Mercy College Coolock, Co.Dublin.

Art by Christina O’ Donovan:

Not The Same

To be different
Not the same as others
Individual, unique, peculiar
Those are just some words for different
I hope i can make a difference,
In this world full of resistance

This Is Me

I am sixteen and shy and creative.
I am the kid that people find weird and strange
I am the kid that doesn’t feel like they fit in anywhere

I am the kid that cant do basic things
I am forgiving i am caring i am compassionate
I am the kid that gets stressed to easily

I am the kid that stares at their ceiling at night because they cant sleep
I am the kid that cries if i cant work something out
I am bubbly i am interesting i am different

The Book

From time to time
When I settle down
When its rainy and cold
And it feels like home
I pick it up

To escape the real world
And enter a place
I haven’t been before
My one real portal
The book that’s immortal

Achy Chairs

From Lock down where we ate till our stomach was sore
Where we now sit in achy chairs in classes that bore

From staying up until the morning bird sings
To chatting with friends about random things

From seeing the same people day after day
To finding new faces with new things to say

From lockdown where we lost our minds
God I hope that never happens again.

The Thing

Isn’t it crazy
That everybody has
The tiny little thing
That exploded into
Something completely different?

I missed the bus on a Tuesday
And now I have two homes.
I went to a specific school
And now Greek food makes me sick.

I chose a blue lollipop instead
Of a pink one
And now I have to sleep
On the left side of the bed.
How fascinating is it?

Race Day

I wake up ready to race,
I think of all the runners
And my heart starts to pace
It all feels new like i haven’t a clue,
I think about the race as i tie my shoe
Its all fun until i hear the gun
I feel the sun on my back before i run

The Sofa

From action to thriller
And the plot to the killer
Where I go to relax and

Cuddle with my cat
On the sofa that I sat
Every time that I need escape

Its where I go back to that place
To find the murderer
And solve the case


Dublin born and raised
There’s crazy in the street
No i am not at all phased
Canada goose left and right

I cannot wait for the zoo lights
In the way they┬┤re going astray
Dublin is a lovely place
Don’t be worried just keep your pace


It’s the sport that I enjoy
Football makes me happy
Football makes me angry
Football makes me sad
Especially when we lose
Football is my escape
Football is my home
Football is my sport

Yellow Bricks

I come from yellow brick walls
With whiteboards attached.,
Dirty and stained to cover up the pain ,

While sitting there watching the rain
Works makes us gain knowledge
So we can grow up and go to college

With lockers that we don’t even acknowledge
A sweeping brush and the lifter
Will one day make us fitter


What a great snack,
The tangy sauce & cold drink,
I dont even want to think,
Im debating if I want one now,
After I will just feel like a cow,


Watching films
From the action to thriller
From the plot to the killer
Where I go to sit to relax


I come from Coolock,
From all the noise
To the dirt to the fights,
All the boys gathered around,
They think they`re all so right.
We close our ears tight in the night