Mercy College, Coolock, Dublin 5

I Wish

For the green meadows
That are all throughout the country
I wish for the yearly lakes
As they reflect the vibrant houses
I wish I stayed as I waved in the backseat, not knowing I was saying goodbye
Each time I come back I wish a little more
Someday maybe Ill return when its no longer a chore.

A Storm of Echoes

The sound of alarms bellowing into my drums,
echo casted throughout the home time seemly still,
my senses return,
breaking into the youngest room, grasping him,
a low breath as he was hurried into the hidden back room,
audio sky rocketing, hopping and praying to anyone
who will cast a ear that the trouble about to arise
would be simply fall deaf, the crash,
skipping steps down the wooden stairs,
heart beat beating down my chest,
a cavern seemingly full of nothing as my body was light,
joining the others, pulling and gripping the shoulders of the elder,
pulling him into the doorway, pausing for a brief breath,
before I could exhale the door almost hitting the floor,
screaming as I released the white door,
allowing the escape of the mutt,
holding the casted black leather collar, salted tears rolling,
afraid and frightened for the young boy
hidden within the walls of a almost shallow house,
rasp and snarls as I shouted the command,
door a crashed releasing the dog, war broke,
crimson decorated the tile, all resting after the storm,
being whisked away to a safe home,
eyes once glimmering now faded dull.


Does He Like Me?

Does he really like me,
Is he going to switch up,
Does he really see something with me?
Or am I two week fling?
Does he think I’m pretty,
Or does he say that to please me so he can keep me in his trap,
Does he like going out and seeing me?
Or is he just praying I’ll give in and give him his bit?
Am I good enough for him?
Am I pretty enough for him?
Why do I put myself down over a man
No not a man a boy…



Walking in the street and I know we’re I’m going
I’m felling insecure when I’m not
Can’t see their intentions
Makes me vulnerable

There are millions of stories
Stories that I can’t stop thinking when I’m alone
What if I don’t arrive home
What if the same happens to me

I’m tired of feeling that way
I want to go out and feel free
Not more felling scared
No more feeling unprotected.



A “girls” girl is what she calls herself
While she tells people the secrets hidden on my shelf
Is she trustworthy and kind
Or was I simply just blind.
A secret told should be a secret kept
But she couldn’t do that so I wept
A “girls” girl is what she said she was
But she told them all and got an applause.


Beauty Standards

I hate the way I have to dress
In order to impress
Other people in society
We judge our self’s based on how we see
The Beauty standard now
Were not the typical beauty standard
In fact were far from it
But we should embrace our beauty As it is



Being a 17 year old girl
When you’re seventeen and a girl
You’re treated like a child yet expected to act like a young adult
Expected to dress,talk and behave a certain way
“or you won’t like the result!”
You’re held to expectations and standards by society you can’t meet
“change your dress it’s too short”
Because if you show too much skin
” you’re seeking male attention”
But if you don’t
” no boy will look at you ,you’re too boring” ”
If you’re loud and voice your opinions you’re annoying
If you’re quiet and don’t speak up “it’s your own fault” when things end up happening
From as young as you can remember ,you were taught how to dress ,talk and behave
“You have to shave!”
“Don’t sit like that you’re a lady!”
“don’t wear that much makeup!”
“why are you wearing so much makeup?”
when you’re a girl and especially seventeen
You can never win.


You see the clouds

I see my nanny
You see a bench
I see the best day I’ve ever had
You see stairs
I see me and my sister
playing with dolls as kids
You see that field
I see an old friend with a football
waiting for me to come out and play
You see things
but other people could see them differently
it’s not just you.


Ruined Haven

When your escape becomes a burden, your haven a ruin
It’s the blissful moments of in-between
Differ from the times when you feel unseen
The travel to get there might be tough
And feel pointless, for what?
To try your hardest and be shot down, to go back to the start and push through to morning
It’s the blissful moments of in-between
That get you up when you wake
To get to the other side, better times, a life that you choose
Away from judging eyes and heavy silences and longing
To strive for the peace and quiet and comfort
Of someplace else.


Reflections on a Plane

I was on the plane thinking
about what my life had been
for the past 5 weeks and how I can’t wait to go back.
In the warm heat of the Australian sun
and the clear cold water I felt at home.
The nature is like nothing you have seen before
it is beautiful and different.
This is where I want to be.
Take me back.


Junior Cert

study for your junior cert, they said,
so when you grow up you can earn the bread
History, Irish, Maths
Geography, Business,
I love cats!!!
sorry I keep getting distracted
this is going in one ear and out the other
I want to be as successful as my mother


Concrete Jungle

Coming from Darndale
People expect to hear your on bail
Burned cars and smoking cigars
“Go for a walk”
But if they see me theyll talk
“Go to the shop”
But what if i get hopped

“What the fuck did you say?”
I wish i stayed away
“Wheres your brother!”
Hiding from another guy

Bottles smashing, women screaming
Its become normal
“Darndales not that bad”
I try defend, i live there
Im not that bad right.


New School

New school and no mates
Hoping I have all the good traits ,
Looking for some new friends
Stumbled across this one girl
Me and her started to talk ,
Just before we took a walk
Back to mine or back to hers
Now we are two inseparable girls
Never thought I’d meet someone so kind
Me and her and now intertwined.


One Day

Every night and day, I walk in fear
Looking over my shoulder, feeling danger so near
Wrapped in long layers, hiding my form
No knee to be seen, no skin to adorn
For safety is scarce in this world unkind
But one day I’ll break free and leave it behind One day I’ll wear what I want with pride
No longer forced to hide or abide
I’ll walk without fear, feeling oh so secure and strong
In a world where I truly can belong.



I loved my childhood and growing up,
starting primary school and making new friends
Trying to act like all my older cousins
wanting to be a teenager
But now that I am one it’s so boring and no fun,
what i would do to go back
and be a kid in primary school when life was good no stress
or no fuss not having to worry
when the next bus was after school
to make it home in time.


Transition Year ➡️ fifth year

I love transition year
The thought of it ending makes me want to shed a tear
Transition year gives me a high
Fifth year makes me want to cry
Fifth year will intensify
Back to being on standby
This is my goodbye to TY.


Walking home

Day or light
Am or Pm your always in sight
Walking home that night will always scare me for the following night
I saw the shadows standing on the corner
If only I turned the other Corner
As I walked up to the corner I held my breath and counted to ten
Hey you I heard I started speeding
1,2 now there 3 following me
I walked and walked I thought they got lost
As I turned my head there there are
I put my keys in my hand ready for the worst
Once again I held my breath
They separate to circle me my worst nightmare just became 3 I duck down to avoid there arms
I let out a shout then they ponce
This hasn’t been my first experience and won’t be my last
Our safety in this world is disappointing all we can do is pray and hope it won’t be us one day


Live Life

Live life to the fullest each day,
Because “tomorrow isn’t promised” they say.
Enjoy the things you love, because one day it’ll
Be the things you dreamed of.
Don’t be in a rush to grow up,
you’ll wish you done everything you hadn’t.
Work for the life you wish you had,
For one day you’ll be glad.