O’Carolan College

Art by Gary Reddin https://jamartprints.com/artist/gary-reddin/



I am me,
I am different,
I am conscious of people’s opinions,
I stay the same,
I be a different person around everyone,
Family, friends and strangers,
I stay the same,
I am me,
I am different,
Music is the most powerful thing,
It changes me,
Once the music turns off,
I am different,
I am me.



I wish to be tall,
I will never fall,
Dribble the ball,
I run down the hall, get the ball,
And prance while it will be my last dance.



I play football
I love it all
Every time I play
Everything goes away
When I kick that score
I’m no longer sore
The game’s nearly done
I run and run
This is my last chance
My last dance.


Decisions, Decisions

Lyon’s or Barry’s,
The big debate
One is foul and one is great
Lyon’s or Barry’s,
Which is best?
There’s really no difference
But the world is obsessed
Lyon’s or Barry’s,
Never equivalent
For one stays carefree,
The other remains vigilant
Lyon’s or Barry’s,
It’s always the question
You’d think by now
We’d have learned our lesson
This isn’t about tea.


Lost in the Music

My anxiety controls me
I wake up some days dreading what’s to come
I brave myself, try to forget about it
And get through the day
When I arrive home I can find my escape
I put on my headphones
So everything goes away
Music is what helps me be brave.



I am the goalkeeper
The one who saves the shots
I am the player
The one who scores goals and points
I am the coach
The one who trains the players
To be the best version of themselves
I am the manager
The one who tells you
What to do on the field
All different roles for the same sport.



I am a jack of all trades
Some say self-made
I am good at so many things
But never the best at anything
I feel like I need to be the best
At everything from pitch to test
And while people think I’m unbreakable
Secretly I feel incapable.



Dance makes me happy
When I dance I feel like I can be myself
From high kicks to jumps
And talking to my friends there
I feel like I’m in a fun and safe environment
Where I can’t be judged
Dance makes me happy.


Farmer’s Life for Me

I live to drive tractors
In school I struggle to find the factors
Born to farm
In school always cause harm
During summer I live for silage
During school I hate the signage
I love to spend time
In my Claas tractor
Hate to spend time in maths
Working out a factor.



One two three, breathe
Just kick the ball right
Just run as fast as the others
Just be in the right place
Just show up to training
Just push through the pain
Just hold back the tears
Just ignore the fear and anxiety
Just give yourself a break.
Who am I?
I like being on my own but never alone.
I want friends but too shy to try get them.
I want to do well but not motivated to try.
I want to answer but feel everyone judging.
Who am I?
The truth, I want to know too.


School Days

I started in August,
Not an ordinary August,
The August of twenty nineteen.
I met some new people,
Some new friends and some new teachers,
I became a new person, I became me.
I learnt some new subjects,
New things pursue and skills to do,
I’m thankful I attended this school,
Thankful for the people and things to do,
And hopefully it will continue as I grow too!


My Cat

My cat is big
My cat is fat
My cat is lazy
My cat is a literal mat
But even though he’s fat
And lazy as crap
I love him so much
And miss him even more
Now he’s up there looking down
Which makes my heart whole.



I give every single person I meet a nickname
Because my dad always does that,
I always make my Ys longer at the bottom
Because my best friend used to do that
And I thought it was cool,
I always wear a perfume my auntie
Gave me when I was little,
I fell in love with music
Because my cousin told me it was
Her safe space and it
Turned out to be mine too,
I always sit on the left side of the bus
Because my old best friend used to
Sit on the right
Because there’s more leg room
I am part of every single person I’ve ever met.
A mosaic of people
Who’ve thought me
To speak up for myself
And I’m ever so grateful.