Patrician Academy, Mallow

The Monsters Inside

People say monsters aren’t real
But trust me, they are
Creeping up on you
Ready to strike
Eating away your hope, happiness and security
Nothing left
Monsters are real
They’re called depression and lonleyness
And if you scream, no one will hear you
Because no one wants too.

What Remains

Dying roses and tulips,
She lies in a box of wood,
I still hear her soft lips,
If I could do something I would,

Remains of cloth on the side of the road,
Sometimes she is still here,
Listening to this may be a code,
I was so close with her so near.

Have you ever?

Have you ever looked up at the sky,
It’s colours like hope,
But you’re colourblind.
Have you ever cut slowly, deeply, into yourself,
Hoping that gravity,
Might just let you go.
Have you ever sliced into your own skin,
Hoping those knooks or crannies would catch, hold onto edges to stop you falling.
Have you ever stitched all the pages,
Of what they called you,
Into wings.
Have you ever used your tears as wax,
To stick together,
Those stitched pages onto you.
You haven’t have you?,
Just for an escape,
Have you ever?


Street Walker

Everyone can walk down a street
but the street you walk and how you walk
reflects how different the world really is
I know guys who slept out on the cold streets
and get punched and bruised
but for some magical reason
we both thought of a noose

it’s like a disturbing sense of competition
where if you come from a home and a family of love
they only see that side but did they know
that boy was really alone and he knows
that his life should be good but a mental tumour
prevented him from embracing the love

they both suffer
no one is unique
yet unique at the same time

I cant speak for every problem
I hate Talking about my problems
its becuase i know that someone
has had it harder than me and
it makes me feel I dont deserve
a hand and then because of this stupid belief
I Suffered more


A Red Box

I put my heart in a box,
A box were coloured in red.
I have the box in my hand,
I will give my box to the frist person pass this place.
I give it,
She take it.
Until I find my box in the bin next day.
I have my box back.
I still waiting for someone pass this place.
But this time was a empty box.

The Best Years of What?

Growing up thinking I haven’t got a dad
Every time I heard “parrent’s” man that shit just made me sad
Not knowing my ethnicity not knowing my race
not knowing where I fit in or belong in the place
People telling me all the stories bout Lenny ned
But I just cant get the simple fact Into my head
Why leave me not knowing you and thinking that your dead
Leaving me without a dad leading the legacy that you lead
Smoking weed and drinking and acting like a fool
Not able to be good or concentrate in school
Cause I don’t have a father figure to help me through “the best years of my life”
But I know that I’ll do better when I grow up and get a wife
I’ll show my child love and compassion all the best
And I’ll tell my child I love them and say it with chest
I won’t be scared to take on the responsibilities that follow
How can you do me like this man your really hollow.


We wear masks without covid
Our personality is always coated
with laughs jokes but inside were eroded,
never able to be decoded
Never able to be offloaded,with pressure of life,
media, love , the fear of being outvoted.
friends,companies can never see past the mask we have coded over years of failures, traitors, haters, we are silent narrators in our work, our art, but in life with our masks we are fakers.

Second Round

Here comes the second round of the spliff.
I don’t wanna take it but I don’t want to be branded a misfit.
I’m feeling dazy and confused.
Seeing my friends insert needles already used.
Drugs my age isn’t a solution its a disease.
Knowing my friends may die I don’t feel at ease.
So stop agreeing to the trend
Or trust me you’ll meet your end.

Choosing a door 

To which one is red and one is green,
The red one was open and easy to access,
The green one ,shut but with a welcoming carpet.

The entry to red looks too traveled by many ,
With mud on the floor and the hallway so empty,
Green it was cleanly , with the doorknob all glossed, I started to wonder how it’d be unlocked.

I came to a sudden realisation,
That I had the choice of my occupation,
Work hard and believe to find the key,
Or travel the red like so many before me.


I wish he would hit her.
I wish she’d divorce. Or Cheat.
Too often I’m caught in the crossfire.
In the spittle and heat.

The gleam of the floor
Blinds you.
The framed photographs
Remind you,
That they’re like everybody else.


They’re equally broken,
Equally vile,
Equally living a life of denial,
And they’ll never quit cause
They can’t admit
That they are not happy,
That it’s all gone to shit.
That the lies they’ve been fed are just that.
That the lives they’ve led have led to this crap.


Flinging shame at each other,
Like monkeys in a cage,
Filling the house with noise.

This is why I don’t bring friends over anymore.


The respect we give is the respect we get
Until we’re told we’re not old enough yet
A bit more time is all they say
Until we come looking another day
The school says no the parents agree
We’re too young the way it must be
Then one day we’re all grown up
and the respect we gave was not the respect we got.


Don’t want to be the main attention
But I want to be noticed and mentioned
Too afraid of being judged
For loving what I love

Let me be accepted
But not the main attention
Cause the words that come out of your mouth
Does screw with me in and out.


A Light

I enjoy learning but I prefer to be at home.
I enjoy making friends but I’d rather be alone.
I’d like to show emotions but I don’t like to talk.
I’d like to go out someday but I don’t like to walk.
Suddenly she came along one day and changed my negative thoughts
i couldn’t believe the burst of motivation that she brought.
I got up off my ass for once and did something great
it seemed as if she’d saved my life before it was all too late.


Rock, Paper, Gravel

If you were solid piece of material what would you be some.
People are rock some are paper and some gravel
if you’re a rock it means you’re piece of a mountain
a mountain that can reaches heaven
if you’re a paper it means you’re some people can wright and draw on you
give you names fill in you’re blanks.
If you’re gravel people think you’re just a step
something to pave there way to there success.
If you’re paper, rock or gravel you still have a purpose.
Done let other people be the artist of you’re paper
be the artist and make master piece.
Don’t be someone’s stepping stone
use it to pave away to happiness for others.
And a rock can crumble people pickaxe
become a rock that cannot crumble.


The Sharpest Brush

I ain’t the sharpest tool for sure but I ain’t the most dull one either,
like I ain’t amazing in school there’s some subjects
I hate but then there’s one I acc like,
like art I love doing my art but I’d rather do what I love to do in art
like my own drawings instead of being told what to do,
like i don’t mind it sometimes
but other times I do if I’m being honest cause I don’t like it,
you might but I wouldn’t but sure the reason
I picked art is bc it doesn’t really need words or reading
just you’re hand going onto the page
and you doing it the way you like.



Summer was quite boring
As all I did was lay in bed snoring
I wish there was more to do
Than sit at home and look like a fool
Every day I would always saw
The sunrise and the sunset
It was beautiful
I tried to be active
But poor old Corona refused to let me
I hope next summer will be better
More sun less wetter.


From cans on the beach
To violence in the streets
This is cork city
Dont scream if your weak

At christmas when the streets are bustling
There are people in alleyway’s always hustling
With not a penny to spare
Not even clean clothing to wear
Corks homeless have no voice to share

We need the Cork people to unite
To stand up and fight
Let’s start tonight
Let’s make things right.

Held back

Everybody wants to be something,
We want to stand out from crowd,
Stand up and be loud ,
But we’re scared to ,
The fears we have they frighten us ,
So much that they end up blinding us,
And the inspiration we take starts to sprout doubt in ourselves ,
Fear from the disappointment of spending our lives stacking some shelves,
Even though we’re fine with it
Our parents make us think that that’s a life of shit,
So we try move past it,
Never accepting the insecurities we have,
So therefore as a result we are held back.

AIdan Wakes

Aidan McCarthy woke up
Now he’s off the win the Liam McCarthy cup
He gave Dublin the bang of the bamboo
Watch out Kilkenny he’s coming for you
He’s the first hurling rockstar ever to cross the land
As he also sings giants in his band
He might be only a corner back but
He’s the master of the sideline cut

Screw school

Only release is music
Pressure from teammates,
parents and coaches
Screw school
I just wanna chill out
I hate this place
if I could I’d never come back
Screw school.


I have been very lucky for my life
He hasn’t visited me, yano that guy that goes by the name of strife
Never been the center of attention
But I’ve always lived up to peoples expectation,
Nothing more nothing less
I seem to be a jack of all traits suppose not realy a mess
I’ve seem to have done so many things
But they always seem to fell like strings
Feel like their pulling me this way and that way
But I’ve always had my friends and family there to stop the sway
That’s what it all is realy tho
A long tightrope were all on, wondering how far we’ll go
But at some point we will fall off and go
But some times we cant choose what time to end the show.


My hero

Aidan McCarthy is a goat
He’s a hurler on a happy note
The hurling master a jack of all trades
This man has 10/10 hurling grades
He is a solid wing back
And also a bit of craic
He has a bamboo hurl that’s warps of lads
He is also one of the great dads
Apart from hurling he’s a savage singer
That’s why him singing is my phone ringer
He’s all about the mental game
That all adds to his fame
He’s sidelines are better than jo canning
He slots them over without even planning
He hits 65s like Jim cashman
He makes wing foward look like a trashman
Aidan McCarthy should be a movie star
but Instead he’s a hurling rockstar


The Halls

As I walk down the halls of my terrible school,
I pass people looking at me like I’m a fool,
I take my seat in the monastery hall I sit on my high stool cause I’m not very tall
Christmas is coming.
Santa say ho ho ho
when I look at my homework i say just no.
My dad collects me in the van
when he asks how my day went I say good man,
I can’t wait for summer to come back around
the long draw is on and my thoughts of homework is gone
I go on the pints with the brother and come home locked
to the mother.



We are all different and we are all special,
We all lead different lives and we don’t all thrive,
But we survive, and so long as we all keep going on and living our lives,
When we pass, our legacy can unfold,
And our children will remember us, fondly,
And to their kids stories of us will be told.

A Guzzling Man

As I’m in the bullies drinking my beer
I feel a young fella touching my ear
I turn around and hit him an dirty box
But My beer fell on the ground
Because I’m locked
I went to my bag and got another
Because ima guzzling man like my brother

Pointless Facts

Sometimes I think school is not great
Teachers sometimes feel like giving you a bate.
School can be great at times as well
But sometimes it makes you feel like going to hell

We write pointless stuff to learn
What is all this Maths we have to learn
Listen to teachers go on and on
How to get an A a B won’t do at all.

The Best of times is having the craic
But the teacher wants you to get on track
Extra Curricular activities is what you want to do
Soccer,Hurling Music and all but you just can’t wait for the break during the Fall

My favourite class is IT
You get a break from writing and glee
But when you’ve think of Business next class
You remember you have to do homework for next class
It takes your favourite moment away
And you were looking forward to this all day.

Colum Fennell

The Warning

Coming into school in the morning
The teacher gave me a warning
Told me where is my mask
I said who actually asked
Then he gave detention to my friend joe
Who came up to him and said just no
Along comes foley who thinks he’s a hard feen
Puts his hand on the teachers shoulder and goes “well I mean”



As I stepped to the Sesh my back was sore
from bag heavy beer, first ten minutes is a bore,
from what I can hear there is a crowd music blaring aloud,
boys and girls moving to the back in pairs
as everyone glares in disbelief,
the chief of police strides in, SCATTER


Quality Sesh

I wake up in the morning looking fresh,
Ready for a quality sesh.
I stroll up to the bullies,
Cans in the bushes
And while I drink my first naggin,
I catch a man with a fresh cut lacking.
Out of the corner of his eye he sees me,
As I slap his head and say like ya cut G.


Magical Land

As I stroll into the magical land of the bullies I sense to look on my left I see this freshly poured beer bottle ever so slowly flowing down the river. It soon hit me to look to the right where I see harry knees down head deep. I follow the smell of the freshly brewed beer leading myself over towards the mainland where we gather to roar shout and drink beer I hear a squeaky voice behind me squealing about his towel being destroyed as the day hits an end we head to the grill for a bite to eat for now I must go goodbye