Lough Allen College, Drumkeeran


I hate my friends,
The same ones that I laugh with online
and I hang out with all the time.
Can be hurtful with their words.
Of course I dont show
And they’ll probably never know
Their racist jokes that they say
Really dont help me in anyway.
Although I do love them, I love them lots
I wouldn’t trade them for anything no matter what.



Trapped under the surface of today’s society,
Trapped within the words “perfect” and “right”
Trapped feeling like you never had freedom,
Born into a world of societies norm,
Born feeling the desire to be like everyone else, standing out isn’t an option.
But standing out isn’t standing alone, so I might just try it.


Where I come from

Wet fields where buckets go missing
where sheep break fences and horses jump drains,
where dogs hunt rabbits and boys hold guns
judging neighbours and pot-hole filled roads,
childhoods lost in forests
stuck in sink holes.
This is where I come from
This is my place
This is my home


I wish

I could lift a car above my head
That people would see me with strength
I wish my body was pure muscle
That anything I touch would have a dent
I wish I had money to buy anything I want
That people would fear me
I wish I had people who I could truly hold close
That people could actually see the real me.


Angel of Tears

I walked the lonely alley,
unable to to find myself.

An angels stood before
A now-white angel…

Looking at her,
tears swam from her eyes to mine,

I covered the footprints…

She returned, smiling –
and I could not occupy

that space again.


Rainy Days

As I sit and watch the rain drops drip,
down the window sill I begin to think,
About the trees, those beautiful leaves dancing in the breeze,
They’re so strong and resilient, how I wish to be
and then I realise they’re just like me, though I’m not all that, but y’know what is?
My family and friends who lift me up and always make sure I don’t crumble to dust.


Sports is my thing

It catches my attention brings emotions alive
Support and guidance and I hope to thrive
I can talk for hours
I can express much more by action
It’s much more of what I can practice
Although at times I might despise it
I cant lie that I have it first choice life.



Is where i live i enjoy
it when it goes well i hate when it goes wrong but there is always a light in the end of the tunnel there is always a time to shine but it is when ur time is to shine the training at home alone early morning cold morning cold nights money well spent on shoes no drinking no friends different mind always a fight to be had on the track no time for discos like my mates but always time to think about them why do i do this i say it’s for my family to make my family proud to make my grandad proud the olympics the dream let’s hope to see to represent ur country on bigger stages the worry is will i make it to that stage