my mother, my grandmother, my sisters
i think of doing this for forty more years, of everyone who’s been through this
maybe i feel a little proud.



in school ,teachers care
about the type of earrings you wear
your looks they think matter more
then are you okay are you sure

no lashes no nails no makeup none
you must represent the school until your done
they’ll get you in trouble and they’ll shout
they make you wonder what schools even about


The Depths

In the depths of sorrow, my heart does ache,
A heavy cloud hangs, my spirit it takes.
Tears fall like raindrops, a river of pain,
Lost in the darkness, searching in vain.

Memories haunt, like ghosts in the night,
Whispering echoes of love’s fading light.
Loneliness grips, a relentless embrace,
Leaving behind an empty, hollow space.

But remember, my friend, sadness won’t last,
In time, healing comes, the pain will be past.
Hold on to hope, let it guide your way,
Brighter days will come, chasing the gray.


I wrote that paragraph that night,
Lying in bed thinking of you – unable to concentrate on anything
But you.
I was numb, yet so many emotions were poured out.
I didn’t send it – I never would.
You were never forgotten.
It would hurt to much to forget you completely.

Faking feelings?
Looking through our old messages,
It was clear you liked me.
Your friends say you called me cute.
You talked of me constantly.
But now that we’re over,
You “never liked me.”
And only saw me as a “really good friend.”
But “really good friends” don’t do –
What we did that fateful night.
You complimented me and texted me at any free time –
As I did you.
I woke up to good morning messages,
And fell asleep to good nights.
You comforted me when I was sad,
And looked forward to seeing me.
Now you can’t even look me in the eyes.
Why is that?

His game
“Play him at his own game.”
But god,
If I had known what your game was in the first place
I don’t think I ever would have played.


Running Away

Running away with a boy, what a tale to tell,
Adventure awaits, as we bid farewell.
Hand in hand, we’ll explore the unknown,
Creating memories, as our love is sown.

Through fields of wildflowers, we’ll dance and play,
Chasing dreams together, every step of the way.
Underneath the starry sky, we’ll find our bliss,
Running away with you, a stolen kiss.

No worries or cares, just you and me,
Running through life, wild and free.
With laughter and joy, our hearts will soar,
As we embark on this journey, forevermore.

So let’s run away, my dear, without a trace,
Discovering the world, in each other’s embrace.
Together we’ll wander, hand in hand,
Running away with a boy, in a love-filled land.


Growing Up

Girls growing up a journey we embark
But sometimes society leaves its mark.
Unfairly sexualized it’s a battle we face,
But remember, your worth is not in that space.
You’re more than just an object
Your dreams and talents have no end.
Embrace your strength let your voice be heard,

Break free from the stereotypes, be empowered.


The jokes I make

I like to see people laugh
So I make jokes every day
If just have a dark humour
Is what I always say

I joke about what’s going on at home
About how I’m treated daily
How going home for me
Is sickeningly scary

I joke about what goes on in my head
Late at night or in broad daylight
About how sometimes my head tells me
I should just give up on life

People always laugh along
But never stop to check
If it’s just a joke
Or maybe a cry for help

I make jokes every day
And people laugh along
Not knowing that inside
Im not joking at all.


Mean Boys

Oh the mean boys in their fancy suits,
with hearts of stone and souls that refuse,
to see the hurt they cause each day,
and laugh as others fall away
they strut and preen so full of pride
but inside theyre hollow and divide
their words like knifes they cut deep
leaving scars that never sleep.



All  About Boys

In a world of confusion and strife
I find myself hating boys in my life
Their actions and words can cause me pain
But boys will never change.
Boys can be annoying at times
But sometimes i want one to be mine.



That’s the sound of my brain.
The thoughts and ideas colliding into white noise.
Perhaps more of a colourful noise.
For each and every thought is important
Complex, simple
Ugly and pretty
The ideas
The opinions
Even the doubts
They’re beautiful
To me

I am more than just a body.
I am a being,
I am a girl.
My brain is what controls everything
It’s my living soul
So I think
I think
I think all day
Probably close to a million thoughts
Make their way
Across my mind
Until I’m practically drowning
In my own thoughts and words
So I stop thinking
And scream


I Ran

Boots tied, jerseys washed
but soon to be covered in mud.
First step onto the pitch, i feel enriched.
Helmet on my head, hurley in hand.
On i walk,
Ready to play, fight and win.
I shake the hand of my marker,
Faking my innocence.
Catastrophic i ran and ran and ran,
Ball reaching the back of the net.
Relief and pride washed over me.


Is it Worth it?

From the nights spent alone
wondering what went wrong

To the hours I spent relating
to heartbreak songs

To the tears that I cried that I never
thought would dry

Until I realized is it all really worth it over one guy?

I wanted to write

bout Meghan Markle.
Because I think it’s unfair she gets hate
We all eat avacado’s
My friend said no
That’s the poem.
Roses are read
Violets are blue
One of my friends mum hates Meghan Markle
The other does too
They don’t actually
They just get sick of me talking about her
But that doesn’t rhyme.
I hate tabloids
Closing a car door isn’t a crime.

I love

Seeley Booth
even though he’s a bit fruity
i think he’s a cutie
My friend thinks he’s ugly
but i think he’s snugly
He reminds he of Jake Peralta and Harvey Specter
If you don’t agree then you need a lecture

Pick Me

Your eyes as blue as the ocean,
they shine as bright as night-time lights,
your rock hard abs pull through your shirt,
i want you all for myself,
i would climb the highest mountain and tallest building to find you.
even when the sun don’t shine you always shine in my eyes.
you can run but you can’t hide your forever in my heart.
my love for you makes my heart explode
pick me.
chose me.
love me.


Thinking of you

I think about you sometimes
When I hear the ticking clock on the wall
Time felt so infinite
Now it seems to have no value at all
I wonder if you’d be proud
Of the person I’ve become
Would you still see the spark I had
The spark that shone brighter than the Sun.



I’m lost in a forest just like a tourist
which way should i turn
each way bringing the same burn
but there’s a light coming from the trees
it seems to be guiding me
a familiar laugh that sounds like home
with them here,
i’m never alone.


My Life as a Young Girl

Life as a young girl sometimes can’t be fun,
Sometimes I feel like I want to be over and done.
Walking alone at night highlights my fear,
When drunk old men are shouting and drinking and throwing beer
Sometimes girls can be so cruel and mean,
I feel so powerless, almost like a tiny little flee.
Sometimes at home I feel alone,
But with certain people I feel alive and at home.
At the end of the day I like being me,
And at the end of the day, that’s how it’s going to be


A Learning Experience

School is so bad
it makes me so sad
the facts there’s no lads
makes it even worse
too early to open my eyes
i feel i need a disguise
there’s people i despise
there are still no guys
im late for the bus
my moms making a fuss
they have a common twin i like to call them witches
they cause me so much pain i’ll need stitches
the girls here are sneaky and sly
you’d think they were some sort of spy
i wish i could fly
or sometimes die
but never will i think of this place again
this place i call school
to most i look like a fool
just trying to fit in
i belong in a bin
the teacher will grin
when she sees me alone
on my phone
she hears the ring tone
as she lets out a groan
i give out a moan
as i remember where i am.


When I Was Young

When I was young
I thought that I was fun
But when I got older
I got way colder
I was told
I was a bit of a bore
Man, that made my heart sore
(to be read in southern accent).


Level 20

Why do boys always look at my ass?
Would they ever get a bit of class
I know I have a level 20 gyat
But really it doesn’t excuse that.


I Love

big sugary doughnuts
they make me happy
i love stuffing my face in them
i love the shack

i could eat doughnuts for a leaving
especially chocolate ones